Hello! "Shen Dacheng" replenishment!Crab yellow noodles, scallion noodles, and spicy pork noodles with fresh eyebrows are all the favorite flavors of Xiaoning in Jiangsu and Zhejiang!

At the request of everyone,

Shanghai time-honored brand"Shen Dacheng"Of

All kinds of classicsFlavor instant fresh noodlesReplenishment!

Most of the new shops are seasonal products
I will not make up soon after sold out, I see something I like to eat
Must start with speed!

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Spring onionShinyShallot oil

Fresh scented oilyCrab Butter

Spicy and saltyShanghai Spicy Pork

Mellow and delicateSesame sauce...

These delicious toppings,

Stir with the smooth and chewy fresh noodles,

Eat, cook and mix!

Shen Dacheng Scallion Noodles

For Shanghainese,

Shen Dacheng's"Scallion oil to open foreign noodles"

It's a taste that can't be given up.

Even the simplest ingredients,

When the noodles are wrapped in a thin, oily soup,

That stockFresh and salty but it makes people want to stop.

A bowl of noodles snoring and snoring, it's enjoyable.

It's too cold after cookingFresh RamenTenacity

Topped with exclusive blendedScallion oil noodle soup sauce,

Moss peanutsHigh spicinessdish.

Infinitely restore the original taste of the old Shanghai store.

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Shen Dacheng Crab Butter Noodles

Just look"Crab Butter"These words,

The saliva began to secrete automatically,

It is enough to illustrate the charm of the golden and delicious crab roe.


A portion of crab butter noodles has fresh ramen,

100g of crab butter.

And the more delicious chives and moss peanuts.

Crab yellow and crab meat come from JiangnanLive hairy crabs.

Disassembled by hand, simmered,

Until the crabmeat and sauce are fully fused,

Crab butter is bright golden and full of fragrant aroma.


Working on the computer for a day,

Cook a chewy fresh noodle,

Topped with fresh and sweetOily Crab Roe.

Treat yourself for a hard day.


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Shen Dacheng Shanghai Spicy Meat Noodle

Half of Shanghai's topping noodles——Spicy Meat Noodle.

I don’t know how many Shanghainese go from snacks to adults,

That biteFragrant, tender, fresh, spicy.

Even more attracted countless people from outside the country nostalgic.

Delicate and firmPork cubes,Salty.

MatchSmooth elastic teethSemi-dried noodles,

Crispy moss strips of peanuts, crispy fungus shreds,

Thick red sauceBring a littleJust rightOfspicy.

One bite down, sweet and spicy and delicious, with a long aftertaste~

I’m always busy until dark and I can’t make a good meal,

Cook a bowl of spicy pork noodles in a few minutes,

The fragrance spreads between the lips and teeth,

The exhaustion of the day disappears instantly~

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Shen Dacheng Shanghai Sesame Sauce Noodles


Mellow and fragrant sesame sauce.

It is irreplaceable to bring people a sense of solid healing.

Sesame sauce is the favorite of northern friends,

No one knows that Shen Dacheng also has delicious sesame sauce noodles.


Chewy white noodles,

Simmered for 12 hoursVinegar marinadeEnhance flavor and fragrance,

The tahini sauce is fresh, delicate and rich,

Pair with refreshing fungus silk and moss peanuts.

Eat and mix when you are hungry.

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Have a meeting this afternoon?

Too lazy to cook at night?

You don’t have to spend a lot of time cutting vegetables for lunch,

Cook a bowl of noodles that you like,

Finished eating neatly,

It is convenient to relieve gluttons, and a rare delicacy.

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Take your "Shen Dacheng" home

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⚠️Important Notice⚠️ :
Delivery method:
1. When placing an order, please make sure that the delivery address, name, contact phone number and other information are filled in accurately. If the return is caused by an incorrect address, you need to make up the freight and send it again.
2. Shen Dacheng's noodles are fresh and belong to a short shelf life product.The taste period of this batch of Shen Dacheng's noodles is until 04/23/2021, You need to eat as soon as you receive the goods, and please be careful about taking pictures.
3. Due to the impact of the epidemic, UPS delivery time may be affected. Please understand.
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