A cup of low-sugar, low-fat, high-protein taro black tea oatmeal, start a healthy weekend for Chicago workers!

As an independent woman in the new era,

Not to"Health" + "Love yourself"I am embarrassed to call myselfUrban Beauty.

But it's been so long since goose wfh

How many sisters areApply the most expensive cream

Spend the most expensive night

The rest time is all messed up, don't eat breakfast or eat it casually?

Lu Xun once said:"Tonic is indispensable for a healthy look inside out"

I know the truth, butWandering all alone, American breakfast is too greasy to eat big fish and meat, and nutritious Chinese breakfast is slightly troublesome.How can I keep in good health conveniently and quickly!! ?

We found an original brand from Chicago~!

– Crave Natural –

|🌾Mellow low sugar oatmeal🌾|

美国Crave Natural Oatmeal

Chinese traditional health supplementAs the keynote

CombineWestern Nutrition

Low sugar,Low fat,high protein,High fiber!

It is delicious and supplements various nutrients needed by the human body.

Nutritious breakfast opens you up healthy every day~

This ChicagoLocal original brandWas established in early 2019,

The product was sold out as soon as it was launched!

Now availableWhole FoodsWait for the American supermarket chain to buy it,

ChowbusYou can also buy it at the self-operated supermarket

Convenient and fast, it is widely loved by Asian and European customers~

We receivedHoliday limited launchOf

🎉 Mellow low sugar oatmeal holiday spree 🎉

Let's join the team togetherFirsthandUnboxing evaluationLet's go!

White gift box with red ribbon pattern

ExceptionallyRitual and festive

-See what's in it?

🥣 4 cups of all-natural mellow oatmeal 🥣

(Contains all flavors of Crave Natural)

🥤 1 sparkling boba milk tea aroma candle🥤

(AsianBobaGirl cooperation model)

🍁1 bottle from Escuminac, Canada🍁

100% Grade-A pure maple syrup (limited edition)

❤️Crave Natural team’s holiday card ❤️

Exclusive discount coupons with partner platforms (see below for details)

So rich ~ hurry up and taste a box!

Pour boiling water 💦

Stir it 👩🏻‍🍳, cover the lid and wait for 3-4min🕙

In the time of a song, I ate nutritious oatmeal :)

Different flavors can meet our different needs:

🍠 Taro black tea oatmeal🍠


Milk tea stars should not miss this!

Tastes like my favoriteTaro fragrant milk teaalmost,

But moreless sugarPure organic, I feel very healthy!

There are addedSuperfoods such as chia seeds, blueberries and nuts.

Supplementing the nutrients needed by the brain is more helpful to start a day of focused work!

🌰 Jujube porridge with red dates and wolfberry 🌰


The norm for girls to replenish their bodies is this cupJujube porridge with Chinese wolfberryNow!

加入Japanese red beans and red datesFor girlsNourishing blood and beautyAndInvigorate the spleen.

It is better than traditional red bean and barley porridgefull of nutrition,Low sugar and high fiber.

Also joinedAntioxidant extract of wolfberry and cherry.

Ruddy complexionJust rely on it!

🧠 Black Sesame and Walnut Paste🧠


Eat moreBlack sesameIn addition to being the first choice for black and beautiful hair,

It is also a symbol of longevity in traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.

walnutIt also has the effect of warming and replenishing brain,

PlusChia seedsOfPremium proteinDietary fiber.

Delicate and rough complement each other, and the texture of the entrance cannot be forgotten.

🌼 Osmanthus soy milk oatmeal🌼


Rich osmanthus fragranceRushing at the entrance,

The sweet taste is very gentle,

MatchMellow soy milk and cashew nuts

Made this bowl richUnsaturated fatacidAnd mainTrace elementNutritious porridge,

itsAnti-inflammatoryversusAntioxidant powerCan make you ready to start a new day~

(The little partner who loves to eat sweet can match the one in the gift boxMaple syrupEat together, sweet ~ healthy🍁)

Compared to other brands of oatmeal,

Crave Natural containsRicher nutritional value.

Is based onAsian preferences.

Formulated fourPopular flavors!

Limited holiday gift box withAsian Boba GirlWait for brands to work together,

包装ToMessageCan hit your girl's heart.

It is the best choice to give it away~!

(Did your boyfriends take notes?)

– Crave Natural –
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2020 is passing, health and happiness are the most important ☺️.

Embrace a healthier self!

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Photography | little bit

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Only represents the author ’s current experience.

Does not represent a food stand. for reference only.

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