Asian Michelin chef complained that Costco roast chicken is too disgusting, but netizens scolded him

Costco's roast chicken is probably the delicacy that all foodies bring home.A rotisserie chicken that weighs at least 3 pounds for $4.99…

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Since it was put on the shelves in 2009, the price of this grilled chicken with sizzling gravy has not risen a penny in 14 years, and it has survived the inflation rate of 32.25%.

A Korean grandma became popular on TikTok because she made Costco's roast chicken into flowers.

 Michelin-starred chef: Costco's roast chicken is disgusting 

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However, Costco's "treasure of the town store" was recently criticized by a Michelin-starred Asian chef!

David Chang is the founder of Momofuku, a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York.

In a talk show in January, David Chang said bluntly: "I think the roast chicken sold by Costco isMost Disgusting Roast Chicken, they are not bad, because this roast chicken is not even seasoned in any way...”

"The nitrates and all that stuff they inject into roast chicken makes it even more disgusting when it cools overnight..."

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"But if I were a weightlifter on the Atkins weight loss method, then I would definitely keep buying and eating." Everyone should like it.

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Costco lovers from all over the country flocked to "fight back"👇

Many netizens said: Michelin chefs who serve the rich are not qualified to judge the chicken eaten by ordinary people.

Some netizens also said: This Michelin chef's restaurant can sell a quarter of a chicken for a high price of $300, but he complains about a whole roast chicken for $5, which is really funny!

But in fact, apart from complaining about the bad taste of roast chicken, David is still very satisfied with other products of Costco. He praised the frozen lobster tail and beef brisket by real name.

"$49 for a brisket is very reasonable, and if you buy a similar brisket at Whole Foods, you're paying $150."

 David Zhang: Founder of Futao Empire 

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In the team of celebrity chefs who have gone from the bottom of the kitchen to the top chefs, people like to compare "Hell Chef" Gordon Ramsay and David Chang👇


@Fanny: If it is said that Gordon Ramsay is famous all over the world through accumulation and combined with commercial momentum, then David Chang provides a not unrepeatable path to the temple of food for culinary beginners who pursue food.


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David Chang was a chef who became a monk halfway through. He played golf when he was young, majored in religion in college, and worked on Wall Street after graduation. As a result, he got tired of the nine-to-five job after a short time and quit his job to teach English in Japan.


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Later, because I fell in love with Japanese ramen, after returning to New York, I went to the French Culinary Institute to attend classes for half a year, and then went to the famous Craft and Cafe Boulud as apprentices. After returning to Japan to study for half a year, I opened a shop and rushed to "Michelin two stars". good grades.


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The food empire he built has opened from New York to Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas... This chef also opened a restaurant in Los Angeles: Majordomo.


Industrial factory style, long walnut wood table, stainless steel ceiling, walls painted with artistic flower arrangements, spacious and bright semi-open kitchen... According to foodies who have been there, although the food is average, the atmosphere is full, especially suitable for small dates have a drink~


Have you checked in this fusion restaurant that combines Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American and French cuisines?




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