Gas stoves have become the target of public criticism, and the Spring Festival is approaching. Can Chinese families and Chinese restaurants still turn upside down?

Gas stoves, long a favorite of Chinese and Chinese chefs, seem to have become the target of criticism in recent weeks.

U.S. cities including New York and Berkeley, California, have moved to ban gas stoves in new construction because of the environmental and health risks posed by gas stoves, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul this week The first statewide ban in the United States was proposed.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (Image: Getty Images)
Gas stoves are harmful to health and not friendly to the climate
There has been a long-running debate surrounding gas stoves, with research finding that their use can lead to negative health outcomes such as asthma in children (and a possible cancer risk in adults), as well as being bad for the climate as a fossil fuel.
(Source: Gyett Images)
However, the introduction of the ban has still affected Chinese families and Chinese restaurants, and real estate developers have to reconsider replacing the heat source of new buildings.
While banning gas stoves in new buildings, the U.S. government has pushed hard for electric stoves, and electricity is now the most common source of cooking energy in the nation, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the federal energy statistics agency. A tax bill in August set aside more than $8 billion for rebates on consumer purchases of electric cookware.
Gas stove gives Chinese food "soul"
But for most Chinese families and Chinese restaurants, using a gas stove is not only the best way to cook authentic Chinese food, but it may be the only way.
Owners Tom Lo and Tom Lei of Spy C, which specializes in Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, are accustomed to a kitchen full of heat, often using gas stoves with over 100000 to 150000 British thermal units (BTU) for cooking.
Such high heat imparts "guoqi" or wok smell to dishes, the smoke and Maillard reaction (the chemical reaction that produces the taste of browned food) gives the "soul" of countless Chinese dishes, and electric stoves simply cannot achieve this BTU standard.
(Source: Xinmin Evening News)
When a Chinese chef cooks, he will instantly increase the firepower,You can get the real taste only by turning the pot on the fire, which can't be done on the electric stove.
In addition,The glass and ceramic surfaces of electric stoves are not very durable, and the expense of installing new electrical wiring can be prohibitive.
"Will not start with all gas stoves"
Still, those who don't want to change their stove, or the gas stove fans among us, can sit back and relax for now, natural gas bans passed across the U.S. only target new construction (some states also include renovations that require new construction permits).
CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. emphasized that any action taken by the federal government applies only to new stoves.
Depending on the gas stove as a "thorn in the eye"Richard Trumka (Image: Vanguard)
He said the council was "not going to go after all gas stoves".

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