It’s cold to stock up on food and give away foodie aprons! Chengdu Noodles/Hotpot Noodles, Jiangxi Noodles with Salted Egg Yolk Noodles… Discounts on the whole venue!

🎉 Foodie North America Double 11 🎉

The best selection of food shops in North America

From domestic snacks and fast food to kitchen and household items

This double eleven is also coming to join in the fun,

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Discount time: 2020.11.6 – 2020.11.11

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# delicious #

Casual snacks

"Delicious and healthy, happy to relieve gluttons without stress"

Wang Ji Pecan Kernels 
"The crispy and delicious food that the whole family loves"
List$26.99, Now only available$18.99
(This is equivalent to a 5.8% discount! ! !)

Jindazhou's Mushroom Meat
Now exclusive 7.6% off

chYum salted egg yolk fish skin
"Fragrant and crispy, a homely addiction"
Now exclusive 9% off

Lai Fen Mango Queen Mother Dried Mango
Now exclusive 7.6% off

Xiangmei old Changsha stinky tofu sauce fragrance 
"Crunchy and bursting with juice, relieve homesickness in one bite"
Now exclusive 9% off

Bidoushi old yogurt popsicles 1 bucket (15 sticks in total)-strawberry flavor
Now exclusive 9% off


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Delicious fast food

"If you don't wash the pot or the dishes, you can enjoy the fragrant food at any time"

Mo Xiaoxian Self-heating Claypot Rice (Cantonese Sausage) 
"Sweet and sweet, won the 2020 World Delicious Award"
List$16.99, Now only available$8.99
(This is equivalent to a 5.3% discount! ! !)

Mo Xiaoxian Self-heating Claypot Rice (Beef with Mushroom)
List$16.99, Now only available$9.89
(This is equivalent to a 5.8% discount! ! !)

Mo Xiaoxian lazy self-heating rice (stemmed beef)
"Large chunks of thickly sliced ​​beef tendon, with authentic Sichuan flavor"
List$16.99, Now only available$9.89
(This is equivalent to a 5.8% discount! ! !)

Mo Xiaoxian lazy self-heating small hot pot (spicy tender beef) 
"Authentic Chongqing butter pot bottom, fresh and tender beef, enough for hot pot addiction"
Now exclusive 7.1% off

Gan Shi Ji (Chengdu Fat Intestine Noodle, Beef Hotpot Noodle) 
"CCTV reported that it is delicious and spicy, but it is delicious."
One of the three must-eat foods in Chengdu, you can also eat in North America!
Exclusive 9% off

Yangji Mountain Wild Nanchang Mix Flour 
"The rice noodles are soft and refreshing, and the sauce is delicious and rich"
The products with the most purchases in the background are coming! !
Exclusive 9% off

Vietnamese salted egg yolk noodles 
"The noodles are fragrant and the salted egg yolk is golden and visible"
List$9.99, Now only available$6.99
(This is equivalent to a 7% discount! ! !)

Xiaohe Taoteng Pepper Spicy Spicy Noodle  
"The soup has a rich flavor and the noodles are smooth and fresh"
Now exclusive 8.3% off

Mingyang Handmade Hot Pot Soup with Fresh Mushroom
Now exclusive 7.6% off

Nanjing Tongrentang Collagen Combination (Peach Gum, Saponin Rice, Snow Swallow) 
"Tasty and beautiful, a must-have home health product for autumn and winter!"
Now exclusive 9% off


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# Good use #


"The kitchen artifact is in hand, I have the demeanor of the chef"

Food apron 
List$10.99, Now only available$5.99
(This is equivalent to a 5.5% discount! ! !)
Rounding up is half the price!

Shuke original beech rolling pin with scale
Now exclusive 9% off

Poly Cute Cat Claw Sponge (3 pieces in total)
"Scissors, rock, cloth, everything is so cute that they are foul!"
Now exclusive 9% off


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Daily necessities

"You can like to use things and add home happiness index"

ALBION Albion White Good Night Powder
"Without makeup, waking up in the morning will reveal white and smooth muscles"
Now exclusive 9% off

Japan SANA Shanna Eyebrow Picking Flying Three-purpose Eyebrow Pencil #B2 Gray Brown
Now exclusive 8.1% off

Japanese puff bread toast cat phone holder 
"A must for eating and playing with mobile phones"
Now exclusive 7.9% off

Polar ice bear/polar penguin cute mobile power supply + multifunctional hand warmer mask 
List$29.99, Now only available$19.99
(This is equivalent to a 6.7% discount! ! !)

Jiayi Daily Protective Masks 50pcs/box [Limit 5 boxes for purchase]
List$49, Now only available$22.88
(This is equivalent to a 4.7% discount! ! !)

i-Softto Instant Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol Sanitizing Gel 500ML
Was $ 29.9, Now only $12.23
(This is equivalent to a 4.1% discount! ! !)

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