It’s so over the top! Americans have to pay to watch this boss’s sweet pet drama~

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Facts have proven that Sweet Pet Shuangwen has a market not only in China, but also in overseas markets.

A recent short drama app——Reelshort beat Tik Tok and once topped the US iOS entertainment list.

Open this app and you will magically discover,Just one glance, and this damn familiarity hits you..

"The Double Life of My Billionaire Husband", "Goodbye, My CEO", "Bad Husband, Wake Up Soon", "I'm Married, It's Not You"...

(Unofficial literal translation)

Reelshort official website interface

It's no exaggeration, the content of Ba Zong inside seriously exceeds the standard.

Popular topics include but are not limited toRich family, revenge, werewolf, vampire, contract marriage...

Just open one of the short plays above, and the style is like this:

Cinderella suffered humiliation when her biological father reorganized the family. The biological father had no say in the family, and the stepmother led her daughter to run rampant.

"Isn't this my useless sister? Why is she begging for money like a beggar?"

Screenshot from the short play "The Double life of My Billionaire Husband"

"We can give you money as long as you marry Sebastian for me."

In order to protect herself, Cinderella had no choice but to agree...

In just 1-2 minutes, there is a huge amount of information.The ups and downs of the plot scratch people's itch.

Once users are on the road, things will get easier later on.

How about predicting the future?Spend money to unlock later plots.

It is such a simple and crude gameplay that has conquered a large number of overseas female users and become a newthe InternetGold cutting tool.

After trying it out, useSingle episode 0.6, 0.7美元s priceFor paying units.

To watch the entire show, you usually have to pay more than $10.For longer episodes, you generally have to pay between $25-$50.

In addition, users can also watch dramas by recharging and watching advertisements.

This payment method has a higher unit price than Netflix’s unlimited monthly subscription.

But when you’re addicted to CP, who cares about the XNUMX cents?It’s the same as advance on-demand.

Reelshort official interface

After the user is settled,Reel Short Since June this year, we have increased our efforts in launching and operating.Revenue increased significantly month-on-month.

According to third-party data, ReelShort in SeptemberIOS and GooglePlay channels received a total of$ 482.7 millionmonthly income,The number of downloads in October reached 10 million, with a turnover of approximately$ 350 million.

These short dramas are mainly shot and produced by overseas Chinese teams. The cost of a 70-90 episode short drama is US$13-15.

At this time, voices in the market are already rising one after another."Jinjiang ancient early writings", "China has finally begun to export culture", "Chinese overlord's short drama harvests Europe and the United States"...

Although the hegemonic culture is not unique to China,The popularity of ReelShort, including the operation behind it, is really related to the National People's Congress of China.

Reelshort’s parent company, Chinese Online, has been booming in the A-share market, with gains exceeding 100% since this month.

This product is manufactured by Chinese Online’s overseas subsidiaryMaple Leaf Interactive(Crazy Maple Studio) Launching in August 2022.

The core of Sweet Pet Boss is a refreshing novel, featuring handsome foreign men and beautiful women with exquisite faces, plus authentic foreign languages.

This is how a short drama female channel targeting overseas aesthetics came into being..

Since then, continuous targeted mass production content output has become Reelshort's path to survival.

Reelshort official website recommendation

its parent companyChinese online.It comes with a large number of Internet IPs.It was listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 2015, 1.

It is reported that as early as Before the launch of Reelshort, Chinese Online had already deployed overseasOnline APP Chapters.

At the same time, itsThe large AI model "Chinese Xiaoyao" can generate scripts or optimize scripts,Accelerating content production at scale.

a steady streamCan be transformed into a short playThe means of production have been given Reelshort Basically achieved self-sufficiency.

Now that the script is there, all that’s left is content transformation.

ReelShort TikTok content views

Due to the format of short plays, shooting time is often short and tasks are heavy, and locations cannot be changed frequently.A small-scale live studio and a team of about 15-20 people are the most preferred.

The cost is low and the underlying logic of making money is,Small profits but quick turnover.

Take the local Chinese production company in Los Angeles as an example. If you want to make money by undertaking this kind of short drama, you must shoot two or more at the same time.

Compared with film production with exquisite narrative, this kind of assembly line production focuses on European and American films.sinking market.

The popularity of Tik Tok and Temu overseas has verified the space for sinking markets in Europe and the United States. Will short dramas be a new blue ocean market?

There is still a lot of room for imagination here.

What is certain is that Chinese Online has successfully found a way to make a fortune using content..

The last time The Overbearing President attracted such a large amount of attention was in the brainless absurd drama "The Gentlemen of East XNUMXth District".

Zhang Han stopped updating Weibo after this drama.

It is rare for a TV series to be criticized so harshly in the mud for so many years.

Lines from the gentlemen of East Eighth District

Its classic lines such as:

“You are a very special woman, strong on the outside but soft on the inside, just like the woman in Jane Austen’s novels or Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.

In fact, you are all the same, just a woman. "

It can be said that "The Gentlemen of East XNUMXth District" fully demonstrates the greasiness, vulgarity and common depravity of some men in the real world from a male perspective.

The remaining 2.1 points are the encouragement given by netizens for "the courage to put filthy dregs on the table."

Lines from the gentlemen of East Eighth District

Because excessive production often attracts criticism, coupled with the rise of domestic high-quality dramas, domestic dramas that have followed a similar route in recent years have not been accepted by domestic audiences.

But in overseas culture, there is actually no shortage of dramas about "the domineering president falling in love with me".

Needless to say, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, Europe and the United States also have considerable volume.It's just that these types of works usually stay outside of mainstream film and television dramas, with few opportunities to appear.

The Mary Sue-style drama "Love at First Sight", which once collapsed in China, became popular overseas, which is also a good example..

Except for the male protagonist who is engaged in career, all the others are love-minded.Unfortunately, a large number of overseas female users fall for this trick.

Introduced to Korea, this drama is called "Now, I'm in Love with the Chief", the Thai version is called "Capture My Love with the Heart of the Boss", the Vietnamese version is called "My Lovely Wife, You Can't Escape"...

Now, here comes the familiar recipe.

Thai version of "Love at First Sight"

Why do Shuangwen's routines fail so many times and are even called "spiritual opium"?

There is a rationale for publishing online content overseas.Shuangwen provides a reasonable harbor for spiritual escape in a form that is divorced from reality..

On the other hand, the sharp increase in homogeneous content can alsoBring new market opportunities and produce better spiritual food that is in line with Chinese tastes.

The little mermaid's dream is as fragile as bubbles.

The story of Cinderella only exists in fairy tales.

These are the great spiritual nutrients we have seen since childhood,It's poison, it's also a palliative.

Since in real life, I have suffered enough of the hardships of life and been Cinderella.

Maybe it would be nice to escape for a short while and be a Princess and the Pea in your dreams.



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