Don't miss these flight information after returning home to quarantine and "relaxing"

Last week, all the major returning groups spread all over the world:


"It is hopeful to return to China, the close connection of the entry is no longer determined, the flight circuit breaker mechanism has been cancelled, and the quarantine has been implemented 5+3..."

Let's see what happened:
On November 11, the National Health and Medical Commission issued a notice on further optimizing the prevention and control measures of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, scientifically and accurately doing a good job in prevention and control.
The notice states that it can be simplified and summarized as follows:

The quarantine of inbound personnel has changed to "5 days concentration + 3 days home"

There are major adjustments to the positive nucleic acid test and the flight.
among them:
For close contacts, the management measures of "7-day centralized isolation + 3-day home health monitoring" are adjusted to "5-day centralized quarantine + 3-day home quarantine", code management during the period, no going out。集中隔离医学观察的第1、2、3、5天各开展1次核酸检测,居家隔离医学观察第1、3天各开展1次核酸检测。
Cancel the circuit breaker mechanism for inbound flights, and adjust the two negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours before boarding to the one before boarding48 nucleic acid test within 1 hoursMeasurementNegative certificate.
Important issues related to immigrationOriginalas follows :

As soon as the news came out, all the friends who wanted to go back to China were instantly boiling!

Many people say,I hope to see the price of air tickets drop immediately, is the next step possible to increase the number of flights.


At present, there are still many seats for the flight back to China from November to December.I believe that my friends who have recently returned to China can enjoy the newly adjusted epidemic prevention regulations.
The United States currently has several direct flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Dallas, etc. to domestic Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Tianjin. You can check and arrange your itinerary as soon as possible.

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At last,

Wishing everyone a safe day and family reunion!

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