How many secrets have you discovered about the quietly changing Costco in 2022?



Costco is the world's largest membership-only supermarket

Almost everyone in North America knows everyone

There are many Costco traditions that people talk about:

Costco has launched the "hot dog soda" package since 1985

In the past 40 years, we have insisted on not raising prices

Almost every aisle has free samples for customers

Other products and services throughout the warehouse

is also evolving


There have been some changes at Costco stores across the U.S.

Let's see what it is~



Costco car wash store



(The picture is from car wash, the copyright belongs to the author)

Many people don’t know that, in addition to providing discounted gasoline and high-quality tires, some Costco stores also provide convenient and affordable car wash services, and there is a trend of gradual expansion.

With exterior wash and wax, tire and wheel cleaning, undercarriage wash and rust preventative, and no-spot rinse for $7.99, it’s pretty affordable!

At present, there are 2022 car washes in 5 states (California, Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, Washington) in 13, and there are 7 in California alone. The link below can check the address of the nearest Costco car wash~




Costco bakery

Introduced mini products


(The picture comes from the us sun, the copyright belongs to the author)

The most notable feature of Costco products is: large portions.There is enough food for a family, ranging from potato chips to meat products.

But this year in Costco's bakery, mini desserts and small cakes are widely loved by customers.These mini snacks - 6 packs of Mini All American Cakes are very popular. There are Snickers, Carrot, Red Velvet and other flavors, and they are selling fast~




Pizza boxes are greener


(The picture is from costco, the copyright belongs to the author)

Although Costco's restaurants don't have many dishes, they are extremely popular.Perhaps even more unexpected is that it is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States, selling tens of millions of pizzas every year.

In the first half of 2022, Costco will upgrade all of its cardboard pizza boxes to include How2Recycle labeled cartons.

Costco is committed to becoming a more environmentally friendly company and moving towards sustainable development goals.The purpose of this is to let consumers know that these boxes are actually recyclable and recycled.




Costco next 

Add more suppliers


(The picture is from Costco, the copyright belongs to the author)

In 2017, Costco Next was born!The program features a limited selection of products from some of Costco's most trusted suppliers.Members are invited to shop and buy directly from participating supplier sites and receive exclusive pricing or discounts.

Vendors run the gamut from beauty brands to technology companies.And over the course of 2022, more suppliers will join: such as skincare company Boscia, art label Disney by Dowdle and tableware and design brand Fitz & Floyd….

At present, the total number of suppliers on the Costco Next list is 42, and the link below can view the full list~




Costco Stops Mortgages


(The picture is from SFGATE, the copyright belongs to the author)

Costco will no longer offer a mortgage program in May of this year.Originally launched in 5, the program provides its members with loans ranging from $2020 to ~$250.

However, Costco itself is not a lender, but cooperates with a number of mortgage loan companies. Although Costco did not explain the reason for the suspension of services, it is recommended that customers who are applying for loans contact the loan companies that Costco has cooperated with.


Although it is rumored that Costco membership fees will rise every year

But this year's entry fee remains flat

Kirkland Signature products also always prevail

Take a look at these new changes in 2022 Costco

Has it changed your life~

Have you noticed any changes in Costco in recent years?

You can also come to the comment area to tell us~

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