Can I return the printer I bought at Costco 10 years ago? Wait online...

Friends living in North America, the love for Costco is obvious to all. Many people like Costco's cheap and beautiful products, and some people like its return policy.
As long as the use is not what you want, you can take it to the store and return it.The staff is super refreshed and retired every time!It can be said to be the loosest in large supermarkets.
Canadian man who returned goods 200 times was banned from entering
However, the fact that merchants provide convenience to customers does not mean that those who are interested will not "take advantage of the loopholes" and take advantage of them.
And there are some weird returns, which really make people laugh.
Can the printer be returned for 10 years?
In 2016, reports emerged that a man was at the Costco returns counter, asked to return a 10-year-old printer,And returned successfully.The incident has drawn widespread attention, with some criticizing Costco's return policy for being too lax and allowing some consumers to abuse it.
Costco later suspended his membership card.It still seemed benevolent.

200 used items also returned? ?
In the 2019 year,A Canadian customer returned more than 200 items, including digital products, electrical appliances, food and household items, etc.He insisted he was using Costco's return policy within reason.
This time Costco really couldn't bear it, thinking that he had abused this policy and affected the interests of other consumers.Immediately ban him from entering!


Regarding what Costco did to him,The author can only say: Well done~


However, they are not the only ones who like to blow up Costco employees~



Costco employees complain about weird customer returns
Earlier, a Costco Asian employee @hanzbanannzz posted a video on TikTok, complaining about the weird customer return experience he encountered.Instantly became popular on the Internet, causing a lot of likes and forwarding!
In response to the issues, the blogger has shared a shocking series of refund requests that have garnered 300 million views.
In the video, @hanzbanannzz and another employee performed the most popular gesture dance in their working area.The text on the video reads: "The various problems we heard in the refund..."
5-year-old sheets, half-eaten watermelon
Someone asked "I've had these sheets for 5 years, can I return them?"
The employee said:"Yes, you will get a full refund."

Someone Asked "Can I Return a Dead Christmas Tree After Christmas?"
The employee replied: "Yes, you will get a full refund..."
Others asked:
"This sent me to gnaw most of it, and there is still a quarter left. Can I retire?"
Answer: Yes...
"Of course! Your money has been returned to you!"
It can be described as shocked Sanlian!
All kinds of wonderful returns.This is not over yet, in another video,Customers don’t even need to provide a receipt to return the goods, as long as they bring the original packaging bag and box, they can still get a full refund!

Netizens also commented on this matter, expressing their sympathy for this situation...
 Net Tucao bursts out!
They putThe last slice of pieTake it back, and said that the food is too unpalatable.
I? ? ?
They holdStickers on watermelonCome for a refund, saying that the watermelon is not very tasty...
Me: Where's the watermelon? ? ?
They putLeftover crab shellsAlso used to refund....
Underwear worn
, They dare to retire....
自己Dead plantAlso used to refund.....
There are people who have a face thicker than the city wall blew themselves up:TV used for 5 years, Because the technology was updated and replaced, the result was a return of $1200.
In the past 5 years of love, the dedication of the old TV has been paid wrongly
Hey, anyway,Fortunately, most of Costco's customers still have integrity and a bottom line.Otherwise, it can really bring down a good company alive...

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