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Li Ziqi Products

Li Ziqi must not be introduced, everyone knows,

As a strong output of Chinese culture,

Let domestic netizens see China's hidden life and food culture~

The selection of non-GMO soybeans used in Doumao's Colorful Soy Milk Powder,

Different colors are re-extracted from the ingredients, and do not contain color additives~

Soak a cup of hot water for breakfast, it's delicate, smooth and mellow~

The brown sugar ginger tea is made from Yunnan small yellow ginger, which is hand-made with brown sugar.

Drink it with a hint of sweetness and a hint of spiciness, and it will feel warm to the stomach after a cup!

Girls who are cold or in special periods can drink this~

The best Hanchuan nine-hole lotus root is selected for the sweet-scented osmanthus nut lotus root powder.

Added U.S. imported almonds and Vietnamese cashew nuts,

Add Yiwu yellow rock sugar powder;

After brewing, the lotus root noodles are naturally sweet and moist, with crispy nuts.

Drinking a bowl in the morning is really comfortable!

Scan 👇 QR code👇 to buy Li Ziqi health products~

A Kuan Food

A Kuan can also be regarded as the old internet celebrity in fast food!

The early rice used for the fresh pepper glutinous rice noodles,

The rice noodles made by traditional fermentation process are smooth and elastic~

It's so fresh, but the spiciness is enough, let's take a look at the comments of netizens👇

Swipe left or right to see more

The pepper and hemp noodles are simply the favorite of heavy-tasting pedestrians!

The noodles are smooth and chewy, which can be well coated with the sauce,

The spicy seasoning beats on the tip of the tongue, and the vine pepper is full of aroma~

There is also the big BOSS potato powder recommended by countless people,

Potato flour "duangduang" is elastic,

Served with Sichuan hot pot flavored soup base, fresh and spicy, super refreshing~

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Fat-reducing delicacies fried on the Little Red Book

Vietnamese rice paper that can be wrapped in everything,

Unexpectedly, there will be so many creative ways to eat one day!

It has also become one of the representative ingredients of fat-reducing cuisine~

Hurry up and take a look at the crazy ideas of netizens in this session👇

Vietnamese rice paper version of Liangpi

Minced garlic/light soy sauce/vinegar/chili oil/chili sauce/sesame sauce/appropriate amount of water, mix well

Put two pieces of rice paper in the pot together (the single sheet is too thin) and cook until it is transparent and remove the cold water.

Take out the liangpi from the cold water, cut it, and put it in a large bowl.

Put in shredded cucumber/peanuts and the prepared sauce,

Just mix it and you can stir up the sticky cold skin~

Vietnamese rice paper pizza

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, and cut all the ingredients that you want to put on the pizza into small dices;

Put the rice cracker crust on the baking tray, spread with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese,

Then put it full of ingredients and put it in the preheated oven,

Bake it in 10 minutes and it's done!

Vietnamese rice paper rice cake

⭐️Spicy rice cake sauce:

1 spoon of chili sauce, 1-2 spoons of chili powder (the degree of spiciness can be arbitrary)

1 spoon of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of sugar, 400-600ml of water

1 tablespoon of chicken stock (or beef powder or oyster sauce)

Lay the rice paper bubble horizontally and wait for 30 seconds to soften and roll tightly.

If you can cut off the irregularities on both sides of the roll, it looks like a rice cake~

You can also roll luncheon meat, fish cakes, cheese, etc. anything you want!

Scan the QR code👇 to buy rice paper~

Kyoho grapes picked directly from the farm

The Kyoho grapes that foodies think about day and night are here!

Direct delivery from the farm, super fresh~

Jufeng tastes crispy, tender and fleshy,

It will have a strong flavor of rock sugar and milk,

The sugar content is as high as 20 or more, which can be called a sugar bomb!

Everyone who loves grapes loves it~

Scan the QR code👇 to buy grapes~

Mosquito repellent Shenshui Liushen toilet water

What is the most afraid of summer?Mosquitoes!

When everyone goes out hiking or camping and gets bitten by mosquitoes,

Sacrifice the childhood artifact-Liushen Flower Dew!

Contains the essence of natural plant essence to refine the city,

It can quickly relieve itching, prevent diarrhea and remove diarrhea, and it can also make you feel cool and refreshing after applying it~

Scan 👇QR code👇Buy Liushen~

Vitality forest

You can buy all the super hot Genki Forest series on the whole network!

Whether it’s milk tea or burning tea,

Drink soda sparkling water that is not fat,

It is also a full-point microbubble series with a juice content of >99%, all of which are available!

What is added is erythritol, which does not participate in sugar metabolism, so it is delicious and not fat!

The milk tea series is also especially suitable for sisters who love to drink milk tea but want to control sugar~

Drinking on ice in summer is really super cool~

Scan 👇 QR code👇 drink a drink~

Tongrentang, a time-honored Beijing brand

Beijing Tongrentang, founded in 1669,

It has always adhered to the principle of "Medicine in pharmacy, and genuine medicine at a fair price."

It is also a pharmaceutical product brand trusted by the older generation in the family~

Wormwood Lumbar Patch, Moxa Navel Patch, Queen Chuanbei Loquat Paste,

They are all health medicines that are kept at home,

Now I finally came back from all over the country~

Scan 👇QR code👇Buy Tongrentang~

There is also an anniversary special special area, a super variety of praised special specials~

Spicy Clam

Was $ 6.99Special $ 4.19

Beef Brisket 2LB

Was $ 15.99Special $ 10.39

Shiitake Mushroom

Was $ 5.99Special $ 3.89

Guangzhou Restaurant Quicksand Phoenix Bun

Was $ 4.29Special $ 2.69

Chen Yun Baoquan Sun Cake

Was $ 9.99Special $ 6.99

Calpis Lactic Acid Drink

Was $ 5.29Special $ 3.09

Lay's Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips

Was $ 2.29Special $ 1.59

ASSI Korean sweet potato fans

Was $ 2.49Special $ 1.69

Lee Kum Kee Scallops and Oyster Sauce

Was $ 5.99Special $ 3.59

Yakisoba Fried Noodles

Was $ 3.99Special $ 2.39

SK soy sauce glutinous rice dumplings

Was $ 3.95special offer$2.69

Rizheng Winter Melon Tea Bricks

Was $ 2.79Special $ 1.79

Korean tofu hot pot medium spicy

Was $ 2.69Special $ 1.79

Canadian Arctic Shell Frozen

Was $ 10.99Special $ 7.69

Frozen fresh pork belly 3LB

Was $ 11.99Special $ 8.39

Florida Longan 2LB

Was $ 9.99Special $ 7.49

Was $ 36.99

Special $ 25.89


Was $ 3.99Special $ 2.79

Huang Feihong Spicy Peanuts

Was $ 3.59Special $ 2.49

Fresh long cabbage seedlings 2LB

Was $ 4.99Special $ 3.99

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⚠️*Special product prices are subject to the final price on the website


Grand introduction

Pantry+Direct mail

Enjoy all-American cuisine

Except for the Bay Area and LA, Weee! All other areas in the United States have been openedPantry+Direct mail service, usually marked withPantry+Belong toPantry+Direct mail

The increase of direct mail products is to enrich the products. For example, our local warehouse does not have a certain product you want to buy, and now everyone can passPantry+Buy by direct mail, you can find the popular products of Internet celebrities, and the products will be shipped from Weee! Other warehouses in the United States by direct mail to your home.

# Pantry+Goods can be shipped across the U.S.

You can buy it even if your area has not yet opened fresh food deliveryPantry+Direct mail products will be shipped on the day or the next day after the order is placed (excluding HI&AK)

# Free shipping for orders over $49

Free shipping for orders over $49 (a flat charge of $49 for a single order under $5.99),Pantry+The shipping cost is calculated separately from local delivery orders.

⬇️Long press to enter the direct mail area

From 7/30 (12:00:00 AM PST) to 08/05 (11:59:59 PM PST), any order (excluding Weee points and membership fee recharge) will receive a redemption coupon, buy more If you win, get more chances of winning.

You can also apply for a free redemption coupon by sending an email to feelinglucky@sayweee.com (please indicate the subject of the email: "Ticket for Weee! 6th Anniversary Raffle").During the event, each account can apply for at most one redemption coupon via email.

On 08/06, 100 lucky free users will be drawn from all valid redemption coupons.

The maximum single exemption amount is $200 (the exemption amount is equal to the order amount, and the e-mail application for redemption coupon exemption amount is $20), which will reach the winner's Weee account in the form of Weee points within 7 working days.

The list of winners will be announced on this page. We will also notify the winners via email, SMS, etc. Please fill in the correct contact information.

Weee! reserves the right of final interpretation.


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Since its establishment in 2015

Weee quickly grew to become the largest in the North American market😺🙉

Fastest growing Asian and Hispanic fresh food e-commerce

The leader in the proper industry👑

Weee's popularity 😎

Now weee has been integrated into a part of modern life

Have a solid consumer group

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Internet celebrity products from all over the world have everything 💅🏻

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