A must-visit market in Toronto on weekends! Please come and enjoy the fragrance experience/on-site tattoo/middle age/design/idle pick-up!


The most fun, fashionable and trendy offline market in Toronto is finally coming again!

From now on, everyone who reads this article must remember this time and place for me.

No registration, no registration, no registration!


11:00 - 17:00 

Columbus Center 

901 Lawrence Ave W


You didn't come to the Black Friday cycle fashion market last time, this time this time


More fashionable!

More goods!

More fun!

Spring Hobby Bazaar,

Again!wrong!Pass!At once!No!present!appearance!up!

You ask me what's fun?

If you miss it, you will suffer old crimes, let me see clearly!


Great shot!

❤️(heart and heart)❤️(Sihasha)❤️(heart and eye)❤️

Art Exhibition!Arched corridor!What's this?This is a social media cupping must! @Prometheus Art Gallery is also great!


In order to make the friends who come here beautiful enough to shine enough, we also invitedThe retro film master will shoot for you on the spot!

@narrative thirty seconds film stand

We even did a come and go garden with Neroli Floral Studio!Let you experience the spring that does not exist in Toronto!

one moreReal Duck Version Lay DuckWaiting for you to take pictures together!Finding ducks has never been so easy and fun for the first time!

so fun!

DIY fragrance!

Come and go to such a tasteful market, of course you canAdjust your own indoor fragrance!Chandler!

@Le Rouge


How can modern young people not have coffee in their veins!

The on-site Lai Qu Cafe is delicious and life-saving!Raw Coconut, Osmanthus, Black Sesame Latte!I must drink it!

and alsoCrispy Crispy Crispy Crispy Crispy Napoleon Crispy!It's so delicious that I want to s!


Lightning tattoo!

Come!Experience a tattoo that stays for only two weeks, tasteAsianHipster life!

@Earthyliltats hand needle tattoos

Big junk swap!

How can we not throw away junk when the season changes!Bring back and forth love wandering station:

Throw away old clothes that are regrettable and too lazy to sell

Wash it ➡️ Bring it to the scene ➡️ Put it in the homeless station

➡️See if there are any clothes that suit you in the station ➡️Choose and take away

➡️Don't forget to take a little flower from the station when you leave🌹🌹🌹

Great buy!

Buy Orphan Vintage!




3.4 7:00pm, same place!And the #Echo Flowing Gold Ball!

Buy a set and just put it on, go drink a little wine and dance a little~

🎫Prom tickets


Buy designer handmade!


Buy a CCD!


Buy weird and cute ugly candles!

@Kiki Candles

and alsoSanrio big show, medieval paintings, handmade ob11 dolls, furry furniture, design keycaps….so much…

And it's not the same for two days...

The stall owners all have unique skills, andbuild directlyModel stall...

If you want to play with this group of handsome guys and beautiful girls, then ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Say it one last time!

No registration, no registration, no registration!

Right time, right place, show up on time!


11:00 - 17:00 

Columbus Center 

901 Lawrence Ave W

This is a market that we have stayed up for several nights and planned across time zones in five countries in the south and sea. Please come to me! ! !


(jumping happily) (shake your head)(jump up and down)(Press your head and shake) (Press your whole body and shake together) (There is no one who is not crazy) (Laughing up to the sky)


We are waiting for you!


"Laiqu Lychuu" is a Canadian local second-hand idle community.


We hope to help people find new owners for their idle old things more easily, and show themselves in the process of buying and selling second-hand items, and meet like-minded partners.


🟤Join the second-hand group, leave idle, make friends, don't forget to scan the QR code⬇️Duck of Calais🦆

🔴 Xiaohongshu (🔍:Come and go Lychuu) 🟣 on IG (🔍:Lychuu.marche) can also find us~


After reading this, "Laiqu Lychuu" sincerely thank you, and it is a pleasure to meet you.I hope that one day, we can see your second-hand items, listen to your stories, and become friends with you~

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