Grab the tail of winter!12 beautiful travel destinations in the United States, you must go again...

Inventory of travel destinations in early spring and late winter

spring is coming,

I believe that many friends and the heart that can't hold back to go out~

If you haven't figured out your destination yet,

Why don't you take a look at what Levii recommends

A good place to travel in early spring and late winter,

Grab the tail of winter together and have a good time~

Source: Country Living Magazine


Fairbanks|Northern Lights Pilgrimage Tour

Northern Lights (Source: Explore Fairbanks)

Fairbanks is located in central Alaska.Because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks has long winter nights and easysee the northern lights.

Dog sledding (Source: Explore Fairbanks)

In addition to watching a romantic aurora, don't forget to experience the polar special projects in the ice and snowDog sled.North Pole, not far from the city, also has a lot to seeSpecial Christmas Events.


Lake Tahoe|A Paradise for Skiers

Slide to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe in different seasons

(Photo credit: Hilton Grand Vacations/Fine Art America)

Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) is located at the junction of north-central California and Nevada. It has beautiful scenery and is originally a tourist attraction.emerald bayIt is also a must-see destination for many photography enthusiasts.

Lake Tahoe snow track (source iStock)

Lake Tahoe is not only beautiful, but also has more than a dozen high-quality ski resorts.Paradise for ski lovers.There are often clubs suitable for children in resorts, which are verySuitable for parent-child travel.


Jackson|The town at the foot of the snow mountain

Grand Teton Peak (Source: Megan & Aram)

Jackson is located in Wyoming in theGrand Teton National Parkat the foot of the snow-capped mountains.The Grand Teton Peak, which is more than XNUMX meters above sea level, is located here.

Jackson under the snow mountain (picture source Pinterest)

Jackson also has many ski resorts.existA regional airport will open during the snow season, so that ski lovers can get here.It is also a good choice to find a small shop on the streets of Jackson at night to feel the fireworks of the town.


Vail|Winter scenery in the mountains

The small town under the mountains (source World Atlas)

Vail is located on the west side of Denver, Colorado, and is a small city surrounded by mountains.same placeSki resort, Attracting countless snow sports enthusiasts.

Mountain ski trail (source Travel + Leisure)

Slightly different from Lake Tahoe, skiing in Vail, where you can see the mountains covered with snow, is also a special experience.


Whitefish|Neighborhood of Glacier Forest

Glacier National Park (Source Glacier Highline)

Whitefish is located in northern Montana.Not far to the northeast is the famousGlacier National Park(Glacier National Park), and there are many national forest parks nearby, where you can experience the scenery of snow-capped mountains, glaciers and jungles at the same time.

Whitefish in winter (Source: Seattle Magazine)

There are plenty of great vacation experiences in Whitefish, too.can goSpa PavilionTake it easy and take a stroll around the localhandmade souvenir shop, Pick a few pieces for your beloved Ta~


Chicago|Romantic capital of art

Cloud Gate in winter (picture source Reddit)

Want to experience a winter city tour?Was ratedBest tourist cityChicago must be a good choice.Go skating at the ice rink under Cloud Gate, visit the Christmas market, eat, drink and shop at the Magnificent Mile, all of which are must-do winter activities in the Windy City.

The Art Institute of Chicago (Source: Travel + Leisure)

chicago has variousMuseums Worth Checking In: Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Technology, etc.In addition, Chicago also has a variety of unique and well-known buildings in the design world, which can beTake a cruise to enjoy, also equipped with a special explanation.


Maui Island|The Dream of the Volcanic Starry Sky

Beaches on Maui (Source: Rovology)

Who wouldn't yearn for beautiful Hawaii!When you come to Maui, where there is never winter, all you have to do is to let go of your brain and enjoy the scenery in front of you.beach and waves.

Haleakala National Park (Source Haleakalacrater)

In addition to surfing, diving, and tasting local specialties, you must remember to visitHalekara National Park(Haleakala National Park) volcano and starry sky, you will definitely make a worthwhile trip!


Key West | End of Highway 1

The southernmost part of the continental United States (Photo: Levii)

Key West is located on the westernmost side of Florida's southern island chain.Three hours by car from Miami via Highway 1arrive.There are vast oceans on both sides along the way, so don't miss it when driving!

Cuban elements can be seen everywhere (Photo: Levii)

Key West travelThe cost is lower than in Hawaii.If time permits, you can choosetake a helicopterContinue to the Marquesas Islands to experience tropical tourism such as snorkeling.Sit in the island's bar,Get a Taste of Cuba, is also a good choice!


San Diego|Experience the exotic customs of the border

Lazy sea lion (Photo: Levii)

San Diego, located at the southern tip of California, has a warm and pleasant climate all year round.becauseclose to the mexican border, the city has been blending with Mexican culture for a long time, which has a special flavor.

West Coast Sunset (Source: Boutique Adventurer)

In downtown San Diego, you can visit the famousUSS Midway, you can play in Ocean Paradise, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery with sea lions on the beach in La Jolla (La Jolla) in the north.west coast sunset!


Las Vegas|Luxurious Casino

Luxury Casino (Source: The Street)

"Las Vegas" (Las Vegas) is well known to the world.Nevada is unbearably hot in summer, but Las Vegas is much milder in winter.Come to Las Vegas, of course赌场Give it a try—but do what you can!

Red Rock Canyon (source Musement)

Indulging in gambling is not a good thing. After a short stay in Las Vegas, it is better to continue west and visit the famousRed Rock Canyon Nature Reserve, or furtherDeath Valley National Park, Appreciate the uncanny craftsmanship of nature.


San Antonio|A historic city with profound heritage

Alamo ruins (source The Alamo)

San Antonio is an important town in southwestern Texas.You can also experience the strong Mexican style here.famousBattle of the AlamoIt started here, and the city center of San Antonio also preserves the museum of the relics of the battle, which is worth visiting.

Riverside walk (Source: Southern Living)

In addition, San Antonio'sriver walkIt is a good place to eat, drink and walk in the evening.The riverside is full of restaurants and bars of various styles, and there are many resident singers.if you want toMeals at the American Tower revolving restaurant, remember to make a reservationOh!

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