H1B major reform now!This year's application broke 50?!

According to statistics, in fact, starting from 2022, the deteriorating economy has led to large-scale layoffs across American companies.

This worries many employees, especially those who hold H-1B  Visa employees.Because for them, the proof that they can stay in the United States now is H-1B visa.

And just recently, H1B will undergo major reforms.


  60 days extended to 180 days!

Immigration subcommittee recommends USCIS toThe grace period was extended from 60 days to 180 days.

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It is reported that this change was proposed because the technology industry in the United States relies heavily onforeign technicians, and most of these people pass H-1B Work visa to obtain work status.

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If the resolution is passed, it will be for the laid-off H-1B  Employees are given more time to find new employment opportunities.

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According to the news on Twitter,The Immigration Service will issue an extension within 3 months H-1B The relevant details of the visa grace period up to 180 days.

If the above proposal is finally adopted and implemented, it should be good news for H-1B holders.
After being laid off, legally keep your identity like this:
However, even if the 60 days are extended to 180 days, it is still relatively tense for some foreign workers who already have families and real estate in the United States.
Then, one must consider
1. Extend Last day: Every employer is laying off H-1B When visa employees, they must notify USIO (United States Immigration Service)on noticeThe above company can write a clear termination date, if not written, the date of receipt will prevail.
It is best to delay the resignation time with the current employer.
2. Turn around and extend the legal stay time : H-1B transfer to F1 student status,H-1B Transfer to Part-time part-time job,H-1B  There are many ways to transfer to B1/B2 tourist visa.

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In this way, the identity can be maintained.In order to smoothly connect to the next identity.

H1B application is "hand-to-hand" again this year? 
Previously, the USCIS released the full version of the H-2022B application and approval report for fiscal year 1 (that is, from October 2021, 10 to September 1, 2022). -9B.
In 2022, USCIS received a total of 474,301 H-1B applications.Created the latest record in the history of the H-1B lottery.


The number of people has almost quadrupled compared to 2014!

Will this year be another peak year for H1B applications?
According to historical data: H-1B The sex of the beneficiaries is mainly male, 30-34 years old is the main beneficiary age group, most of them have a master's degree.Among them, computer-related positions accounted for more than half of them.
Although, it is not known yet, but the wave of layoffs and hiring freezes that has been sweeping the entire technology industry.
I wonder if the "big card holders" in previous years will slow down this year?
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Per year H-1B  The visa quota is 65,000 (of which 6,800 are reserved for citizens of Chile and Singapore).Another 20,000 places are available to applicants with a master's degree or higher obtained in the United States.
So H-1B  The total number of places is 85,000.
Many people predicted thatEven with an economic downturn, in 2024H-1B  The number of applicants may exceed 50w, let's wait and see.

Wen I Binbin, Mr. Bang

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