The cutest chai chai in the world, grinning silly all day, accompany you to eat hamburger and fresh taro seafood rice!

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The following Chai Chai, called Uni, may be one of the happiest Wangs in the world.

No matter what it was doing every day, it grinned silly.

Leaning on the shoulder of the shovel officer, open the forest (* ̄︶ ̄)

Playing hide and seek, happy~

See good food? Double happiness!

"Looking at my smile so sweet, don't you consider giving me a bite?"

Whether it’s sitting in a bag,

Still take pictures of it,

From time to time, it will give you the most standard smile in the world~

In fact, Uni was not like this when he was young.

When I was young, Uni was a serious baby.

Courage a bit,

The back looks like a cat.

No expression on his face,

Sometimes he looks impatient.

I thought it would just grow into a cool boy,

Who knows, when it grows long, its painting style changes suddenly.

The expression on his face is getting more and more simple,

The corners of the mouth can grin into the sky every day.

Everything is super hilarious~

"There are new toys~ So happy!!"

"Put on new clothes and drive yourself to be handsome"

"You can roll on the grass again!"

The older you grow up, the bigger your smile,

Now, its daily style of painting is all kinds of music...

"Take a photo! Eggplant~"

"Today's mood↓"

"I was hugged by the shit shovel officer, and my heart blossomed~"

"Going out to play, so happy!"

"Shovel shit, help me take a photo with Huahua"

"I see the expression of the shovel officer"

"Yes, this is the position, please continue!"

"I can't help but upturn the corners of my mouth when I see what I eat.


I look at Uni’s facial expressions every day, and I feel inexplicably happier~



Big cup of berry and berry tea with milk cream: dog smile lips hhhhh can be loved but cute

Snow Chef: Dogs can really laugh, I can basically know my dog’s mood by looking at the movements and expressionsHe will scold me

xxxbgd-silly yy: Collect it, turn it out and heal it when you are unhappy

It’s this Emma: The world is so cute, A Chai

Rabbit loves hot pot: But it’s so cute and in a good mood

Superpeacher: I want to open up when I grow up, a happy day is also a day, it’s better to be happy


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This article is reproduced from those things in the UK

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