Tear off the label Be Yourself! Free Sun Ching Liangyue Milk Tea, Melo Melo Coconut Jelly only for the most special you


Be A Good Lover

Be A Good Wife

Be A Good Mother

Be A Good Woman

Be Yourself




Regardless of gender


Love what I love












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"Love what I love and work hard for it has nothing to do with gender."

I fight for what I love,

the rest is irrelevant.


Be Yourself



"for Female power Cheers

Women's Liberations



Female power is an issue that is constantly being paid attention to.

MOREShining female powerIt is constantly emerging. Among them are entrepreneurs who are not afraid of hardships, they are working hard to hit workers, and there are scientific researchers who have overcome difficulties...

Every ordinary girl can shine, as long as she dares.Girls can be anyone who wants to be. They have countless possibilities.

She is a good woman. She doesn’t want to be someone’s good wife, who’s good mother, and who’s good daughter.Just to be yourself, to be yourself.

This is the toughest female power.

International Women’s Day is approaching on 3.8, chowbus has joined hands with a number of popular restaurants to select signature popular dishes.Pay tribute to the shining feminine power in time, and love each sparkling "she".




 Riqing LiangyueMilk teaFree Entrance for❤️



The net celebrity milk tea that is delicious to the word is free to send

Exclusive deploymentMilk teaSilky and fragrant just right

Fruit 🍉 teaRefreshing and healthy is also very good

03 / 05-03 / 08 bychow busOrder

Riqing Liangyue 

(Monterey Park & ​​Irvine Jefferey branch)

GetFree milk teaOne





Send as you orderCoconut jelly???? 



03/08 Place an order at the following restaurant on the same day

Spend $ 30Oftop tenUsers can get

Melo Melo Coconut Jelly 

First come, first served

(10 places in each of the following restaurants)

Under the hibiscus tree San Gabriel

Jufu Building

Taste Chengdu

(Roland Hieghts)

Avanti Food

Sanhe Seafood Restaurant (Irvine)


Get the above benefits

Just download the chowwbus app 🤩


First order reduction for new users$10 

Discount codeCHLA10

Scan the QR code to download


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  $1 special dishes & free dishes for members🤩 


Yijia Casserole

Chengdu Memory

Sheung Shui Fish Soup Rice Noodles

(Lake Forest)

Kiwami Specialty Grilled Sushi

Xingji Dessert (Artesia & Garden Grove)

Sweet source | Internet celebrity burger


Melo Melo

Yu Cake

Kanto compound




Full discount as low as 58fold



 Haidilao Canteen Arcadia 



58% off entire site

A person can also eat Haidilao exquisitely😆

Authentic tasteseasoningAlso unambiguous 🍲

The best choice for one person, one meal~







Bone Soup Hot Spicy Kitchen



7% off entire site

Health girl standardMala Tang!

There are so many choices of soup base🥰

Are their ownBone broth as the baseOf 🦴

Don't like spicy foodYou can choose the original flavor, Beijing, tomato spicy and so on





 Motto Tea Cafe (Pasadena) 



7% off entire site

This is the heart of many friends🍹

Tea and milkVery sophisticated materials

Tastes very goodMellowThe ratio is just right

Fruit tea and cakes 🍰 are reallyFairy face value





  Wu Chaoshou  



78% off entire site

The menu is rich and affordable and the flavors are great 😋

Crispy PorkUnexpectedly delicious

Stewed noodles and chopsticks





One Pot Chicken

(Irvine, Rowland Heights & San Gabriel)



75% off entire site

The dayFreshly cookedSecretHot pot base

Specially subscribed to private farmsLocal chicken and organic chicken

The tender chicken makes you feast on

The ground chicken is firm Q bomb refreshing😋





  Sichuan and Chongqing people  



7% off entire site

Topped chowbusMost popular restaurant TOP1

Chongqing spicy noodlesExclusive recipe of chili sauce.

Signature Grilled Fish🐟The ingredients are very rich

The fish filled with the soup is tender and tasty!




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Welfare 1

First order reduction for new users$10 

Discount codeCHLA10

Please scan the QR code to download


Welfare 2

Free membership30 days 0 shipping

Shared discount for self-pick-up and take-out~



Welfare 3

Add a small assistant to receive extra$5

Single can be posted in the group$ 3- $ 18Discount code


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