Mandatory RTO, Amazon "If you don't go back to the office, you'll leave"

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Since the beginning of this year, major factories have tried various methods to urge employees to return to the office.

The simplest and crudest among them is Amazon.

According to Business Insider, due to strict RTO policies, layoffs and "lack of respect for employees"More and more Amazon employees are choosing to resign, and Amazon is facing a wave of resignations recently..

Looking back at this year’s linen RTO policy, it’s really “at any cost”...

 February: Announcement of mandatory 2-day RTO starting in May

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In February this year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced,Three-day weekly RTO will resume from May, and said that this is conducive to the development of company culture and employees' mutual learning and collaboration capabilities.

Within weeks of the policy’s release, the Slack group “Remote Advocacy” had more than 3 members.Signed petition against RTO.

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In May, more than 5 linen workers went on strike to protest!

However, the goose is of no use, and the top management of Flax is very resolute. No matter how many petitions and protests are made, the RTO is still implemented...

 July: Employees asked to move 

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In July this year, Amazon issued a three-choice notice to remote employees:

First, go to the nearest office RTO; second, if there is no office nearby, move to the nearest RTO near the hub;Third, voluntary resignation without severance pay or unemployment insurance.

At the time, I thought this was Amazon’s most ruthless approach.

 August: 8-day RTO next year! 

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It is said that from February next year,Amazon will return to 5-day RTO, allowing two days of WFH per month.

It’s really hard to imagine that taking five days off and two days off was a daily routine before the epidemic...

 September: Strictly check attendance 

In September, Amazon changed its policy on attendance data to “only track anonymous data.”Start disclosing employee attendance, it feels a bit like being the dean of high school...

 October: If the RTO is less than 10 days, the manager will be fired directly 


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Before, employees did not implement RTO, and Flax's policy was: send an email, ask the manager to talk, and follow the process of talk-absence-talk again-still absent-HR talk-written warning or dismissal, which was relatively gentle.

At the end of October, the authority was actually delegated to the manager. If the RTO is less than three days, employees can be fired directly.


 November: Failure to meet attendance standards affects promotion 


By November,If attendance is not up to standard, promotion will be affected...

According to an internal friend, the promotion was blocked and it will take a while to re-sign before the application can be continued.

Perhaps because the RTO deadline is approaching, the number of people resigning has been particularly high recently...

On December 12, a former employee who left Linen in July broke the news:

“The number of resignations at AWS last week was shocking.”

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After reading this, all I can say is:Amazon is serious about mandatory RTO.

Some netizens also think that this policy of resigning if attendance is not up to standard is a disguised form of layoffs?

What do you guys think?

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