Roll up! The fast food giant launched a new restaurant that will disrupt the restaurant industry?

After the outbreak,

All walks of life have returned to their former vitality,

The catering industry has also begun to "roll up"!

recent,The two fast food giants have announced

A new restaurant concept coming soon.

It's even possibledisrupt the entire industry,

Leading the new trend of catering!

Let’s take a look~


McDonald's launches new brand CosMc's

McDonald's officially revealed the day before yesterday that aBrand new restaurant brand - CosMc's.

The name comes from the image of aliens that appeared in McDonald's advertisements in the 20s and 8s.

(Source: mcdonalds, copyright belongs to the original author)

It has six arms and its name is CosMc.

(Source: mcdonalds, copyright belongs to the original author)

The team leader immediately researched this ad, but he didn’t expect that in addition to CosMc, there were also the familiar McDonald’s uncle, and the purple milkshake brother who caused a wave of heat on TikTok a while ago.

(Source: mcdonalds, copyright belongs to the original author)

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said,The new restaurant will inherit all the idiosyncrasies of McDonald's, but with some of its own.

So, will the new restaurant use this alien image as a mascot?The captain is curious here~

(Source: eatthis, copyright belongs to the original author)

Officially, the company has alsoThe plan is to start testing the new restaurant brand in several locations starting early next year.This is actually part of McDonald's expansion and future innovation goals.

For many years, McDonald's has been loved by everyone, and its profit in the second quarter of this year has exceeded expectations. Kempczinski said that McDonald's will continue to expand in the future, and revealed itsThere is still great potential for development in regions such as the South and Southeast.

(Source: theguardian, copyright belongs to the original author)

In addition to traditional restaurant types, McDonald's has also been developing and testingUnconventional Sales Situation.Such as inThe first unmanned restaurant opened in Texas DFW👇👇👇

(Source: YouTube @NowThis News, copyright belongs to the original author)

In short, let us look forward to the new McDonald's restaurant!


Chick-fil-A's New Restaurant Serves Meals Efficiently

In addition to McDonald's, Chick-fil-A has also released new trends recently:

Chick-fil-A officially announced: two new restaurant concepts will be launched,Opening an accessible restaurant in NYC and a drive-thru restaurant in metro Atlanta.

(Source: YouTube @Chickfila, copyright belongs to the original author)

Both restaurants can offer customersMore Efficient Order Experience, and bothWill open in 2024.

In some areas, Chick-fil-A'sDigital orders have replaced traditional in-store orders, accounting for more than half of all orders.

(Source: Chick-fil-A, copyright belongs to the original author)

Moreover, this proportion is still growing.this means,Customers have a strong need for convenience when ordering.

 *Atlanta Drive-In Restaurants 

According to the "Annual Drive-Thru Report" released by Intouch Insight,The average Chick-fil-A customer will spend nearly8 and a half minutestime waiting in the lane, more than the waiting time at other major fast food restaurants.

(Source: Intouch Insight, copyright belongs to the original author)

So Chick-fil-A will be piloting restaurants in AtlantaSet up four Drive Thru channels :

(Source: YouTube @Chickfila, copyright belongs to the original author)

Two of them will be dedicated to mobile ordering.

(Source: YouTube @Chickfila, copyright belongs to the original author)

RestaurantThe kitchen is on the second floor(above the aisle), will deliver meals to customers through conveyor belts and other forms.

(Source: YouTube @Chickfila, copyright belongs to the original author)

In addition, customers can also use the order channel specially set up for Drive Thru within the app.

 * New York Accessible Restaurant 

In some areas with heavy foot traffic, Chick-fil-A will try toNew accessible restaurant concept.

(Source: YouTube @Chickfila, copyright belongs to the original author)

Customers can order food directly in the app, and after entering the barrier-free restaurant, they canGet food in the shortest time.

In this way, you will not delay your schedule because of the long waiting time for meals.

So, of these new restaurants above, which one are you most looking forward to?Welcome to chat in the comment area~

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