The Light of the Chinese!The popularity has surpassed that of Gu Ailing, Stanford full award + champion genius girl, conquering the whole United States!

It goes without saying how much attention the golf game has received in the United States.


However, have you ever seen a player who has a full scholarship to Stanford University + broke the world record in the first match?


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Just last month, at a top-level event that just ended—the LPGA Mizuho Bank America Open, aThe 20-year-old Chinese-American star won the championship. She is Zhang Siyang, who was born in Southern California and studied at Stanford.




Genius girl, first show breaks the record!


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It was an all-time record and she became the first player to win an LPGA title in her professional debut since Beverley Hanson in 1951.


Just 9 days ago, Zhang Siyang decided to join the LPGA from amateur to professional.It only took 9 days!She became the first person to "win on her first show" in the Women's PGA Tour in the past XNUMX years!


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In the first moment after she won the championship, seniorTiger Woods Immediately Posts Congratulations!


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NBA player Curry praised it!


In just a few months,Zhang Siyang went from Augusta National Women's Amateur → NCAA University Championship → LPGA first professional championship, three levels across!


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If you, like the author, don't know much about golf,You only need to look at the recent sports events in American restaurants, lounges, and barbershops. Almost every one of them is broadcasting the playing records of this talented Chinese girl!




Born in Los Angeles, full scholarship to Stanford 


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So, who is this Rose Zhang who turned out to be?


According to public information on the Internet, Zhang Siyang's parents are from Shenyang. The family immigrated to Los Angeles, USA in 2001. They initially rented a small apartment in Arcadia, and lived by renting out a room in the apartment.


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Two years later, Zhang Siyang was born, and the family moved to Irvine.


According to her father once told: Zhang Siyang first came into contact with golf in April 2014. Before that, he also tried various table tennis, badminton, swimming, tennis, etc., and he learned very well.


You can tell from this look that she is a child with sports talent.


However, playing golf is different from ordinary ball games and requires huge manpower and financial support.To this end, the family has made various inputs.


In the early days of playing, although the family conditions were a bit difficult, her father still supported her to continue walking.After finally deciding to try it for a few months, I hired a special coach to study for her.


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Who would have thought,In just 3 months of study, she won the relevant California qualification examination certificate, and then signed up to participate in the Southern California 9-11 age group PGA competition, and won the first place!


The first time they participated in the competition, they won the first place. It seems that the gifted learning path gave the father and daughter a lot of confidence and decided to continue learning.


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After that, Zhang Haibin paid more attention to his daughter's golf practice plan,He even quit his job, only to focus on training his daughter to play and send her to receive more professional coaching training.


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According to Zhang Siyang's father:From the beginning of Zhang Siyang's real practice for 7 or 8 years, every Monday to Friday after school, he would pick up his daughter and come back to practice. He trained for 4-5 hours a day, with 200-800 balls each time.He even practiced for 10 hours on weekends, rain or shine.

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The father and daughter once drove out of state to meet the coach overnight in order to save air tickets and accommodation; they also took the latest night flight and spent the night at the airport in order to take a low-cost flight.

He is not only a driver, but also a training partner, a parent and a friend. He has participated in 49 games in just half a year with his daughter!Take the first and get soft.

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At the same time, she didn't neglect her studies, as she was a student at Irvine Pacific Academy.

In 2020, when she injured her wrist and had a bad tee shot, she still turned the tables and won the 2020 National Women's Amateur Golf Championship and the Women's Amateur Golf Championship.Became the first Chinese-American golfer to win a championship in 115 years.

same year,With a full scholarship, she was admitted to Stanford University, and continued to practice and participate in the Stanford Women's High Team.




Zhang Siyang has always been praised as a golf genius girl, and everyone can feel the hard work and sweat behind it.sheZeng said:I have been practicing almost every day for a year, persisting in competitions, maintaining training and learning progress, so the accumulated rich experience enables me to achieve better results.She sees the dedication and support of her father and the whole family in training her to play, and she is also under pressure to work harder....




Return to the original heart and look forward to the future

At just 20 years old, Zhang Siyang's name will be imprinted in golf history.


Debut is the pinnacle, and fans flock to her, looking forward to her next game.


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But she kept her original intention and said in an interview:"She still has a thesis to write and the CS subject PSAT."



While practicing seriously, I also feel the wonderful college life.

Let us look forward to more of her games!

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