Lin'an's newly beaten pecans have a unique autumn nut aroma in memory

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Just like the Longjing in the West Lake and the zongzi in Jiaxing,
"Pecans"It is a seasonal special product of Lin'an,
It is also the most anticipated autumn nut in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Xiaoning~

Compared with ordinary walnuts, Lin'an pecans
Thin shell,Thick meat,Crispy,Less astringency.
It also has a unique fresh fragrance~

But thisDelicious pecans.It's not easy.
The pecan tree grows slowly, and it takes about 20 years to begin to bear fruit.
And most of the trees grow on steep mountains,
The villagers have to walk several miles of mountain roads and climb toTens of meters highOf
The pecans can be knocked down by waving a bamboo pole on the tree.

The timing of the fight must be particular,
Early and late, the aroma and taste will be insufficient.
After hitting it, we need to investigate in the crevices and mountain streams.
Pick it up and install it,
Carry another load and go down the mountain~

But this canBlockAre you a foodie?No!
Lin'an people have traditions,
Every September Bailu, every household rushes home to pick pecans.
That atmosphereMore grand than the new yearAnd lively~

The surrounding diners will always buy home the new products of this year as soon as possible.
A family in front of the TVWhisking while peeling pecans,

The autumn breeze outside the window at this moment,
I seem to smell the scent of new pecans this year

So, how to choose delicious Lin'an pecans?
This must be localTime-honored,Old workshop.

Now the more well-known nut brands on the market,
I'm looking forLin'anOEM pecans,
But maybe it is the precipitation of lack of time,
Maybe there is a difference in raw materials and techniques,
Smells worselocalFragrant made from time-honored brands.

Wang JiIs an old local brand,
Specializing in roasted seeds and nuts and Hangzhou specialty products, passed down four generations,
Just made the pecansTwenty years
This mouth has passed the test of time,
near100% positiveDelicious mountain,
It's definitely worth your expectation~

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Two Wang Ji pecans are on display in the commissary
Original flavor pecan kernels
Hand-peeled pecans with salt and pepper and cream

Original flavor pecan kernels

When I was young, I heard my parents say that YuanziPlainonlyis true,
Disagree,It’s only after having the qualifications that they agree more,
It’s the most valuable to be able to make full use of the original flavor of the ingredients
Wang JiweiMaximumPreserved pecanHaraokaOriginal taste.
It's true.

Pecan kernelUmamiFirstly due to its "",
In order to ensure that the pecans are made new every year,
Every year, Wang Ji destroys used and defective products together~

Freshly picked pecans should be in the sunSun for five days.
Then manually filter outThe head is round and fullPecans,
Remove the shells one by one,
Finally control 150 degreesBest heat.Small pan.
Make every pecan kernelCrispy enough~

In addition to the necessary small amounts of salt and sugar,
Without any other additives.
Make sure that every nut you eat,
All with pecansNatural fragrance,
originalOriginalHigh quality nutrition.
Wang JiCraftsmanPart ofMind……

NutsFull grain,EntranceCrispy and crunchy.
One by one, I can’t stop talking
Rich aroma, after eatingMouthful~
When you are greedy, come with a bag and make a cup of tea,
Just a paragraphVery pleasant time~

Bakers, you can try adding pecan kernels to desserts,
Pecans add to dessertsUnique flavor!

In addition, pecans contain what the human body needs
Multiple mineralsVitamin.
不仅Stomach and brain,Improve the immunityAnd alsoBeauty!
The more you eat, the more you love!

It’s the happiest moment to share delicious food with my family during my home stay.
This pecan kernel is not peeled by hand
The whole family can eat it easily~

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Hand-peeled pecans with salt and pepper and cream

If you miss eating pecansSense of festive ceremony.
Or like to experiencePeel while eatingfun of,
Or want to try new flavors,
This hand-peeled pecan is the best choice~

Even if you don’t need to remove the shell, it will be seasoned later,
Wang Ji is the sameStick to craftsmanship.
More than a dozen necessaryThere are many ancient processes.
In addition, there are 3 more cracking processes very intimately,
The degree of shell cracking is super good~

The fairy who twists mineral water bottle caps hard,
EasilyCanPeel the whole pecan kernels, Thief proud~
(No longer like when I was a kid, spread the newspaper in advance and hit the pecans!)

Both flavors are well seasoned,Just the right salty/sweet.
Not afraid to cover the original fragrance of fresh pecans~
The traditional salt and pepper taste is slightly salty in the mouth,Salty fragrance.
Just drink soda or drink, bothVery enjoyable~

Fashion creamy,A touch of milktaste, Slightly sweet,
Whether old people, children, or fairiesIrresistible.
Tired from work/study, with a cup of tea/coffee, a few pecans,
You will think you can do it again~💪

It is recommended to stock some of both models, usually the family is fine at home.
Greedy and healthy, You can keep it for the New Year~
(After all, it’s hard to buy during the New Year, it’s too popular)
Used to give gifts/hospitality,
That's definitely decent and good enough!

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The commissary is more delicious!

I want to buy Wang Ji pecans together,
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