Monterey Park shooting follow-up: Young Asian programmers stop the second shooting! 72-year-old gunman commits suicide during manhunt


On New Year's Eve in 2023, a shooting incident occurred in a Chinese-run dance hall named "Dancing Star", killing at least 10 people and injuring many others.

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Such a tragedy happened during the Spring Festival reunion. The small team paid close attention to this big event like everyone else, and there are more follow-up reports today.


Asian gunman shoots himself in pursuit

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Let's first look back at the massacre on New Year's Eve.

The gunman, Huu Can Tran, 72, broke into the dancer on Saturday night, opened fire on the crowd attending the festival dance, and fled the scene in a car, the police department said in a release.

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Authorities said 10 people were injured and 10 were killed in the shooting. Seven people remain in hospital, some in critical condition.The 10 dead were five women and five men, all of Asian descent.One of the dead was Ma Mingwei, one of the owners of the dance hall.

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At 10:20 on Sunday morning, the Torrence (Torrence) police located the white van driven by the suspect, and during the roundup,Man in car shoots himself dead.


Suspected of killing innocent people because of his ex-wife

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According to NBC reports, insiders told the media that the shooter may have been killed during the Chinese New Year.Targeted his ex-wife, thereby affecting others.

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CNN interviewed the gunman's ex-wife and the dancers in the ballroom. Huu Can Tran, the gunman, was also a frequent visitor to the ballroom. He once taught in the ballroom and met his ex-wife 20 years ago, but they divorced at the end of 2005.

According to people familiar with Tran, Tran often complained that the owner of the Dance Star Ballroom didn't like him,Tran is hostile to many people in Dance Star.


 Asian programmer prevents second shooting

Police also found that Huu Can Tran was at another dance hall in the nearby Alhambra about 30 minutes after the shooting,He attempted a second massacre and luckily was prevented.

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Brandon Tsay, 26, whose grandparents run the Alhambra dance hall Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, is a programmer himself, but finds time every week to help out at the ballroom box office.

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Brandon told the New York Times: "I saw an Asian guy with a gun at the door, and he looked at me and looked around like he was looking for someone, his eyes were full of menace, that kind of thing.She doesn't hide her murderous look".

The weapon carried by the Huu Can Tran is a semi-automatic assault pistol with an extended high-capacity magazine.

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Brandon said: "When I worked up the courage I jumped at him and grabbed the weapon and we wrestled and I tried to wrestle the gun from him because my first thought was: I'm going to die in the here."

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At one point, the shooter looks down at the gun and removes one hand from it,Seems ready to start shooting. Brandon took advantage of the gap and snatched the pistol from the opponent.

The snatching of the weapon lasted less than two minutes as he pushed the gunman aside and tried to gain some distance. Brandon said that after getting the gun, he pointed the gun at the gunman immediately and shouted: "Get out of here, or I will shoot." Huu Can Tran quickly fled the scene when he saw this.

Brandon immediately called the police, still holding the stolen gun.


Such a young man is a real hero

The young man's valiant resistance prevented an even greater bloodshed.

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Brandon Tsay's father, Tom Tsay, told The Times he was proud of his son's courage.

And the young man was horrified: "I was shaking all night, I couldn't believe what happened..."Brandon had bruises to his body, face and the back of his head.

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Brandon said in the interview, "A lot of people have been telling me how courageous I am in the face of such situations. But do you know what courage is? Courage is not the absence of fear of danger, but when terrible events happen, there is no fear. Ability to overcome fear in the face of adversity."

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The lively Spring Festival celebrations that were supposed to be in the Chinese district were cancelled, and most of the area around the dance hall has been cordoned off.We wish you all a safe and healthy New Year.

The dead are gone RIP🙏


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