Can’t wait to buy new year’s goods! Hundreds of fruits, vegetables, seafood snacks and three-day holiday special offer 6% off ~ discount to catch up with Double 11 ~ Chong Duck

Come on!
Weee's New Year Festival is here!
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Finally it's the annualNew Year Festival.
WeeeWith discounts and giftsIt's New Year's greetings!
Hundreds of products including seafood, fruits and vegetables, pasta and snacks,
Special offer for three consecutive days! 6% off New Year goods stock up!Miss another year
Let's take a look
How to gather the wool for the New Year's Day?

Before introducing specials and new products,
Let me talk about one firstHidden benefits
Many people don’t know about shopping$ 68 +
You can redeem a lotUp to 4% offGood things

There are also group recharges worthy of discount
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2Get rewards when you charge up
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Fresh broad beans 
$6.99 $6.49
18% off

You can buy fresh broad beans in Seattle
From now until 1/31
Weee! Special offer fresh broad beans in shell and surprise specials

Weekly sales of 1.4K was almost robbed as soon as it was put on the shelves
Just restocked, not much left, start early

The freshness that could only be enjoyed in spring
Weee! Surprise everyone in advance before the Spring Festival
Bring you the deliciousness of Jiangnan-fresh broad beans

Refreshing, tender, waxy, fragrant and pleasant in color,
Simply stir fry to get a big bowl of fresh and healthy taste!

Each one is well wrapped in green bean pods,
With the most original freshness,
Weee again!Pack this spring love carefully and send it directly to your home~
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Fresh Tottori Crystal Pear
 $9.99 $7.99
20% off
FromTottori Prefecture, JapanCrystal pears, carefully cultivated to produce pearsThe epidermis is light yellow and blue,Crisp and juicy taste with slight sand, Sweet and fragrant,Strong pear flavor.

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Strictly selected ground black pork meat
$6.49 $4.99
23% off
haveKobe Steak EditionExcellent marble pattern, delicious and soft, succulent and elastic.
Whether it's stir-fried with rice or made into dumplings, it is very suitable.
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Frozen fresh local silky chicken
$15.99  $13.99
13% off
How can you not have a bowl of warm chicken soup during the New Year?

The medicinal value of silky fowl is very high.A bowl of delicious silky chicken soup in winter will not only warm your body but also increase your immunity.

Golden chicken broth with a sip of boneless chicken, And another bowl of fragrant rice, the taste of happiness is that simple.
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Snow Crab Leg
$24.99 $19.99
20% off
Snow crab leg meatSnow white and tender, Fresh and salty withA touch of sweetness.
The best ingredients often only require the simplest cooking methods.

Simply boil, peel the crab meat and dip it in butter,Buttery milky flavorCrab Meat SweetSet off each other and complement each other.
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Jiushengtang Hot Pot Shrimp Snack
$9.99 $8.49
15% off
Shell the shrimp and passThousands of beatings, In order to make the shrimp slippery with smooth elastic Q.
Jiushengtang Shrimp Slide is made of green prawns and tastes meatyFirm and smooth.Fresh Q bomb, Is an essential delicacy for eating hot pot.
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Frozen Taste Artisan Yangchun Noodles
$4.99 $3.49
30% off 
Yangchun noodles is a traditional snack in the south of the Yangtze River. It used to be called Xiaoyangchun in October in the lunar calendar. Yangchun also means ten in Shanghai.Yangchun noodles were once sold for ten cents per bowl, hence the name Yangchun.
Authentic Yangchun noodles, it looks clear and watery, but you can smell it on the tableRich green onion fragrance. noodlesFlexibility, ToppingsFresh and slightly sweet.Even without any side dishes, it is still full of praise.
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Guangzhou Restaurant Likoufu Bean Paste
$2.69 $2.2
18% off
Microwave for thirty secondsIt can be eaten, the skin is soft and hasA touch of milk, Neri Bean PasteSoft and delicate, The sweetness is just right.
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Red Fuji Apple

High-end boutique gift box with red Fuji apples
Crisp and sweet, bright color
Sweet and delicious with plenty of juice
It is also printed with "Fortune and Treasure", whether it is a gift or eating by yourself!
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Cut Turtle
The fresh turtle killed alive that day was cut into pieces and sent home.
The soft-shelled turtle is tender and delicious, and has high medicinal value. It is suitable for braised, clear stew and soup.
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Fresh lychees 
$14.99 $9.99
33% off
After riding the red dust princess smiled, no one knew it was Litchi.
The red lychees coincided with the happy New Year.Stripping isCrystal clear as mutton jadeThe flesh, take a bite,Sweet and juicy, Deserves to be the tribute fruit that can make the imperial concubine dream.
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In addition to the aforementioned, these are also great!
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Golden Fuji gift box 

$29.99 $24.99

Fresh and delicious yellow peaches

$8.99 $6.99

Tianjin small chestnut 

$14.99 $9.99

Hand cut New Zealand grass fed

Lamb shoulder rolls 

$14.99 $12.99

[Frozen and cut on the same day]

American Snowflake and Cow Chips 

$26.99 $24.99

Venus Taiwan Old Original Sausage

$5.99 $4.99

Yiwei Fresh Spicy Clam 

$4.99 $3.99

1 fresh frozen sea bass 

$15.29 $12.99


Indonesian wild red snapper 

$9.99 $8.49

【Good Food】

Crab Meat Dumpling Soup

$3.49 $2.99

Wuting Plum Dried Vegetable Buns

$4.99 $4.29

Asia's Best Jujube Wowotou 

$4.49 $3.99

there are moreNew Year Gift PackAndGreat dealsWaiting for you to discover!
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