Come to Yifen with mango meat, pistachios, tangerine plum plum, Jindazhou mushroom meat, we have brought the hottest snacks in China!

The commissary is new again!
Jindazhou Low-calorie Konjac/Mushroom Snacks
Come to Yifen Chenpimei/Dried Mango/Pistachio!
Low-calorie healthy snacks
The commissary arrives to accompany your home life~
Tips for the boss lady:
Most of the new shops are seasonal products
We will not make up soon after the sold out. If you see something you like to eat, you must start quickly!
Want to make an order? Mask + hand sanitizer price cut
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(Recently due to the delay of UPS logistics pickup,The logistics update time limit may be extended after shipment,During the epidemic, please understand the uncontrollable factors)

Jin Dazhou is not afraid of fat konjac
The enoki mushroom of Jindazhou can be described as a classic among the classics.
That fragrant and spicy, like a day for twenty years~
Saw its home outKonjac, How can you not be moved? ?

Open the package, that shareFamiliar spicinessBashing,
(It’s a kind of feel with my favorite enoki mushroom~)
Take a mouthful, full of mouthsFresh, fragrant, spicy, spicy.
This classic secret spice is truly amazing!

The taste is soft and tender,Crispy, The more you eat, the moreHave chews.
It’s really the same as the Melaleuca in hot pot~
This oneTaste biasweight, Salty and spicy,
Except for soda as snacks,
It's also super suitable for cooking!

It’s really different from other brands of konjac snacks
Worth buying for early adopters,Unlock more ways to eat
It's not wrong to store it at the house!

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Jindazhou's Mushroom Meat
Dedicated to making the majority of foodiesEat with confidenceDetermination,
The lady boss also found this"Fairy Meat"!

Although it is a vegetarian meat processed from shiitake mushrooms,
NasisiFirm flesh.
And the mellow taste of dried meat,
There is a feeling of eating meat~

But the fiber texture can chewThe unique fragrance of shiitake mushrooms
I instantly feel that I am eating healthy snacks

And this mushroom meat(I.e.Controlled well,
Existing meatSolid and heavy, And the tenderness of meat,
It's fresh, spicy and super tasty
Every bite is the same delicious and refreshing
The most important thing is the mushroom meatnutritionNot worse than meat,
Can solve the gluttony and not afraid of getting fat~

Chase the drama at night, open a bottle of wine/drink,
Have a drink with this mushroom meat,
A person's fallIt's that simple

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Lai Yifen Seedless Chen Pimei
Summer is almost over, I still can’t escape Xia Fa,
I have been groggy during the day and have no appetite.
But once I eat thisChen PimeiJust come to the spirit,
Cross backHigh schoolSleepy afternoon
Divide a packet of Chen Pimei with the same table,
Sweet and sourMemories of youthYeah ~

This plum fromPicking to processingAre very particular,
Picking and selecting the best quality green plums in depth,

Followed by cleaning, denucleation, etc.15 complicated processes.
The process needs to undergo 24 rigorous inspections. . .
Each one is enough to precipitate with heart~

Finished pulpThick and full.
Exuding an attractive fragrance of "sweet and sour"~
The mouth is sour and refreshing,
The aftertaste and the mellow aroma of tangerine peel~
AndNo nuclear, It is very satisfying to chew!

After a sleepy afternoon, the air has become particularly refreshing.
Study/workIt is full of combat power!
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Lai Yifen Mango Queen Mother Mango Pulp
Speaking of dried fruits, come to Yifen thisDried mangoIt's delicious too!
(The name is still funny)

Select 6-7 mature mangoes as raw materials
不仅Fruity, The sweet and sour ratio is just right~

Only lightly processed to lockFreshness of the original fruit.
No redundant additions~
The parts selected are the parts with the least mango fiber,
(This way you can't eat the scum at all, this is really important)
And every piece isSuper thick cut, The thief is really~

You can smell the rich aroma of mango as soon as you open the package,
Slightly sweetAnd then the refreshing sweet and sour taste of mango,
(Not as sweet and greasy as other brands)
It's soft and a little bit softtenacity.
With thick meat and no residue, it tastes super delicious!

Blowing the air conditioner and playing the drama in the room,
Chew thisSweet and sourDried mangoes,
It’s the most comfortable posture in late summer and early autumn~

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Laiyifen true pistachio
When I was young, my mother always prepared a large plate of nuts for the New Year.
Once on the table, the first one to be robbed is alwayspistachio.
Go out and play with friends in your pocket
As if there is wealth in your pocket~

Oh, I'm greedy when I say that,
It’s a pity that the supermarket here is always buying lessThat aroma.
And you have to buy a big bag,
If you don’t finish eating it, it won’t be crispy...

This one from Yifen is very suitable for the proprietress.
I chose pistachios from California,
Full sun, big and full fruit,
the most important isIndependent small packageTo prevent moisture
Every time I eat it is delicious and crispy~

No bleaching, no addition, Season with only a little salt~
Perfectly preserved the aroma of pistachios,
And the nuts are emerald green, crispy in the mouth, and fragrant aftertaste~
Can't stop one by one~

Open a small bag when you have a meeting in the morning and drink American style,
Or relax with a cup of tea in the afternoon,
It's a pleasant time to take a break from the busy~
By the way, I heard that eating pistachios often makes me happy.
I hope you are always happy too~

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Other delicious food

In addition to these, the commissary has other delicious foods that you can pick up!Hot pot base, stinky tofu, hot and sour noodles...
Xiaohe Tao fresh smooth noodles, old yogurt popsicles, and a variety of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes with limited time discounts, come and choose~

Hong Kong Ronghua Mooncakes (Quick Sand White Lotus Paste, Quick Sand Custard)
Enjoy special discount.
Was $ 74.99Limited time special $65.99
Low stock, Hurry up and get in the car!

Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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Inventory of protective masks + alcohol hand sanitizer
Price reduction!

ThisChangzhou JiayiLivingMasks.
Three layers of protection, qualified quality inspection
To support everyone's return to work,
Reduced price of 50 protective masks in the canteen
Was $ 49,right nowOnly $ 29.90
Alcohol disinfectant hand sanitizer

(100ml / 500ml)


500 mlPack a large bottle suitable for home use

Single bottleOriginal price $ 29.99 Current priceFor $ 15.99

3 bottleBuy together,Original Price $ 77.91 Current priceFor $ 41.99

Need quick hoarding, also suitable for standing together at home~

Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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(Regarding the mailing of all products: due to the epidemic, the number of delivery personnel has been reduced for safety reasons, and the UPS pickup time is unstable, and the tracking status update is slower than usual. After the package is shipped, if there is no tracking update for a long time, Please wait patiently, delivery during isolation,Please understand the uncontrollable factors.
Delivery timeliness of pure flavor and lomei: in the current special period, it is expected to be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed. The final receipt date is subject to the information of the postal company. Please inquire in time.If you have an urgent order, you can also email to consult the self-pay postage service.If there are any product quality problems caused during transportation, please contact customer service

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