I returned to China during the Spring Festival and I was shocked again...

I went back to China during the Spring Festival,

I was shocked by the domestic airlines!

Let’s take a look at the US domestic flight meals first👇🏻

Standard: water + a bag of snacks. Are they gone?

Just a glass of water + a bag of snacks

They even started ranking snacks on the website?

How dare he!

And looking around, domestic airlines have already opened seats

If American airlines are afraid that you will gain weight

Domestic airlines are just worried that you won’t have enough to eat.

The main focus is a rich and tempting one! 👇🏻

Even domestic flight attendants are asking when sharing airplane meals

Am I going to work? No! Went to have a dinner!

no? Do they eat so well in China behind our backs?

Tears of envy 😭



Domestic Airlines: If you are not full, you will not be allowed to get off the plane



No, some friends flew a domestic flight to watch the Universiade. Check out their amazing meals!


Twice-cooked Pork Rice Bowl


Bobo chicken set meal


Spicy Hot Pot + Kung Pao Chicken + Mixed Sauce Noodles + Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables + Yangzhi Manna + Green Tuan

The presentation is exquisite, even the rice is shaped like a heart



Sichuan grilled fish + meat noodles + curry potato chicken

There’s also coconut jelly for dessert!


The grilled fish captures the essence of Sichuan and Chongqing. The fish is covered with lotus root slices, which will make your mouth water. 😋


Hot and sour rice noodles + white fungus soup + a banana are mainly used to relieve the spiciness and promote digestion after eating.


This one has a very high Sichuan flavor.Zhong Shui Dumplings, Dandan Noodles, Hot and Sour NoodlesWang Zha gathered together, who wouldn’t be confused after seeing this!


Mapo tofu, wolf tooth potatoes, and desserts can be exchanged at will.Cold cakes and ice powder are all available..

It must satisfy everyone’s stomach.




There is also a children's meal tomato pasta


After the meal, give me some pieces of watermelon


All cut into heart shapes, who knows the sense of ceremony!

flight attendantThe first round of pouring drinks, coffee, orange, milk...

The second round of breakfast is served, vegetable porridge, small cakes, yogurt, peanuts

In the third round, passengers will be given a cup of sesame paste to warm their stomachs.

Finally, there are panda snacks!


(The following pictures are from public information released by Xiaohongshu netizens, and the copyright belongs to the original author)


bgm:Do you need anything else, sir? Ladies, do you need anything else?

As long as we can still eat, let’s continue to work!






Standard Laoganma? Specialty baked potatoes?


In addition to serious meals, Fei Sichuan and Chongqing also have some"The King's Explosive Weapon"——Lao Ganma. Let your stomach sink in a second.


Rice not delicious? Have a spoonful!

Taste a bit bland? Another spoonful!



After eating, there are stillbaked beans!




Some netizens said:If you say you don’t want to eat it, the flight attendant will let you try it and give you a Lao Ganma to eat with it🤣


Finally, of course, the special Weiyi soy milk is indispensable. Sichuan and Chongqing people may feel that they are home before they even land!






In addition to delicious food, is there a high-altitude birthday surprise?


Not only was the meal delicious, but the sense of ceremony was also intact!

Netizens shared that airlines also give birthday gifts


Handwritten greeting cards 👇🏻



Small cake 👇🏻


Dumpling flower tea👇🏻


Snack gift pack👇🏻


Another bowl of longevity noodles! 👇🏻I cried with happiness…..




Standing outside the toilet to persuade you to eat and drink, and feed you into pigs before getting off the plane


This number of meals has caused many netizens to question their souls.Is it possible that some airlines include persuading people to eat into their KPIs?


Netizens:I ate all the way and finally took out the sesame paste!


Netizens:I’m afraid you’ll be hungry after sleeping all the way through the series…


Netizens:Polite and considerate greetings 🤣



What kind of delicious airplane meals have you all encountered?

Chat in the comment area~



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