After not returning to China for 3 years, netizens lamented: The domestic volume has been turned upside down!

Recently, during the summer vacation,

Many students and parents brought their babies,

Back to the country.

3 years without returning home,

Come to Kangkang,

Everyone's new discovery!


 The hot pot restaurant service has been upgraded again!


Let’s just say that eating Haidilao hot pot in the United States doesn’t have so many tricks

(The source of the following picture is from a netizen, and the copyright belongs to the original author)

However, you can imagine that domestic relatives eat hot pot until they take off!

Not only is the soup pot innovative, but everyone also uses the hot pot to make Bo Bo Chicken, Oden, Lo Mein, seafood...

This is not counted, in order to keep fresh, some hot pot restaurant customers can make dumplings on the spot!👍


There are also some hot pot restaurants where the waiters help you peel oranges, do manicures, celebrate birthdays, and give you custom-made exclusive watermelon cakes. When you are full, there are also snacks, toys for babies, and kimchi for pregnant women!

AndThrowing noodles, also on the frog frog!Only happy for you!


Let's just say, you don't have any talent in China, how dare you come to Haidilao to work?


If you feel that these services are average, then the children's site they arrangedCutting bean sprouts will definitely move parents to tears!


You Kangkang, the baby is not crying or making trouble, and looks serious about "working", you can really put 100 hearts at ease and eat and drink. 

This new trick really understands parents!


 Free snacks and creative rolls to heaven!


Of course, in addition to fighting for service, hot pot restaurants all over the country have also rolled up fancy desserts!

Can you believe that this is not a specialty of shaved ice shops?

(The following pictures are from Dianping, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Kangkang, this dish, this visual effect, my God~ Is it really just a hot pot?

Not only the dishes are skyrocketing, but also the price is skyrocketing!

such asThese more than 30 desserts are free to eat...A certain hot pot restaurant is specially designed for customers to relieve spicy food, and offers free desserts to choose from. I want to secretly ask the merchant if they still make money? ?

Not only that, the creative dishes are also eye-opening

Chanel base, hanger beef, crab stick ice cream, have you tried them all?

Everyone knows that McDonald's has dessert stations, and domestic hot pot restaurants also have dessert shops or snack bars

Such as thisMini buns with dipping water and happy waterIt is one of the internal roll products of domestic hot pot restaurants, it is really good!

(The source of the picture is Dianping @排操赛赛 Mahjong Hall, the copyright belongs to the original author)

The captain is really an eye-opener!


Parent-child restaurant is too coolRight!

In addition to the hot pot restaurant, the parent-child restaurant also made parents sigh, it's so good!


For example, in the super interesting weightless restaurant, I have seen food delivered by robots, but I have never seen food delivered by orbit and returning from the same way.But the baby was so excited.


On your birthday, you can also give you a live performance of a small firework candle dining car to give you a gift!

(Picture source Dianping, copyright belongs to the original author)

The main dish is french fries, burgers and ramen, so I don't worry about my baby not getting used to it.Look at the layout of this restaurant, baby said it is better thanDisney is fun!

(The following pictures are from Dianping, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Of course, there are more than one restaurants that can coax babies.


Take a look at the children's meals in these different restaurant restaurants below, it can't be too cute!


Even if you order the children's set meal, you will get a hat and bag, a small fan!

There are various balloons at the entrance of many restaurants, and the clerk can make them for you in any shape you want!

(The source of the picture is Xiaohongshu, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Not to mention those parent-child themed restaurants, as well as children's spa, parent-child meals on children's stage and painted aquarium!Let's just say, are you afraid that there is no place to bring your baby to discharge?


(The source of the picture comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author)


Other specialty restaurant services

In addition, leisure and entertainment are also dazzling.

Foot massage????

Tired of shopping in China, do you want to have a pedicure?

No problem, Kangkang’s service,Massage while eating high!Whatever you want!


(Picture source Dianping @ Seattle map, the copyright belongs to the original author)


I've seen it in restaurants, now you can do it in KTVSing and eat!Large private room + authentic hot pot, try it?

BBQ shop????


Nightclub walk up?You don't even need to go to a nightclub!


Now the popular barbecue shop is served by the little brother, who is like a male model, so you can feel it immediately"Happy Hsiao Yaxuan"!

(The following pictures are from Dianping, the copyright belongs to the original author)

If you feel that none of these can satisfy your "luxury" personality.

Hot spring + buffet????

You can also choose family bathing + a full buffet + various children's amusements + singing and playing cards, eating, drinking and having fun all together, you can say it is fun!


Black Swan Afternoon Tea????

Of course, if you want to make a single appointment with your domestic girlfriends, it can be very comfortable!


Choose a gallery to have a luxury afternoon tea, watch a swan or something.Let's just say that the sense of luxury is full immediately?


(The source of the picture is Dianping@小玲不吃吃, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Beast Restaurant????

If you think this is not fun, you can also take your baby to see beasts!

Watch Tiger's restaurant while eating, can you see it in the United States?

Guofeng restaurant + live court dance

If that's not enough,Come, come, bring some culture, let's walk tooNational style!


The restaurant for the live court dance must be arranged~

(Photo source Xiaohongshu@叶洛知秋, the copyright belongs to the original author)

There are also a variety of picture-like dishes, waitersMy sister sang and danced, sayingIt is not an exaggeration to sing and dance, right?

(Image source network, copyright belongs to the original author)

It was an eye-opener to go back to the country!

You who can eat and play are welcome,

Also come to the message area to share the experience of returning to China!

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