A new round of rescue applications is open this week and ends on Friday! Los Angeles small and micro business owner is coming

Catering boss must read the blue words above

Before the end of the month, small and micro enterprises in Los Angeles have the opportunity toLA Regional Covid-19 Recovery Fund (LA Regional Covid-XNUMX Recovery Fund)Apply for assistance of 5,000 to 25,000 US dollars,A total of 1 million US dollars.

This MondayA new round of applications was opened,This round is open until this Friday, and the final round of applications will start on October 10.

The fund was launched on July 7 this year,More than 300 local micro-enterprises, small businesses and non-profit organizations that have been affected by the new crown epidemic have been issued approximately US$320 million in aid.

how to apply?

Long press the QR codeOrPull to the end of this article and click to read the original articleFill out the official online application form and submit relevant information certification,If the official online application form is opened with the Chrome browser, the language can be switched to Chinese for easy filling.

How to filter applications?

The bailout will passRandom selection by the system, But certain applicants will be given priority, including small businesses owned by veterans, and small businesses in cities and counties with higher unemployment, lower education, lower median household income, and fewer jobs. Micro enterprise.

Who can apply?

1. Must experience financial difficulties due to the new crown epidemic.These effects must be documented, quantifiable and clearly related to the new crown epidemic.

2. Private for-profit and non-profit enterprises, including sole proprietorships and independent contractors.

3. Headquartered in Los Angeles County.

4. Must be put into operation from September 2019, 9.

Eligibility for application is very related to income, such as micro-enterprises (with annual income of less than 100 million US dollars) and small businesses (with annual income between 100 million and 500 million US dollars).Even gig workers and street vendors can apply for loans of up to $100,000 as long as they have tax returns that prove their annual income is less than $5,000.For non-profit organizations, they must serve low- and middle-income communities.

Where can this money be spent?

It is used to compensate for the cost of business impact caused by the closure of the new crown epidemic, and to support small businesses that have reduced customer demand due to the impact of the new crown epidemic

Where can this money not be used?

State subsidized medical assistance expenses, insurance compensation for losses, repayment of donated goods or services to donors,Except for hazard pay or overtime pay, employee bonuses, severance pay, legal fees, property taxes, personal activities/goods/services not related to the new crown epidemic

What information is needed?

The information covered in the official application form includes basic information such as company information, applicant information, and the number of employees that need to be filled out and answered truthfully.



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