Autumn breeze, eel fat | Toronto's best bowls of eel rice are here!

As the so-called "autumn breeze, three snakes are fat", but in Toronto, in this harsh winter when no fresh snake meat can be eaten, I have to soothe the heart of Lao Guang, a potSteaming rice eelIt couldn't be more appropriate.

Regarding the topic of "Eel Rice", it is not particularly new in Toronto, after all, there is a restaurant that seems to be synonymous.This time the old Guangjiao cook was collected4 old Cantonese restaurants, And see which one is better than the rice eel in Toronto!

Foodie knowledge

Rice eel is a dish with rice eel, ginger juice, and japonica rice as the main ingredients. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, and regulating the stomach and invigorating the stomach.Taishan rice eel"The most famous.

From the birth to the formation of the brand, different schools have been experienced during the period. In addition to Taishan in Wuyi, Guangdong, schools such as Kaiping, Enping, and Xinhui have also been formed.However, in terms of taste and practice, Taishan rice eel has always maintained the most original and traditional clay pot method. The ingredients are constantly innovated and improved according to the tastes of modern urbanites, making Taishan rice eel stand out from many genres and become the general public. One of the best Cantonese delicacies.

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 Dong Kee Chinese Restaurant

Dong Kee Seafood Square

Sweet and fragrant rice, satisfying taste

Speaking of rice eel in Toronto, the first one is their home.After all in Toronto,Dong Kee’s name is almost equal to "Eel Rice".

Before the claypot rice comes up, there will be a potEel Bone Tofu and Coriander Soup.The soup in the steamer rests on a few eel bones, soUmami is really limited, Can only be said to moisten the esophagus before meals.

When the rice is served, the eel meat is alreadyChop and mix into the riceInside, the soy sauce has also been seasonedMix well in the rice beforehand.After the waiter asked about the avoidance of green onion and coriander, he began to mix the rice.

The rice itselfDistinct,very muchDry and refreshing.

The rice eel is cut smaller, So you won’t eat strips of rice eel.On the contrary, the eel meat is likeInlaid in rice, So that every spoonful of diners can eat the strong smell of eel and the unique rice fragrance of claypot rice.

I have to say, Dong Kee’s rice eel is really goodVery high level, No wonder their business will be so good.

Other recommended dishes from Ta

 ????Garlic bone ????

Lined with pork, marinated in heavy garlic, then coated in flour paste and fried until ripe.

"Crispy outside and tender inside"Naturally, it's not a problem. What's even more exaggerated is that the moment you bite it, the thickGarlic-scented pork sauceBurst in the mouth;

Plus fresh fried pork ribsUnique tearing(It's a completely different style from the bone-free grilled ribs of foreigners), I really enjoyed it.(This text, written at 2:30 in the morning, is really about myselfI'm hungry

📍Address | 3838 Midland Ave, 
Scarborough, ON M1V 5K5

Chi Star House

Huaxing Restaurant

Moist rice, visible eel

In terms of appearance, the Huaxing version is the same as mineGo to Taishan to eat the most like.One by oneClearly visible eelSpread on the surface of the rice.

After serving the table, the waiter poured soy sauce on the claypot rice,Live mixing.

The state of rice grains is more importantQuite moist, But definitely not soft rice, just based on moderate hardness,More water vapor.

Also recommendhomemade chili oil(A takeaway bottle for $7.99): Spicy, andVery spicy and layered.

For those who like spicy food, it is delicious with rice eel or just white rice.

Other recommended dishes from Ta

 (I.e.Fresh Sand Squid (I.e.

Huaxing’s private kitchen has been introduced a lot before 👉One soup, one meal.This hidden menu is worth an hour in line.

This time I’m going to introduce the cooking at ta’s housePrivate order: Jinsha fresh squid.Please note that this dish isNot on the menu at allYes, you need to tell the waiter directly that it is "teaching customized Jinsha fresh squid".

 The tenderness of fresh squid, wrapped in a thin paste and fried crispy, and then covered with a layerFreshly fried salted egg yolk sauce that can’t be shaken.

One bite down: salty -> fragrant -> crispy -> tender -> fresh,Five feelingsAll in this cholesterol bomb.

📍Address | 9021 Leslie St #5, 
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B2

Lucky Pot

Rice and rice

Moist rice

Just like Dongji, the rice eel in the rice bowl hasComes with eel bone tofu soup, But it is still relatively clear soup and less watery.

The rice eel itself looks very similar to Dongji’s, but the rice grains tasteQuite moist, And obviously not as good as the two introduced above.In comparison, as far asSlightly inferiorThe.

Other recommended dishes from Ta

(I.e.Fried chicken (I.e.

Choose the right chicken breed,hardlyThe subcutaneous fat, plus the chicken skin before frying, hangs dry enough, so the whole chicken isTender skinEffect.

In addition, I have visited several times recently and found that ta’s products areSignificant downward trend(The same dish is not as good as once), I hope that the merchants can hear our voice and re-enforce the quality control.

📍Address | 5005 Steeles Ave E, 
Scarborough, ON M1V 5K1

Fantasy Eatery

Silver Star Kitchen

"Alien" with a small and fresh breath

Due to the location, many friends are reluctant to go, but it is exactly half of the canteen that teaches cooking.

Silver Star's rice eel is definitely a different kind:

First of all, compared to other homes, ginger is used as the main spice to promote fragrance and remove fishy, ​​while Silver Star isLemon leaves.The scent coming up from one end is completelyAnother style.

In addition, ta usesPearl Rice, And other homes generally use silk miao rice.

Therefore, if you go with the mentality of eating traditional Taishan rice eel, 200% will be disappointed.But if it is a "Southeast Asian style eel rice"This claypot rice will definitely surprise you.

First of all, the combination of lemon leaves and rice field eel is very clever.Go to fishy and freshBesides, it gives people a kind ofThe fragrance of spring all year round.In addition, pearl riceq play soft waxIt is what is lacking in silk rice. A bite in the cold winter is similar to the satisfaction of eating Japanese eel rice, you know.

Other recommended dishes from Ta

(I.e.Curry Fried Beef Brisket (I.e.

This is a dish I want to blow up but I don’t want to promote it because it’s reallyToronto Exclusive.

Stewed beef brisket, Let cool and pat a thin flourDeep-fried until golden surface, Dip it with curry sauce according to your preference when you eat it last.

The feeling of the multiple flavors exploding on the tip of the tongue is really satisfying.

There are not many waiters in Ta’s house, so I go during the peak meal period. Although I don’t have to wait for a seat, I might have to sit down.Waited a long time before someone came to greet you.Everyone should be mentally prepared when they step on food.

📍Address | 10909 Yonge St, 
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4M6

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in conclusion

This time I talked about theseUnique, I believe that after reading the above comparison, you can choose one or several rice eel that suit your taste according to your own preferences.If your rice eel is not on the list yet,Please tell us below in the comments,Thank you.

In addition to Yinxing, the other three rice eelAll have only 1 size, There are about6-8 bowls full of rice.

For the silver star, it is 28.99 small (as shown in the picture) / 48.99 large.

⚠️Last ​​reminder⚠️

Rice eel needs to be prepared by the store in advance.

So it's betterBook in advance + order meals.

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