This Korean sauce crab in Ktown is the real 'rice thief'!

was enshrined as“Rice Thief”Of

Korean-style pickled crab for two

All you can eat at once!


In Korean dramas, we often see raw marinated seafood made with Korean-style marinated seafood sauce appear on the table, and the most common one is sauce crab!

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And now, everyone in Los Angeles can also go to theOyabun in Ktown, have a taste of this GoddessThousand SongyiHow delicious is the sour sauce crab that I dream of~ 

Even the President of the United StatesBidenand alsoAdmiraltyI've been here too...

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At 5 o'clock on Thursday night, we will come as soon as the store opens!There is very considerate Valet Parking, and you can also park on the nearby streets!

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This homeOyabun in KtownIt is already very well-known, presumably many friends know his familysushi towerSea Urchin Rice, but this time we are aiming at$69/person Korean pickled buffetComing(includes unlimited Korean pickled crab, spicy crab, udon noodles, tempura, bibimbap and bibimbap), vowed not to eat "gout" will never stop~

【Row Soy Marinated Crab】

 Crab in Korean Sauce aka "Killer Rice" 


fresh crabmeat looksCrystal clear, although it was raw, it was cleaned very cleanly, and it didn't smell very heavy of the sea.

The waiter brother very kindly told us the correct way to open the sauce crab!It turned out to beSqueeze out all the crabs, put them on the seaweed rice, and mix them together to eatIt!

This combination can neutralize the richness of the sauce and make the whole dish more delicious!

There is a second more interesting way to eat,You can put rice in the crab shell, Mix it with the crab meat in the crab shell and eat it together!

The process of making sauce crab is quite delicate. It is necessary to shell the selected crab, remove the internal organs, and marinate the whole crab in special seasoning.

These seasonings usually include garlic, ginger, chili powder, soy sauce, sugar, etc., and these ingredients come together to give sauce crab its characteristic rich taste.marinating time canhours or even days, to ensure that the crab fully absorbs the goodness of the seasoning.

The biggest feature of sauce crab is itsmellow sauceSalty taste.During the marinating process, the crab itselfFresh and sweet meatwill become more intense due to the penetration of seasoningFresh and juicy, the combination with the sauce shows a unique flavor.

【Row Spicy Marinated Crab】

 It's so spicy that you want to eat it while sweating!


Compared with crab in sauce, crab in spicy sauce puts more emphasis on the taste of chili.Crab in Chili Sauce is prepared in a similar way to Crab in Sauce, but with the addition ofPlenty of chili powder and hot sauce, making the taste of crabmore spicy.

It is recommended that friends who are afraid of spicy food, do not try to eat without a stutter!

The little brother of the waiter told us that thisChili Sauce Crab with Korean Cold NoodlesIt will be more delicious!Squeeze out the crab meat of the crab in chili sauce, mix it in the cold noodles, and then pour some sauce on it, so that the noodles can fully absorb the flavor of the chili sauce.

In this way, the coolness of the cold noodles and the hotness of the crab in chili sauce blend together, making people feel bothThe Hotness of Chili Sauce Crab, tasted againRefreshing taste of cold noodles.The combination of rich and spicy crab with refreshing cold noodles creates a perfectly balanced taste.



Don't worry that the whole table of raw and cold seafood will ruin your stomach!

because there areunlimitedOh the hot udon noodles!steaming hot soup, coupled with very tough and chewy noodles, there will be a smooth feeling when you bite down!

After eating this bowl of udon noodles, I feel like I can continue to show off ten raw pickles again!

【 Shrimp/Vegetable Tempura 】


There is a lot of shrimp meat in the fried shrimp.very fat big, the crispness on the outside is in stark contrast to the tender ingredients inside.

The fried vegetable shreds and pumpkin slices are crispier and will make a crisp sound when bitten down.

【Korean Bibimbap | Korean Cold Noodles】


This unlimited staple food, bibimbap and cold noodles, is not ordinary at all!put a lot ofTobiko, Shredded Nori and Seaweed Salad, Even a single stutter will not feel monotonous!

A must-see sashimi sushi tower

 This is an old Internet celebrity!

This sushi tower is definitely the classic signature of this store!Although it is not included in the raw pickled buffet, but since it is here, how can you not eat it!

This exquisite arrangement

too beautiful to say

Proper film artifact

Won the favor of beautiful sisters


The sashimi on Wuguan nigiri sushi is very fresh, the mouth is quite plump, and it even feels like it melts in the mouth!

There are also thick-cut salmon, tuna, and sea bream that are really satisfying!

Live Sea Urchin Roe Rice

 Super fresh and sweet sea urchin 

Sea urchin lovers, hurry up and take a look!A whole fresh sea urchin, even in the shell!A whole bowl of fresh sea urchin is very sweet!There is also rich fish roe decoration on it!

Because all usedSame day deliveryFresh sea urchins, so be sure to book in advance, otherwise you will be gone if you go late!

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There are many pieces of fresh sea urchin inside, plusTwo different fish roe, the taste is very rich when paired together, but it is not fishy at all!

Coupled with the seaweed salad inside, after being mixed with rice, the colorful colors look very appetizing!

Sea urchin and scallop sashimi

 100 points for a little surprise!

The little brother of the waiter also recommended this to usSashimi combination of sea urchin and scallop, what a surprise!Once on the table, this simple and exquisite shape will attract everyone!

The scallops sliced ​​into sashimi are tender and juicy, soft and elastic.The flavor of the scallops complements the sea urchin and makes the whole dish even moreRich and varied.

There are also complimentary desserts!

 Chocolate cake, red velvet cake, coconut cake, ice cream... 


Now there are still promotional activities in the store, as long as you share the food pictures (at least 3) of this store on Xiaohongshu, you can get a free dessert set!This strawberry ice cream in a small glass jar is so pretty and delicious~

Notice!Vigorous seafood haunts!

Because raw pickles have a particularly high requirement on the freshness of the ingredients, so you can see a lot of them in the seafood, Swimming around in the huge glass tank!

We were eating just in time for the sunset, sitting by the glass window and enjoying the afterglow of the sunset, it was really pleasant~

🏠Store Name | Oyabun Seafood

📍Address| 3060 W Olympic Blvd #150, Los Angeles, CA 90006

🚗Parking: There is Valet Parking in front of the store, and you can also park on the street/residential area

☎️Phone| (213) 489-1710

🕙Business hours|Sunday to Thursday 11:00AM-3:00PM

5:00 PM-10:00PM

Friday and Saturday 11:00AM-3:00PM

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Photography | Brother Harry

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