Selling crazy! A "fake manufacturer" in Toronto was exposed: A large number of Hermes, LV...

"What?! The team has also becomeUnscrupulousHeadline party? "

No, we just want to dedicate our treasure shop to everyone.

🌟See the end of the article【welfare】Oh!????

As a squad of severely sweet patients + bag collectors, Caroline has always been a big fan of 3PM Delights.

Soft fu fu towel rollTo 'The heart is too soft' Basque cake, 3PM Delights has never let Caroline down.

This time 3PM Delights is coming again with a surprise!Heavy launchCustom cake series: Soft and cute portrait customization, which can be used to cure all diseases in a messy way. Only you can't think of it. No cake shape that 3PM Delights can't make!

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(The most amazing fondant cake the team has ever seen!

From the hands of 3PM Delights chef)


What's a gift for girlfriend's birthday

What gift to give to girlfriends has always been the biggest headache for straight men.

Everyone says'Cure all diseases', Some people say, “To catch a girlfriend’s heart, you must firstgrab her stomach', then why not combine the bag with the food and give her a favoriteUnique customized cakeWhat?

3PM Delights’ fondant technology is skilled and craftsmanship, whether it isLV hard case,still isHermes Himalaya Birkin, Can do it as lifelike, as real.

Whether it’s birthdays or holidays, a "platinum bag" is offered,If you don’t stand in C position, who stands in C position?

Fondant cakes are often criticized as'good or not delicious'. 3PM Delights has made fondant cakes through years of research and development and constantly adjusting the formula.Sweetness just right, Exclusive creamLight taste, rich milk flavor.

Inside thereFour flavors of vanilla, lemon, chocolate and red velvet, Good-looking and delicious, grabbing the girlfriend's stomach and her heart.

Caroline once encountered such a difficult problem.Boyfriend birthday,miss youGive a piece of cake to his birthday Eating cake, but the male vote refused, claiming that he did not have a cold with desserts.

At this time, 3PM Delights quietly gave an excellent plan: a Rolex fondant cake, lifelike shape, so that the male ticket has the joy of receiving a Rolex, and also appreciate the sweetness of the cake.

(A pair of limited Jordans, or a bundle of money directly, are not bad)

In addition to the theme cake,3PM Delights also accept portrait customization.All you need is a photo, whether it is a cartoon image or realism, it can be realized for you one by one!


Who is not a child in his heart?

3PM Delights' custom cake adoptionNatural animal cream.No additives, Both adults and children can eat with confidence.

Go karts, Iron Man, soft cute animals, customize a fondant cake exclusively for children, and give them a big surprise.

After all, nothing can compare to a child's happy smile.


As the saying goes, who is not a child in his heart?As long as you are bold, Children's Day every day.

When work and study are under pressure, it is better to customize a fondant cake full of childishness, which is sweet and full of childhood memories.


Fresh cream

If you like cold wind or light taste, it is better to try 3PM DelightsFresh Cream Chiffon Cake.

The whipped cream belongs to herSignature Secret Recipe, The entrance is as light as a mouthful of clouds, and there is a thick milk aroma.Served with a moist, instant Chiffon cake, the whole is refreshing and not greasy, and the aroma is rich.

Although it is not as changeable as the fondant cake, it still looks so good that people can't bear it.From the sweet strawberry snowman,

To the dreamy ins style mermaid cake,

There are various shapes waiting for you to discover!Whether it's a cold, minimalist style or a gorgeous online celebrity style, 3PM Delights can make your dream come true!


Welfare time is up!

3PM Delights brings youSurprise benefits!

Just leave a comment under this article,

Tell us your dream cake shape,

The top three lucky geese with the most likes

You can receive surprises from 3PM Delights~

First place🏆

Worth $119 + tax

Chocolate Rose Flower Mousse Cake!

Beautiful romantic appearance,

Served with a chocolate mousse with a delicate taste and ganache,

Who doesn't love such a fairy cake?

Second place🥈

50% off all customized cakes!

It’s time to surprise your loved one,

Give yourself a reward.

Third place🥉

Send a 6 inchBasque Heart Too Soft Cheesecake!

The edge taste is solid and the sesame fragrant is rich;

The heart is slightly flowing, soft and light.

Team evaluations in the past👇

exposure!The “ugliest” dessert in Docun is here, all 7 flavors are bursting...

⚠️: Prizes need to be redeemed before 2020.12.01~

Scan the code to add a small customer service to eat cake 👇

North York/Downtown/Scarbrough/Markham will be delivered every Saturday

Looking at full praise, and exquisite cakes,

Think of the buttery aroma that you can smell when you walk into 3PM Delights.

Stop talking, I'm leaving a message!

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🏠Store Name | 3PM Delights

📍Address | 8 Glen Watford Dr unit19, 

Scarborough, ON M1S 2C1

(They don’t have dine-in, they only serve takeout.

Friends can go to the above address to buy directly or pick up by themselves)

⏱Opening Hours | Mon Closed

Tue-Sun 11:00-19:30

☎Phone | 416-901-8865

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