Heavy!No need to get a green card, the best way to immigrate to the United States in 2021!

As the U.S. immigration policy has continued to tighten in recent years,

The degree of difficulty of getting a U.S. green card has risen sharply...

The American dream of many people,

Are stuck in the long queue...

I believe you will ask,

Is there any way to immigrate without waiting?

Doesn't it need to spend too much money?

Maybe it's time to understand! 👇

Safe and fast immigration method:

 L-1 executive visa + EB-1C executive green card 

To be a professional manager, less investment, faster immigration

ask:what isL-1 + EB-1C Executive immigration?

答:L-1 executive visa: a work visa that allows you to live in the United States for a long time.

EB-1C Executive Green Card: the first priority category in the professional green card,There is currently no scheduled date, and the green card can be successfully converted after approval


ask:How to handle it?

prerequisites: A. There is a mature company outside the United States (such as a Chinese parent company)

                      b. In the past 3 years, served as a senior executive in the company outside the United States for 1 year+


first step : Establish a new company or acquire a company in the U.S. in the name of the Chinese parent company (known as a U.S. branch)

The second step:You can apply for an L-1 visa if you send yourself from the Chinese parent company to the US branch

third step:After operating the US branch for at least 12 months, apply for an EB-1C executive green card


The time is fast, the project is safe, and the risk is small!Meet the needs of the whole family to quickly obtain a green card.


Then I have no contacts and business experience in the United States,

How to open a branch in the United States? 

can doMerchant!

Open a franchise store in the United States to meet the requirements!

Let well-known chain brands

Happy Lemon is here to help you!

ask:What is Happy Lemon?

答:Happy Lemon is a U.S. listed company (all financial reports are publicly announced), and it has 60+ chain stores in the United States.From shop location, opening, purchasing equipment, training and recruiting employees, etc., it can be done in about 3 months as soon as possible!

This also means,Once the project is implemented, the investor can apply for an L-1 multinational manager visa, The dream of bringing the whole family to live and study in the United States immediately (the whole family refers to the spouse and children under the age of 21) has also come true.

Let’s learn about Happy Lemon now!Rich success stories, experienced operation team and mature cold chain system,Let investors quickly obtain a green card!No management experience and own store management are required, and professionals are solely responsible for it!
And you can bring your family to realize the American dream immediately! 

U.S. EB-1C executive green card

Happy Lemon (listed brand) franchise project


🍋 About Happy Lemon🍋

Happy Lemon originated in Shanghai in 2006 and quickly swept all major cities across the country. Since 2010, it has implemented global expansion in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, Taipei, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc. Countries and regions,Happy Lemon has more than 1100 stores worldwide.

Happy Lemon aims to carry forward the "new tea culture". Tea is the culture of the Chinese. Happy Lemon makes tea the culture of the world.Based on fresh and innovative tea drinks, many popular series of drinks have been created to target young people.

Make every cup of tea carefully

🍋5 Persistence of Happy Lemon


Persist in hand-made fresh tea on site;

Insist on using real materials to prepare nutritious tea drinks;

Insist that every step and detail must follow the standard process;

Persist in being willing to innovate and prepare more diversified tea drinks;

Adhere to the strict selection of high-quality ingredients from all over the world to prepare high-quality tea.


Why choose Happy Lemon (project advantage)

✨High-quality listed brand with superior financial performance;

✨More than 1100 stores worldwide, with mature business models;

✨Full trusteeship operation of the designated cooperative institution of Happy Lemon;

✨The layout of key cities in the United States, 2021 revenue has repeatedly broken new highs;

✨It has been repeatedly reported by mainstream media such as CNN, CBS and CNBC in the United States.


 How to apply for US status?

Application requirements for multinational corporate executive visa (L-1) and green card (EB-1C) projects:

✨Chinese companies set up branches in the United States and send senior executives to the United States to manage local companies, and apply for L-1 visas and EB-1C green cards for senior executives. 

✨U.S. companies open and operate Happy Lemon franchise stores to meet the immigration requirements for multinational corporate executives.

Investment amount: 28-34 million US dollars/shop

Number of employees: 7-10 employees/shop

Investment area: California, New York

*In order to meet the requirements of the Immigration Bureau for the size of the company and the number of employees applying for EB-1C, 2 franchise stores are required.

Investor rights and exit mechanism:

1. The investor has 100% ownership of the Happy Lemon franchise store;

2. Investors can choose:

① Carry out daily management on their own, and when they wish to withdraw, the brand management company can assist in market transfer;

②The daily operation work is fully managed by the brand management company, and the net profit obtained during the period is divided into 70% of the investors and 30% of the brand management company.

3. When the plan is withdrawn, Happy Lemon Headquarters has the priority right to purchase, or the management company will assist the investor to transfer the store to the market, or sell it to the follow-up immigration handler.


 Suitable for the crowd 

1. Children who plan to study in the U.S. within 1-2 years, and parents with accompanying plans;

2. Children who have not obtained a work visa after graduating from a U.S. university and wish to stay in the U.S.;

3. Families who are waiting for the EB-5 schedule and want to live, work, or study in the United States as soon as possible;

4. Families with global asset allocation or career expansion plans.


Brand party + American hosting company

About the brand

Yaming Tiandi Group is famousInternational restaurant chain listed group.

After more than 20 years of development, it has established a number of well-known brands, such as "Chageli" for high-end experience, "Happy Lemon" for mid-end positioning, "Drink" for affordable routes, and Taiwanese casual tea restaurant "The Fairy Trail" Lin" and "ALMA Spanish Restaurant" listed in the Michelin recommended guide.

The group has accumulated rich experience in product marketing, research and development, procurement and management, and provides the strongest post-support for its brand stores.

At the same time, Yaming Group is constantly pursuing innovation, and with an international vision and business strategy, it will hope to build the best platform for Chinese tea to join.

About U.S. Custody Company

Imagine Culinary Concept

United States Happy Lemon designated cooperationImmigration Project Operation Management Company, And provide a full range of operational support.

ICC has created a sustainable and innovative daily operation system for catering services, and continuously optimizes the operation management mechanism through business practice analysis, discovery and solution of problems, and innovative maintenance.

The catering service concept is favored by many gourmets and entrepreneurs with cultural heritage.And implemented a groundbreaking management model, business scope from restaurants, chain bars, lounges, social venues, and other platform management related to the catering service industry.

ICC management team members have more than 30 years of experience in hotel and catering industry management, and have participated in more than XNUMX successful start-ups and projects under construction. Their management and construction projects have been awarded honorary awards by authoritative social media such as the New York Times.

Fast and no schedule!!!

We are definitely your best helper in the United States,

To start a high-quality life for the family,

Open the door to first-class education for children!

To learn more about this project,

Welcome to scan the QR code to contact the small customer service👇

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