Passport about to expire?Learn how to enter and update in one article

As the global epidemic situation gradually improves,

The entry and exit policies of various countries are gradually loosened and returned to normal.

Not long ago,China Customs announces cancellation of entry-exit health declaration.

There is no need for any testing or filling in a customs code when returning to the country.

It makes everyone’s travel much more convenient!



Today, the team leader helped you sort out a comprehensive

The latest entry and exit guide for China and the United States,

Come take a look~




 Chinese passport policy for visiting the United States 


*Entry to the United States


After experiencing the torture during the epidemic, international travelers finally received good news this year: in May this year,No health certificate is required to enter the United States.


The White House announced that starting from May 5, international travelers who are not U.S. citizens and non-immigrants will not be required to provide proof of COVID-12 vaccination when entering the United States.


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That is,Regardless of whether you have received the COVID-XNUMX vaccine or not, you do not need to fill out a health declaration form, present a negative PCR certificate and vaccine-related documents to enter the United States!


Although vaccine requirements have been relaxed, other materials for entry into the United States are still required.


The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles has previously issued an announcement that many Chinese citizensEntry is blocked due to invalid visa, failure to update EVUS information as required, etc.Therefore, the Consulate General reminds everyone to carefully understand the US entry regulations before traveling.



List of documents required to enter the United States 

· passport:F1/J1学生签有效期不少于6个月;B1/B2旅游签不少于预定行程时间(建议最好预留半年时间);


· Visa:Make sure the visa validity covers the date of entry, and the visa type and itinerary are consistent;


· EVUS (B1/B2):Holders of B10/B1 visas with a maximum validity period of 2 years must register for EVUS in accordance with US requirements. Be sure to update EVUS information before traveling and register and print in advance;


· Materials related to studying abroad:You must register with SEVIS as required, pay fees, enter the country within the specified time, and confirm that your i-20 form and DS-2019 form are valid; at the same time, you must bring copies of the materials submitted when applying for a visa, such as invitation letter, school admission notice, Contact information, etc.;


· Flights itinerary:The ticket reservation form must be printed in Chinese and English.


· Accommodation information:F1/J1 needs to provide accommodation-related information (rental contract, school dormitory, homestay); B1/B2 needs to provide hotel reservations in Chinese and English;


* Precautions:Customs law enforcement officers may require immigrants to produce the above-mentioned materials. All materials must be carried with you and not placed in checked luggage. It is best to prepare 3 copies of each original document and an electronic version.



*Entry to Canada


In March this year, the Canadian government also announced that it does not require pre-entry COVID-3 testing for Chinese tourists.


There is no need to fill in the entry form when entering Canada, but you must fill in the customs declaration card.


If Chinese citizens are transiting through Canada (including not leaving the airport) (that is, stopping in Canada to go to a third country, and the stopover time does not exceed48hours) must apply for a transit visa (no visa fee).


List of documents required to enter Canada

· within the validity periodProof of identity, passport(valid for more than three to six months before return) andPhysical examination receipt;


· Visa:Chinese citizens entering Canada must hold a valid Canadian visa (US green card holders are exempt from visa);


· Materials related to studying abroad:If you want to study or immigrate to Canada, it is recommended to bring relevant certificates, such as admission notice, proof of enrollment, proof of payment, guardian's guarantee letter (applicable to students under 18 years old), letter of introduction issued by the visa center and other materials;


· other materials:Birth certificate, certificate of no criminal record, marriage certificate, graduation certificate, transcript, degree certificate, driver's license and experience certificate, etc., for use after arriving in Canada;


· Accommodation information:Proof of residence in Canada, students can provide dormitory confirmation letter.


(Picture source: abcdreamusa, copyright belongs to the original author)



Finally, remind everyone:


If recognized by customsCarrying contraband, illegal information stored in electronic products, the type of visa held does not match the purpose of coming to the United States, and relevant materials are incorrect or invalid, etc., all will result in entry applicants being banned.Refusal of entry, deportation and even legal prosecution.


Everyone must be well prepared. If you are questioned or inspected by U.S. law enforcement officers when entering the country, please stay calm, answer truthfully and accurately, and cooperate with the inspection. If necessary, you can request translation assistance to avoid misunderstandings and troubles.


For U.S. Customs prohibited items and more information, please visit the official website:


For Canadian Customs prohibited items and more information, please visit the official website:




 Entry and Exit Passport Policy 


When traveling internationally, the most important document is your passport.


Although China does not have high requirements for its own passports,Even if the validity period is less than6You can also go abroad or return to your country within a month,but now,Entry into many other countries requires that the passport is valid for at least6Months.


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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also stipulates thatA passport valid for more than six months only guarantees that you can board a plane and enter the United States. However, if you want to stay for six months, your passport must be valid for more than one year.


Therefore, everyone should carefully check the validity period of their passport before traveling.If the validity period is insufficient, it needs to be replaced in time., don’t take chances.


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If you are in the country,Passport is expired6Months, or if the visa pages are almost used up, you can apply for a passport replacement at the entry-exit administration agency in your place of residence.


If you are abroad,According to the information on the Chinese Consular Service website, if you meet any of the following conditions, you can apply for passport renewal at the Chinese Embassy in your country:


1, passport expired;


2. The passport is valid for less than one year; the passport is valid for more than one year, but it is necessary to renew the passport in advance due to local residence, visa extension, work permit or other legitimate reasons;


3, Passports that are about to run out of visa pages;


4, Appearance changes greatly.


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