How severe is this epidemic?Diary of Chinese recruits: My new crown is 14 days old, and my throat is like being sanded...

The 100 million confirmed cases in a single day in the United States have made this wave of epidemic tsunami quite violent.

Many Chinese friends have also posted articles in the circle of friends and forums, saying that they were unfortunately recruited.

Recently, a friend shared her and her family's new crown diary (after vaccination),

living under the same roof,

Some people are infected, some people really test negative from start to finish,

Some people have a fever, some lose their sense of taste,

Some people's throats are like sandpaper, some people have a dry cough...  

Now, let's look at the description of netizen C......

A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with the new crown.

The whole family is recruited, the source is unknown...

Me, my one-year-old son Noah, and my teammates have all tested positive. . .Before this infection, our whole family had been vaccinated twice, the first in April 2021 and the second in May.

There were indeed some events at the end of last year and then Grandma Noah came over on Sunday - yes, Grandma got infected too.Grandma was pretty sure she went to the dentist with the infection, and none of the people I saw before seeing Grandma did.

Grandma came on Sunday afternoon, and the person I went out to see on Monday was infected.My symptoms also appeared on Monday morning.From this inference, the source of infection may be grandma?But not entirely sure.

14 days of infection, sore throat, loss of sense of smell and taste...

  • When I woke up early on December 12th, I felt a dull sore throat and felt uncomfortable. I thought it was because I was too tired recently and my resistance had dropped, so I didn’t care too much.Work as usual.Since the symptoms resembled tonsil inflammation as a child, my optimistic guess was the common cold.

  • The next day, the symptoms started to get worse.

  • The third day was the most serious. The throat was so swollen that I couldn't speak, I felt a foreign body, had a fever, my body was weak, and I couldn't get up. . .Slept at home all day.

  • It started to improve gradually on Thursday, but my throat is still sore.

  • On Friday, my nose was still a little blocked, but it didn't affect my breathing.At this time, my grandmother suddenly called to say that she was diagnosed with the new crown in the ER, and we suspected that we were also the new crown.this dayStarted to lose some sense of taste and smell.

  • On the 25th, I tested it with the cvs test kit and it has turned negative.But taste and smell have not fully recovered. (It has now fully recovered, which lasted 3 weeks.)

Netizen C, loses sense of smell and taste, can't smell the fragrance of shower gel...

-teammate:On December 12th, I started to have a sore throat, not as severe as mine, with muscle pain all over my body, cough, and no fever.After three days it was almost fine.

-Son Noah(Just turned 1 year old) On the 15th, I started to have a fever, and I took Tylenol to reduce the fever. On the 16th, I started to have a fever at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., and I took ibuprofen. .Mental state has been good.Symptoms are milder than previous viral colds.

- Teammate Mom:On the 13th, I had a sore throat and a very bad cough. I finally went to the ER to be diagnosed with the new crown. Now I have basically recovered and I have a little cold.

-my mother:Lived with us, ate and lived with us, was fine from start to finish, and has been Negative without any symptoms.

what did the doctor say?

I went to urgent care for testing and also saw a doctor.I told the doctor that my son was positive and I also had symptoms.The doctor looked at my tonsils and said it was no longer inflamed.In response to my grandmother's serious cough problem, the doctor said that you can buy cough medicine and drink it.Asked about other precautions, the doctor said to drink plenty of water and rest, eat Tylenol when he has a fever, and self-isolate at home for ten days.

The whole family has been diagnosed...

My son Noah also tested positive for Covid-XNUMX on Friday night, and we only made an appointment for testing on Saturday.But in fact, after my son was diagnosed on Friday, I knew in my heart that our whole family basically had no escape from the new crown.

My teammate Daniel was very nervous when he found out.He is mainly worried about his son, because the child has a narrow trachea and the new crown is a respiratory disease.On the contrary, I am not nervous at all, I am the kind of person who is not afraid of things when they come.The most important thing is that the most difficult days when we were diagnosed have almost passed, and everyone has begun to improve.

To be honest, my son has had a fever for two days, and the situation is not as serious as the last virus cold. (In quarantine, roasts are arranged)

If you are diagnosed, you should eat every meal well to increase your resistance.

I posted the little red book for the first time, hoping to give some help to those who are experiencing the same thing, and to objectively record and share our actual situation.

detection process?

On the day my grandmother was diagnosed, we went to a nearby urgent care, but were told that we needed an appointment to get tested.So we communicated with each other and hoped to test my son first, after all, his physical condition is special (but in fact he had no fever at that time).In the end, we didn't take out insurance, and given the cash, they agreed to test my son first.

There are two types of tests, one is to know the results (PCR) on the second day of going to the lab; the other is to know the results on the same day.But doctors will recommend PCR, saying that it is more accurate.We did both at the time. My son's first result that day was positive, and the lab's result was definitely positive the next day.

My mother and I were tested the next afternoon. I was positive and my mother was negative.

What medicine should I take?

I received a call from the LA Health Department on 12/21 asking for some basic information, physical symptoms and if I needed help, and finally reminding me to contact my GP.I called the family doctor as soon as possible and made an appointment for a video call that day. She said that the most important thing isVitamin supplement.

  • At first we thought it was a common cold and we didn't take any medicine because I was still breastfeeding.After we learned that it was the new crown, we began to eat Lotus Qingwen.Say it here,Many friends asked me if I could continue breastfeeding. In fact, I was breastfeeding before the diagnosis.Later, my family doctor prescribed medicine and suggested that I should not breastfeed, so I weaned my baby from breastfeeding. (It seems that a new crown prescription drug specially designed for breastfeeding mothers has been launched, and you can consult a doctor.)

  • The prescription drug was originally ordered to take 7 days, butI stopped the drug after 5 days, because the drug has strong side effects, causing me to not want to eat, nausea and vomiting,personal feeling to meRecovery was counterproductive.

  • Later, I saw the family doctor, and the doctor told us to take vitamin supplements, vitamin C: 2000/D3: 10000/zinc: 100 (⚠️ This is the dose of vitamins during the new crown period, which is halved on weekdays)

  • The doctor also prescribed me the antidepressant fluvoxamine, telling me that the drug is clinically proven to be useful in the treatment of COVID-7.Open for XNUMX days, take one tablet in the morning and evening.

  • If you have a severe cough, buy a cough medicine to drink, and we take Ricola cough drops.

What special measures will the family take if the family has the new crown?

Even wearing masks at home, we had no appetite in the worst days.The three of us slept in three separate rooms, and Noah slept with his teammates, who were in better condition than me.

What changes have you made at work, or in your daily life (driving, shopping, eating, etc.)?

After learning about the new crown, I haven't gone out, except to go to CVS to get medicine and drive to deliver food and medicine to Grandma Noah.

Shopping is called amazon fresh, which we usually use.There are also many kind-hearted friends who came to give us all kinds of food and medicine.

At work, except for the most uncomfortable two days, I didn't get up very much, and the rest was not much different, and then I canceled the work that was supposed to go out to meet people.

What does it feel like to lose your sense of taste and smell?

My sense of taste and smell is degraded at home.But I am not completely lost, only partially.For example, I still know the ups and downs.But as for the sweetness of strawberries or the sweetness of cherries, I can't tell the difference.At its worst, the sense of smell was only 30%.

After losing the sense of taste, try eating a whole lemon, grilled meat + garlic slices + pepper

Netizen C can't taste anything...

After I lost my sense of smell and taste, I started rehab.Every day, consciously smell and taste some flavors.But this is not necessary. Some friends left a message saying that they can wait for natural recovery.Everyone choose!

The biggest experience of the new crown?

Human cognition actually changes over time, so our current cognition may not be correct.

  1. Don't talk about covid discoloration, I think we will definitely coexist with the virus for a long time in the future.More people to share may give the public a deeper understanding of covid.

  2. After I shared my story on Xiaohongshu, I also received a lot of messages from patients who had suffered from covid. Everyone recovered and gave me a lot of confidence.If you are really unfortunate, don't panic, be afraid and be overly anxious, keep a good attitude, a good mood will definitely help you fight the disease, and you must believe in yourself.

  3. Get more sleep, drink more water, and rest. Take the opportunity to take a vacation.

  4. Supplement vitamins.

  5. Make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as you are diagnosed.

  6. It's not that after being infected once, you won't be infected again!Recently, there have been many cases of omicron infection after infection with delta.So even ifcovid, nor canTake it lightly and continue to do a good job of protection.

  7. Still get vaccinated!

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