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Do you think Cantonese restaurants are the same? No, no.

There are some classics that you may not know.

Hello, everyone! Pampan I reappeared after a long time!

Many people at Maybe didn't even know I was sei.

Well ~ I am the worst fairy in the legendary editorial department who burned melon (Mandarin). No way, after all, I was born in Guangdong and ate authentic Cantonese food for more than XNUMX years. My tongue has long been flattened by a variety of old fire soups, open-roasted meats, steamed river fresh, water snakes and double-skinned milk. The matter of the child's voice, is it true that the real control cannot send the goose?

Although I come from Fengcheng, "food in Guangzhou, cook out of Fengcheng", but the level of cooking skills is Chu Ding level. In addition, for the time being, I did not find the delicious Cantonese restaurant in my mind. In order to satisfy myself and catch the man's stomach, I disappeared for more than half a month to learn cooking.

Then, one afternoon, I received a sympathy from Emma: "We found a classic Cantonese restaurant, and took you to the teacher secretly on the weekend!" I was so excited when I was studying how to steam chicken that I was so excited Dedicated to Emma. (What kind of look? I said it was the first time I participated in a squad appointment!)


Just leave ~

Tang's Garden

On the day of the appointment, I got a bit late, and at first glance I saw a big red wall with the word "囍", and there were fans at Dangdang who sat at four tables for dinner. There was a kind of party to go to the wedding party. That sense of sight.

It's not too late.



[You have to drink tea and sigh for two cups]

Before dinner, first come a wave of dim sum, accompanied by a mouthful of strong tea, and the appetite is wide open.


01 Shrimp Dumpling + Siu Mai

It is said that shrimp dumplings and siu mai are the two kings of the four kings of Cantonese dim sum (the other two kings are barbecued pork buns and egg tarts). From morning to day, I have to order every morning tea I drink. But it's very delicate to make it delicious.

Take shrimp dumplings as an example. An authentic and perfect prawn dumpling is carefully selected from the ingredients, seasoning, folding and steaming. Use fresh and excellent shrimp (the best for shrimp), fatty pork and winter bamboo shoots as the stuffing. Wrap it with thin and elastic teeth dumplings, use the method of left push and right press to fold out 13 layers of wrinkles, and steam them in bamboo cage , The finished skin is thin and delicious, savory and juicy, and refreshing. Among them, the emphasis on shrimp dumplingsWrinkles. (Generally 9% to 12% are superior)

Pictures from the web

Because the more layers of wrinkles, the more room for shrimp to expand and absorb the gravy, while making the dumpling skin more mouthfeel. At that time, Hong Kong ’s award-winning shrimp dumpling king13% off, called spider belly.

Pictures from the web

Knowledgeable friends know that Chicago's dim sum mostly picks up from the same supplier, and the quality of shrimp dumplings is similar. If you want to stand out, you can only score in the steaming session. An old dim sum chef from Shunde once told me that whether it ’s shrimp dumplings or siu mai, you have to useBamboo steamedBecause bamboo can absorb excess water vapor, it can keep the snacks dry during the heating process.

Pictures from the web

And it is best to eat it steamed. For convenience, many tea houses have steamed and stacked the dim sum early, so that the hot air between them will soften the skin of the dim sum, or cool and harden the skin Affects the taste.

Under the scale of shrimp dumplings, I have expectations of the garden restaurant. First, the shrimp dumplings were steamed just right. Whole cage shrimp dumplingsDry and plump, The chopsticks are not sticky at the bottom, and bite down can feel the refreshing shrimp. It would be even better if the dumplings could be thinner! In addition, the siu mai is full of grains, and there is no excessive fat.Solid teethIt's just as good.


02 Durian Crisp

I have to say that those who order a la carte have a lot of sense. They chose durian crisp between char-grilled crisp and durian crisp. Crispy and crispy crust with soft durian fillingFragrant and crispy, Durian lovers can hardly refuse. Many fans are shouting that durian filling is not enough. How about double it?


03 Salted pancakes

After mixing in Guangdong for so long, I have eaten more salty pancakes than dumplings, but takecinnamonSuper sweet salty pancakes, I really saw it for the first time. After intense discussions with two other fellow Guangdong fellows at the same table, we all agreed that this salty pancakeNot authentic.

According to legend, the salted pancake was created by Guangzhou Dechang Tea House in 1938. The founder, Master Tan, chatted with a blind prince who sells South milk (also known as red bean curd) meat one day, and talked about frying peanuts with South milk. Knead the dough into the shape of a scented pan and fry. Such salty pancakes have a crispy rosin and emit a burst ofSouth milkSpecial fragrance,With raw congeeIt is a must.


[Eight dishes and one soup, served with white rice]


01 Cordyceps flower stewed duck soup

Cordyceps flower duck soup is one of the classic Guangdong old fire soup. Water duck is a well-known nourishing ingredient in Guangdong area. It has the effects of warming and nourishing qi, nourishing liver and kidney. Cordyceps flowers can also improve immunity, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging.Nourish the lungsCanBeauty.

This stew is full of ingredients.Tasty fragranceIt must have been stewed for no less than two hours. Look, our girls at the table drank bowl after bowl.

Well, when it comes to soup, I don't hide it. I have such a small snack. The basic method is that the meat should be simmered in water before use. The ratio of water to the finished soup is about 1.5: 1. After the water has boiled off all the soup, first boil it again with a high fire. Season with fire and salt, and you're done. Is not it simple? Of course, stewing soup is another matter, let's talk about it next time ~


02 Year of the Rooster

There is a saying circulating in our Guangdong province:Cold mixApproach, Cantonese homophonic fishing,Meaning everything goes well.

Add this shredded chicken in the gardenmustardImproved flavor, compared with traditional ginger and onion flavorRefreshing. Visited several fans, everyone said that they like this mustard-flavored shredded chicken, which is very suitable for summer!


03 Garden Five Duck

I believe that everyone who has watched "Tip of Tongue 2" knows that Wuwei duck is a home cooking in Guangdong.Almost everyone in the household will do it. Fry the whole duck until the skin is golden, then add raw soy, sugar, wine, vinegar and water.Five materials, Can be simmered, so calledFive flavor duck. This recipe is simple but has the warmth of home.

The five-duck ducks from the garden are darker and more lustrous than their grandmother's hometown.The sauce is thicker. The perfect fusion of five kinds of seasonings, which suppresses the fishy smell of duck meat wellFresh and tender meat, Very fragrant, fragrant teeth and cheeks.


04 Typhoon Shelter

In fact, the prototype of the typhoon shelter Ssangyong is derived from Hong Kong's famous dish-fried crab in the shelter. The so-called typhoon shelter originally meant a harbor where Hong Kong fishermen parked fishing boats to avoid typhoons. The most famous is Causeway Bay. The fishermen who live on the boat go out to catch seafood in the daytime. At night, they set up a water restaurant in the typhoon pond.

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Spicy, where is the essence of fried crab in typhoon shelter? Its essence is the unique flavor of golden garlic (fried garlic). According to the introduction of the first ancestor of fried crabs in the authentic typhoon shelter, Xi Ji, the authentic method is to first chop the crabs, wrap the powder and remove the oil, then add fried garlic, tempeh, chili and other spices together and stir fry. Chives, you're done.

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Successful typhoon crabs should beDon't see its crab, smell its fragrance firstThe crab shell is full of strong garlic and spicy flavor, while the crab meat is kept fresh and sweet. The condiments will be eaten with the meat, which will make you endless.

The use of lobsters instead of crabs in the garden makes people more excited. But unfortunately, from the point of view of this dish, it seemsLess authentic, I can hardly see the necessary condiments of the typhoon shelter (bread bran, fried garlic and tempeh, etc.), and there is no pungent aroma when serving, only a little green pepper is mixed between the lobster, but insteadMore like ordinary chili fried crab.

Quality of lobster meat is acceptable, If it is made into ginger and spring onion Ssangyong Gai noodles directly, it should be more delicious.


05 Rich Gold Prawn Ball

This golden shrimp ball is more popular than the last one. The flour is fried crispy,The salty egg yolk and shrimp flavor complement each otherI am in love. But I gave it a bite (why to feed it, because she has no time to take photos with both hands), she frowned and said that she did not like it. Well, it seems that taste is really different from person to person.


06 Fried Dragon Fish

When I saw this friedVery dry and crispyLongli fish, I used to eat steamed fish, I really only tasted it (the appearance is really not attractive) Fortunately, the fish caught in this mouth is quite tender and not as dry as in fantasy. Those who love fried food should eat very well.

But Gangzhen,It ’s better to eat fish, Can preserve the freshness and authenticity of fish meat to the greatest extent. From my experience, I would recommend everyone to try steaming next timeDolly, Blind Cay or BleuThese three kinds of fish belong to the species of spiny and less meat, and more importantly, they can be eaten live in the United States!

ps believe me, if you eat steamed fish, you must eat live fish, otherwise you will regret it.


07 Mei Chow Meat Claypot

When I saw Mei Cai Koi, my first reaction was to think of my grandpa, because he loves to eat fried chicken. At least one plate of Koi will appear on the table at home every month. Fear.

Actually.very famousGuangdong Hakka cuisine has had an unshakable position on the banquet menu for a long time.

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The process of making this dish is still a little complicated: the first step is to cook the skinny skinny pork belly with water, lift it up and drain it, and take a small toothpick in a tolerant posture and place it on the skin Poke innumerably small holes, then pour the old soy on the "wound" of pork belly; in the second step, fry the skin with medium and small fire, then cut evenly into 1cm thick pieces of meat, and pour the pre-adjusted sauce Pickled

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The third step is to fry the dried plums, add ginger, spring onion, star anise and sauce, stir fry, spread on pork belly and put in steamer for about two hours; the fourth step, steam the pork belly Invert it to another plate, and finally simmer the extra sauce in the steaming bowl and pour it on the meat. Finally, a bowlThe meat is rotten, savory, sweet and fatty, but not greasyThe meat of mei scallions is baked!

I have to say that the plum sauce in the garden is very authentic, and the pork belly is selected.Fat and moderateCan eat friedTiger skin textureAnd the meat is rottenEnchanting, The only disadvantage is the meatCut a bit thick, Tired of eating.



Stir-fried beef with ginger, onion and shiitakeFried bean sprouts with garlic, The rules are satisfactory, the level belongs to normal play.



[Featured staple food, rice and noodles can be chosen by you]


01 Garden characteristics fried rice noodles

The chef's technique for frying rice noodles is very good. The fried rice noodles are not oily and not soft. They taste betterDry, Specially added fresh squid shreds, it's really special!



02 Claypot Claypot

This pot of claypot riceOverweightYes, not only is there a lot of rice, but it is also covered with sausages and ducks, conscience restaurant! However, I used to eat the Shunde Cattle Claypot Rice in "Tip of Tongue 2". My evaluation of this bowl of claypot rice can only be "but not lost".

There are three major indicators for judging the success of a bowl of waxy claypot rice:Rice, bacon and sauces. First of all, rice is the protagonist. It should be clear-cut, not too dry or soft, and more importantly, have a crispy and crispy rice cracker! Secondly, the waxy ingredients need to be good enough to match this pot of rice. With sausages as chestnuts, I personally think that the Cantonese sausages, which are the best to eat, are crispy and have a ground meat fat ratio of about 7: 3. They are best chopped by hand.

In addition, the white wine must be added in high numbers, so that the sausages can have a mellow wine taste. The sauce is the last. Most of the Cantonese-style claypot sauces are sweet, but they must be juicy enough to be used for bibimbap and will be more moist and at the same time enhance the flavor.

I do n’t know if it ’s the casserole or the bibimbap was too early after it came out, which caused this pot of claypot riceDoesn't have my favorite rice crackerAnd the sauce is a little bit less,PartialAs for the waxy part, there is no special highlight.


[After-meal dessert, satisfy your two wishes at once]


01 Tofu flower with sesame paste

The meal ate from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock, and Pan Pan was too full to walk. But when it comes to dessert, I still have a second stomach! This dessert is a bit special,Tofu flower with sesame paste, Satisfy two wishes at once, delicious! This ending is quite happy hahaha.


Final Thoughts

[Eat and drink, come and take a look at this store]

Cantonese restaurants in Chicago say more or less, but less like gardensOld-style classic routeYes, it is a special existence. During the appointment, I found that the business was hot in the shop, and it was interesting that most of the diners were "aged" people. It's like some old tea houses in Guangzhou's Lao Xiguan. They are all in the neighborhood business. One old or three or five old friends, open a pot of tea, call two or three baskets of dim sum, and then come for four or five dishes. It ’s not just taste, it ’s moreHuman touchAnd feelings.

Writing here, the rest is a little bit. The garden restaurant's location is really inconvenient for the people. Even if it is not in Chinatown, the signboard is very proudly not facing the main road, which caused the car to go around too fast and beautifully on the day of the meal to find the store.

And the decoration here really gives people a very old-fashioned feeling. I ca n’t think of it until I opened it for two years. Well, I have personality!

Anyway, after my serious field inspection, I found that there is a Hong Kong Super League opposite the restaurant. If you have a routine SundayTea + grocery shopping trip, And want to get around the noise of the old Chinatown, this is really a good choice.

Pan Pan, I decided, the next time I feel homesick, I will definitely come here to drink tea to relieve the nostalgia.

Finally, I would like to thank the fans who came to the meeting and witnessed my first time (meeting) this time, looking forward to the next meeting (well, this is really not a wedding banquet...).


Restaurant|Tang's Garden Restaurant

Address | 1826 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60616

Phone | (312) 226-1826

Per person | $ 20

Parking | Parking + Street of two streets nearby

Words | Pan Pan

Photos | Emma

Editing | Pan Pan

Special thanks | about a fan who can bombard you 800 times on WeChat and ask you if it ’s good or not

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