New seafood in the Bay Area! Scottish female golden crab, Taiwan mullet roe, spicy/pickled pepper grilled fish, bullfrog cooking package!

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Finally crossed the tragic 2020,

But we have been fighting the new crown for almost a year,

It was discovered that the epidemic situation showed no signs of improvement.

(Picture from The New York Times)

Recently, the new crown vaccine has finally been developed,

We finally saw the dawn of victory.

Unfortunately, the UK appearedLatest mutant virus.

Is the new crown vaccine still useful in the face of mutated viruses?

No one knows.

Maybe the days of lock down the house have become

The New Normal.

How long will this day last?

No one has an exact answer.

But it's okay!We still have Weee!

Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,

No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,

Weee came to deliver the supermarket to your home.

Because of the epidemic, Weee, a powerful fan, also brought you

Four benefits!

Lots of discounts, round upSave one billion!

Look, look! Weee is coming with a discount!

Activity one

💥Half price for VIP members💥

in the past$98 a yearVIP annual card,

现在For $ 49You can have it!

Only 📅1/8-1/15

Become a VIP member and enjoy the following three benefits:

2% rebate

Free shipping twice a week without threshold

Buy Weee products at the best member price,

Up to 7% discount!

Calculate the accounts, not counting all the discounts and postage,

💥Buying members can also use the order cut function,

The maximum membership duration can be doubled, let's calculate the bill together

After the member cut the order, the minimum is $24.5/year, less than 1 cent per day

As long as you buy an average of $50 worth of delicious food every month, the rebate will give you back the cost~

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Activity 2

💥Taiwan mullet roe, Scottish golden crab💥

????15% off????

New Year's Eve in less than one month, what to eat on New Year’s Eve?

Creamy and fat Scottish golden crab(Female crab!),

orGolden and tasty mullet roe.

Can become the star dish of the New Year's Eve dinner.

Besides, there are still mullet roe15% off?

This wool has to be harvested!

Activity three

💥Fast food + hot pot new products💥

Easy to make a big meal?Everyone can be a God of Cooking?

Weee's latest fast hand dishes series, realize your dream!

There are also various hot pot items,

You can eat it at homeHot potNow!

(And today discountOh! )

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Activity XNUMX

💥New combination package series💥

Package hasHot delivery.dessert日常Three categories.

Hot delivery dayBefore 6:30pmArrivals,

Home guarantee orWarmof.

Dessert and daily combo packThere are so many choices.

Can be delivered to your doorstep.

Hot delivery + dessert + daily,Just one order.

You can buy desserts, milk tea, main dishes and daily necessities.

Free shipping for orders over $35, no delivery fee, no service fee.

No matter where you live, you can eat the food you want to eat.

VIPCan also enjoy twice a weekFree shipping without thresholdOh!


Taiwan mullet roe

Mullet roe is an indispensable delicacy on the New Year dinner table for many people living on the beach.

Mullet roe is made from mullet roe, not onlyVery high nutritional value.

Taste even moreStrong fragrance, special flavor.

Even more praised by the JapaneseOne of the world's top three cuisines.

There are many ways to eat mullet roe.The easiest way to eat is to gently tear off the film outside the mullet roe, wipe it off, sprinkle it with rice wine, and then dry it over a low fire or bake it in the oven until the sides are golden and fragrant.

At the end, it is served with a slice of white radish or even apple slices to clear the mouth

Crisp and tender; a mixture of pungent and fresh,

The taste is fascinating

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Scottish female golden crab

Female golden crab, also known asBreaded Crab, Crab Cream King.

Open the crab shell,

You can see slowlyA plump shell of crab paste.

TasteDelicate and fragrant, Take a big bite,

A satisfactory book, and the list is also full of praise.

It's the New Year, just to treat yourself well.

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Kuaishou Dishes Maple Leaf Farm Roasted Half Duck

The roast duck in the restaurant is not cheap,

And it’s always a little bit colder after delivery,

Not as fragrant as it was just baked.

missFreshly baked, crispy skin and tender meatRoast duck?Benefits are coming!

With the roasted half duck at Maple Leaf Farm,Kitchen Xiaobai can also eat delicious roast duck!

Just preheat the oven to 375 degrees, put the thawed duck in the roasting pan, roast for 15 to 20 minutes, the hot roast duck is out of the oven!

Crisp skin and tender meat, Served with sweet noodle sauce, shredded green onion, shredded cucumber and ready-made spring cakes from Weee! to form my favorite Beijing roast duck standard package!Well, that smell!

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Quick Hand Dishes Captain Jack Spicy Bullfrog Convenience Package

Just fry the bullfrog legs first, then add the cooking bag,

Can make oneFresh and spicy bullfrog dinner.

Whether it is stir-fried with other vegetables and meatballs to make a spicy pot,

It is suitable for making a bowl of spicy bullfrog noodles.

Scan the code to buy the bullfrog cooking package

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Dragon Link Quick Frozen Pickled Pepper Grilled Fish

Do you miss the taste of spicy grilled fish?

as long asTear off the plastic wrap and make a bite in the microwave, Can make a perfectPickled Pepper Grilled Fish.

Even if it’s a fast-handed dish, the fish meat remains the sameVery tender and fresh.

SeasoningSpicy and salty, I can eat several bowls of rice with it.

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Conway Spicy Grilled Fish

使用The freshest and tenderest black fish, Lots of chili,

Pepper and secret seasoning, madeSichuan is full of flavorSpicy grilled fish.

How to eat:

1. Thaw the product naturally.

2. Put the thawed fish, vegetable bag and sauce into the pot.

3. Add 500ml of water and keep it for 10 minutes after boiling.

4. Then add wide flour and cook for 5 minutes.

Total cooking timeNo more than 20 minutes!As simple as cooking instant noodles!

I who don’t know how to cook can make oneStar dishesNow!

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In addition to the fast hand dishes mentioned above, Weee also brings more for you to choose from

【Crustacean Fresh】

Spicy Scallop Seafood Rice 

Microwave heating

【Crustacean Fresh】

Spicy Crayfish Seafood Rice

Microwave heating

Haoyuxuan Chopped Pepper Fish Head + Sauce 

Defrost and steam for 8 minutes

Haoyuxuan Hot Pepper Fish Head + Ingredients

Defrost and steam for 8 minutes

There are more quick dishes waiting for you to discover...

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Seeing this, someone has to ask, I don’t like cooking, I only like takeaway, so do I need to recharge VIP membership?

Don’t worry, Weee has launched

Takeaway Hot Delivery + Dessert + Daily Combo Pack!

Whether it’s hot takeaway or sweet cake baking,

Or daily necessities, Weee can help youDelivered to the door!

Long press single restaurant package ⬇️


Sleep late on Saturday,

It’s so happy to be able to eat hot and fragrant Beijing cuisine when you wake up!

Sheep scorpion hot pot, sesame sesame biscuits, soy pork knuckles, mixed with glutinous rice...This is how the happy weekend begins!

New Five Cakes and Two Fishes

Beef burritos, cabbage pie, Shanghai pan fried

Finally, a bowl of mung bean and white rice porridge to nourish the stomach

This is definitely a happy source of carbon water from China

Love all kinds of sushi rolls—Hi City

It is perfect to watch a TV show with sushi on the weekend.Whether it’s fried shrimp rolls or salmon rolls, low-calorie, delicious, with wasabi and soy sauce, the delicious and non-greasy weekend starts like this

Yunnan Bridge House

They say that the noodles for take-out are not delicious,

It's lumpy when delivered home, Weee won't agree.

Delivered to your door as soon as possible that afternoon,

The hand is still fresh and hot.

The original soup of bridge-crossing rice noodles with fresh eyebrows,

This is the charm of Yunnan bridge rice noodles.

Xinyuanguan Lanzhou Ramen

Is it the classic Lanzhou noodles or the fragrant ribs and knife-cut noodles?

Adults don’t make choices, I want them!

Jiangnan style

Braised stand fish, crab noodles, lion head, tofu skin, sesame flatbread.Southern tastes can also be satisfied here.

What are you waiting to see here?

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Master discount and welfare information firsthand!

Weee will spoil you this winter

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For reference, it does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.
Does not represent a food stand. for reference only.

Update! The most complete Bay Area restaurant group purchase list, Yushiyuan, Liu Yishou, Huaxiwang, Liang's mother's house...the way to get on the bus is here!

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