The Starbucks Reserve has opened to the Empire State Building. Would you like a coffee and cocktail?

This month (November 11), a super-large three-story Starbucks Reserve (Starbucks Reserve) will open in New York's landmark Empire State Building, covering an area of ​​16 square feet.

Starbucks Reserve is a project launched by Starbucks since 2010.

The project includes high-end coffee beans and stores named Starbucks Reserve, in which the stores are divided intoZhenxuan Bakery Shop / Collection Zhenxuan (Roastery),Reserve storeSelection coffee shop (Reserve bar)These kinds.

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Among them, Starbucks Reserve Roastery is the largest. It is said that there are only 7 in the world at present, in Seattle, Niuye, Chicago, Shanghai, Milan and Tokyo. Reserve store is slightly larger than Reserve bar.

Although the more specific menu and information of this store have not been announced yet, Starbucks revealed that there will be classic popular coffee drinks in the menu, such asHazelnut Bianco Latte, Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold Brew Nitro Almond Milk Mocha Wait for the Starbucks Reserve signature drink.

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The curated store will also offer a variety of brewing methods, the most notable of which isCold Pressed Espresso.Cold-pressed espresso is a coffee designed by the Starbucks R&D teamPatented brewing technology, a bit like slow cooking and cold brew.

Using this technique of making coffee with cold water and gentle upward pressure, makes espressoSofter, Smoother, Sweeterespresso.

Of course, in addition to a variety of new coffee products, this Empire State Building selection store will also provideFull cocktail and bartending menu, which includes classic and iconic cocktails such as the espresso martini, as well as new coffee-inspired cocktails exclusive to the store.

In addition to the Empire State Building where the store will be opened, another Starbucks Reserve Roastery in New York is also quite grand in scale and elegantly decorated.Roasted coffee products are even more dazzling, but these can also be enjoyed in Midtown in the future~

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