LA must taste Guiwei lychee exclusive debut this summer! Iron fan recommends Top Zero Difference Review Goods List, newcomers also get $20 off~

What is the most tangled thing about online shopping?

——I'm afraid of buying things that I haven't eaten before stepping on thunder!
I specially organized a wave of iron fan recommendations for everyone

Good things list with zero negative reviews

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#sweet snack

Mexican cinnamon lychee

This cinnamon-flavored lychee from Mexico can be called the LV of lychee.

Has always been the sales king of Weee! Fruit area,

Now the first exclusive listing in Los Angeles!

The bright red shell is covered with snow-white delicate flesh,

The juice bursts with one bite, the juice is super sweet and of super high quality!

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Strawberry cherry

I have eaten strawberries and cherries,
But this is the first time I have seen this variety of strawberry and cherry!
It's really big, shaped like a strawberry, and the flesh is crispy and delicate~

This strawberry is from Washington Yakima Orchard

The planted Weee is exclusively listed,
The taste is different from other cherries, super unique~
Now exclusively listed on Weee!,

The output is very scarce, you have to eat it quickly~

Organic Marshmallow Grapes

The Internet celebrity explosion marshmallow grapes only available in summer

Cotton Candy Grapes,

Like cherries, they are in season every summer

One of the fruits that will eat wildly!

As the name suggests, it is as sweet as marshmallows,

Thick fleshy seedless with a sweet fragrance~
You can eat it only two months a year,
Definitely never eaten, worth trying, eaten

One of the fruits to be repurchased for sure!

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LeTAO Double Cheesecake

LeTAO, the originator of Japanese double cheesecake!
One can be sold every 10s in the world~
Using Hokkaido’s local high-quality milk, flour and eggs,
And the best mascarpone cheese in northern Italy, the milk flavor is super rich!

Exclusive Weee!, Japan Air Freight!

Full-bodied milky sweet taste.

Super rich texture and taste levels, absolutely unparalleled!

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Crock Duck Dog Original Rice Steamed Bun

Crock Yagou Mi Mantou is with

Ningbo local characteristic cake group

It uses Akita Komachi rice and glutinous rice

Made by fermenting ground rice milk

There is a special mellow aroma~

The entrance is soft and the rice is fragrant

It's Xiaohongshu Internet celebrity food, often sold out~

There is also a way to eat a jerk-roast it!

The taste of fermented rice is fragrant and soft~

Wuting Green Vegetable and Shiitake Mushroom Bun

As the people of a free shipping area have to say,

This is the best in instant buns!
It's too much like the green cabbage buns in the breakfast shop downstairs in the past~

Steamed buns are soft and fragrant, with a slight sweetness;

The combination of green vegetables and shiitake mushrooms is better than meat buns.

It's really amazing~

Unlimited repurchase money, it’s so happy to have breakfast!

【Mango Mango】Hand-frozen taro balls

Realizing the freedom of taro ball syrup at home depends on this taro ball!

There is no need to do it yourself, time-consuming and laborious,

It only takes 5 minutes to get a bowl of soft glutinous taro balls~

Three mixed flavors: sweet taro, purple sweet potato, sweet potato,

Each one can taste the original taste of the ingredients, delicious and healthy~

Pour in cold coconut milk, add some red bean and grass, it’s so happy to eat at home in summer!

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#fresh food

Champmar Frozen South American White Shrimp

When it comes to seafood, this South American white shrimp is a must-have!

Shrimp shells are thin and easy to peel.The fleshy elastic teeth are plump, and there is shrimp paste in each shrimp shell!

Whether it is boiled, braised in oil or braised in brown sauce, they are super delicious~

And the shrimp itself is high in protein and low in fat,

In summer, if you don’t have an appetite, cook some shrimp with some cold dishes.

Watching the show while peeling the shrimp, it's perfect~

Captain Jiang Organic Frozen Abalone

The rising star in the seafood industry continues,

Abalone is still the unstoppable boss in "Abalone and Wing Belly"~

It is not only delicious, but also nutritious,

Has been hailed as the "Crown of Seafood Treasures"!

Captain Jiang’s frozen abalone

It restores the freshness of freshly caught abalone to the greatest extent,

The meat is tender and elastic, and the flavor is super rich!

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Yuan Xian Spicy Hotpot Noodle

Instant food restores the taste of sweet potato powder in hot pot!

This spicy hot pot noodle is simply a must-have at home.

Using handmade sweet potato vermicelli,

It won’t be rotten for a long time, and it can absorb the soup very well~

The soup is hot, spicy and fresh, and it is the gospel for those who eat spicy food!

I can add some vegetables and meat to eat at home, so satisfying~

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Strictly selected ground black pork meat

Save yourself the trouble of chopping meat,

The black pork ground meat is more delicious and nutritious than ordinary pork~

No hormones, no antibiotics, no clenbuterol,

It's Weee! Countless iron powder repurchases good things~

The meat is delicious and flexible~

Dumpling stuffing, steamed buns, sausages, and wontons are all perfect!

Frozen Special Rib Eye Steak

I used to build muscle and reward myself with a rib-eye steak every few days!

The fat is evenly distributed, the meat is rich,

Take a cast iron pan and fry it, and feel like you are doing it again!

Rib-eye steak is the most classic part of steak.
Fry until half or half cooked, super juicy and tender!

Cut off a piece and chew in your mouth to feel the beauty of the gravy~

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#Snacks beauty

Master Kong's delicious pastry special gift box

A snack gift box that biscuit lovers can't miss!

The packaging is exquisite and delicious, which is suitable for personal use as a gift~

There are two flavors: shallot and barbecue;

The biscuits are crisp and salty, the more you chew, the more fragrant they are.

It’s so good~

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Yuanji Forest White Peach Flavored Sparkling Water

Who can refuse the happy water of the fat house in the hot summer!
It happens that there is such a product with 0 sugar, 0 fat, and 0 calories.

Super delicious sparkling water
Not only the more you drink, the thinner you get, but it also tastes great.
The vitality forest is really worthy of its such a hot reputation!

The erythritol used is a natural sugar substitute with a zero-calorie label.

Not involved in sugar metabolism~

The white peach tastes refreshing, like a peach-flavored jelly~

Too refreshing in summer~

An Nai Sun Gold Bottle Sun Cream

Of course, the most important thing in summer is to do a good job in sun protection!

Shiseido’s Anessa surely doesn’t need to be introduced.
The most popular product among sunscreens!

Every time I go to Japan or airport duty-free shops, I have to buy two or three bottles.

It's so convenient to be able to buy it on Weee!

No stickiness, no oil, no mud, SPF50+, absolutely must-have in summer!

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