Food News | McDonald's official announcement: Spicy chicken fillet will be launched next year, will you love it?

After popeyes became popular in the United States because of Spicy Chicken Sandwish
Chick-fil-A also launched similar items soon after
Another burger giantMcDonald'sCan't sit still

McDonald’s recently announced that it will launch next year
Crispy Chicken Sandwich
And also emphasized
In terms of taste, it will also cater to the current consumer trends, such as:
Spicy! ! !

The regular version is chicken fillet and pickles
The deluxe version will add tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich wind has been blowing in the United States for more than a year
Do you still love Popeyes’ spicy fort?

Are you looking forward to this edition of McDonald's?


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