This Wednesday: A conversation with the chef with 30 years of experience in Foodie, talk about these 7 issues that restaurants are most concerned about!

Starting from the first week of April, the food squad has started
Held 10 sessions of "Private Food and Beverage Online Catering Sessions".
We invite authoritative persons of different professions every period,
Transfer and analyze different aspects of professional knowledge.
The North American epidemic is still out of sight
The catering industry has undergone an irreversible transformation
To help everyone better achieve business transformation

This issue of our food squadCo-founder Cosmo
Will speak on behalf of the catering owners
Lee Kum Kee has 30 years of first-line kitchen experience
Participate in the development of new products and new dishes
Senior Executive Chef Jacky

We will ask on behalf of the restaurant owners
A series of issues that you are most concerned about right now:
Chinese restaurant in the takeaway era
How to develop new dishes quickly and well?
How to transform the business?
How to ensure the quality and quantity of take-out meals during special periods?
The industry is sluggish, what are the measures to save the shop?
I believe his rich experience in dish development
And accurate industry insights
It will definitely give you inspiration in the new situation

In addition,
OnFoodie and Lee Kum Kee in the lecture
Will be given away for free
Cash gift card/sauce package/etc.
Free restaurant benefits~
👇The 11th lecture covers topics👇
This issue will discuss but not limited to the following 7 questions:

1. The transformation of Chinese restaurantsTakeawayLater, what are the differences between the design of the dishes and the needs of dine-in?

2. Many restaurant owners have expressed that they want to come up with new dishes that are suitable for takeaway. So what kind of dishes are for takeaway?How to ensure the stability of production?

3. Take your own experience as an example, after the restaurant has transformedWhich dishes have additional ordersOr a significant decline, and what is the reason behind this?

4. Many bosses do not understand the process of developing new products. How to develop new products based on the characteristics of their restaurants and customer groups?What is an "economic" new product development process?

5. The secret of sauces: how to use convenient, all in one sauces, and use professional chefs’ cooking techniques to make delicious dishes.Save food and labor costs, Make the restaurant profitability higher?

6. The United States is a big country of immigrants, and the distribution of people and ethnic population are different, how can the dishes beAttract different ethnic groupsTo make changes to your preferences?

7. "Inheritance is not conservative, innovation does not forget the original" is the general direction of today's catering industry. How can we do better and lead the Chinese restaurant industry to break through the downturn during the epidemic?

👇The 11th lecture time👇
April 10 (Wednesday)
3 pm-4pm (Western Time)
6 pm-7pm (Eastern time)
👇No. 11 Lecture Method👇
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Will receive a link,
Click the link during the meeting time
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