Cantonese Seafood in Chicago | Those who can climb and those who can’t climb, how to eat them best?

Cantonese Seafood in Chicago | Those who can climb and those who can’t climb, how to eat them best?

Hi everyone, the summer in Chicago is slowly approaching. It's time for a group of people who can eat together, drink wine, and enjoy big seafood!

In fact, there are more choices for rubbing seafood (especially the Cantonese cooking method) than for making skewers. After all, the ingredients are abundant and there are many cooking methods.From fish, shrimp, crab, abalone, lobster and scallop scallops, to steamed boiled garlic, stir-fried in oil in the typhoon shelter, You can mix and match at will, a table of Cantonese seafood that does not emphasize the same kind of dishes, will fill the table in minutes.

A major feature of Cantonese cuisine is its emphasis on quality and taste.The taste is relatively light, and strive to seek freshness in the clear and beauty in the light,This feature is particularly reflected in seafood cooking.If it’s spicy, any friends will ask, what kind of ingredients and what kind of recipes are it?CantoneseWhat about the delicious and beautiful combination? !

Today, the team will take this subject and pick up thoseSeafood that "can climb" and "cannot climb", The practice of Cantonese cuisine.

Can't climb: shellfish

Seafood can be divided into 3 main categories,Fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. Let's not talk about fish in this review, after all, it's better to eat shellfish in summer!

Shellfish in seafood, as the name suggests, are collectiveWearing shellsThis category covers: cockles (one beep for han), clams (one beep for cheng), oysters, clams (three beeps for xian), and mussels. (I will not popularize specific classifications here)

Everyone can name three or four kinds of common shellfish, such as scallops, abalone, clams...Oh, looking at it, shellfish are allA good partner for drinking!

Oyster: black garlic; steamed

The most common way to eat oysters is to eat raw oysters that have gathered all the flavors of the sea. After washing, squeeze a little lemon juice. It seems that it does not take much effort to make it perfect.

weThe northern oysters of Greater China are the most plump time in the mid-winter season, And because the sea is relatively clean in winter, the "starter" of the restaurant in Dalian is "first a dozen oysters."

The way Cantonese people cook oysters is different. No Cantonese restaurant can do without "Oyster sauce", also known as "dried oysters", is a dried product made of oyster (also called oyster) meat. It is definitely a dish that Cantonese people are proud of.

Braised Pork and Oyster Sauce

The special cooking method of "steaming" allows the oysters to retain the maximum umami value while maintaining a tender and elastic taste, and can also fully absorb the acquired soup. Compared with "roasting", I still prefer "steamed" oysters.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Black garlic steamed oystersIt is a Cantonese dish that integrates the essence of ingredients.Soft and smoothThe oysters are paired with slightly sweet black garlic. Every bite can feel the delicious juice flowing from the oysters into my mouth. This savory flavor will only be known after you taste it.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Black garlic, Is made from fresh raw garlic, fermented in a fermentation box for 60 to 90 days with the skin, while retaining the original ingredients of raw garlic, it also contains more trace elements.Taste sweet and sour, almost no garlicSuch ingredients maximize the umami taste of oysters.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Don't say anything, swallow one at a time, happy like a fairy. (If you want to eat, please call in advance to ask if there is any black garlic in the restaurant on the day)

Scallops/clams: garlic vermicelli; steamed

Whether it is Cantonese cuisine or not, when cooking seafood and shellfish, they must be cooked at high temperature and thoroughly cooked to prevent residual parasites. The recommended cooking methods include steaming, boiling, and frying.

Deep-frying will greatly lose the original flavor of the ingredients, and the cooked shellfish will lose nutrients in the boiling water, so"Steaming" is indeed the best way to cook shellfish.

Dishes from Jinniuyuan Restaurant

Steamed Scallops with Garlic VermicelliEveryone is very familiar with theOne piece of scallopSuper big, bright oil, It looks pretty.

Dishes from Jinniuyuan Restaurant

Not only is it good-looking, but of course it is delicious, the special sauce makesLive big clamsThe meat is delicious, sliced ​​shell meatFirm and fresh, Set against each other with smooth fans,Add garlic and coriander to relieve greasy and refreshing, Many friends at the scene expressed that they gave this dish an A.

After talking about scallops, let’s talk about the same recipe and the same deliciousclams.Chaoshan people can be said to be experts in eating clams. They can be fried or in soup, fried or pickled, and there are countless varieties. Dehulled clams can be stir-fried with green onions, or fried into clams with clam powder, which can make a delicious dish.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Steamed Clams with Garlic Vermicelli, Is a classic Cantonese cuisine, does not lose the Chaoshan practice, long clams with high protein and low fat, paired with mung bean vermicelli with clearing heat and detoxification, it is very suitable for summer.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Every clam in the restaurant is very fresh and full. Remove the clams from the shell, add a pinch of vermicelli, and add a little garlic and coriander. The taste is very fresh. The meat of the clams is very tender. The method makes people have endless aftertastes after eating.

Big clam: oil bubble

You soak, one of the most commonly used specialties of Cantonese cuisine, is to pull the main ingredients until they are cooked, remove the oil, and then add the ingredients, praise wine (also known as splashing wine, Guangzhou local dietary language), and finally transfer into a bowl of glutinous rice.

The most important thing in cooking is the use of heat and oil temperature, with proper color and seasoning. The most beautiful kimchi color is:There is gorgon but not gorgon, The color is fresh and smooth, does not diarrhea oil, does not diarrhea gorgon. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of skill to do it.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Big ClamIt is to quickly heat up the clam meat with hot water, and add coriander and other ingredients,最后Pour hot oil on the ingredients. This approach not only makes big clams look bright in color and full of flesh, but its fragrance is also super attractive.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

OneBigger than palmThe round clam shell is filled with sliced ​​clam meat, of course it’s indispensableSoy sauce, coriander, shallots, green peppersMake a match.The taste is so fresh that the eyebrows are about to fall off!

Climbing: Crustaceans

If shellfish are all "shell-bearing" small animals, then the crustaceans in seafood are all "Wearing armor"The guy, and definitelyThere is a pair of big pliersThat's right, such as lobster, crab, etc.

I have to say that this category is the finale player who holds up a table of hard seafood dishes.

Lobster: ginger onion; stir fry

Those living in sea water are called lobsters, those living in fresh water are called crayfish. Why do Cantonese people like lobster because it’s near the water,South China Sea LobsterAt your fingertips (although the price is not cheap).

The lobster tail is slightly curled up is the only criterion for judging whether it is alive. If the tail is straight, the meat quality will be greatly reduced after cooking.

It is not uncommon in Cantonese cuisine to use live lobster sliced ​​and eaten raw, similar to "sashimi". Cantonese seafood also has "Three lobsters"It means eating raw and cooked, using lobster heads and shells to make porridge.

Dishes from Jinniuyuan Restaurant

Stir-fried Lobster with Ginger and ScallionIt is a traditional Guangdong dish. Wash the lobster and cut into pieces, shred the ginger, cut the green onions, and add eggs and sweet potato powder to make a paste. Spread the diced lobster with a thin layer of paste, put it in a frying pan, and fry it until red and remove it. Stir fragrant ginger and spring onions, return the fried lobster to the pan, and season out.

Dishes from Jinniuyuan Restaurant

The onion ginger lobster in this restaurant does not allow the seasoning to cover up the taste of the ingredients. After all, seafood must be fresh.The spiciness of ginger can bring out the sweetness of lobster, and the aroma of green onions can enhance the level of shrimp taste, The hot stir-frying method can keep the lobster's elastic teeth taste to the maximum.

Soft Shell Crab: Typhoon Shelter

The great life of a crab will go through 13 times of shelling. Each time it metamorphoses and grows up, it is a new beginning.Remove gills, food sacs and internal organs, So there is no trace of dirt all over the body.The soft shell crab is a short-lived form shortly after the crab shell.

They are very rare in nature, because the new shells of crabs will gradually harden after being exposed to water several hours after they are shed. Soft-shelled crabs can only be soft and limp in just a few hours after changing their shells. They are caught at this time.The whole body can be used as food, the meat is super delicate. It appears on the dinner table in the form of deep-frying.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Fried Soft Shell Crab in Typhoon ShelterAmong the recipes of the Cantonese restaurant is a dish that is too common. Its essence is the unique flavor of garlic, and its special feature lies in itsSweet and scorched, crispy but not tangy, The garlic aroma is combined with the spicy and soy flavor to achieve a taste balance. Cooked with soft shell crabs, the flavor is harmonious and delicious.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

The store is allFresh soft shell crab(After this season, there will be no fresh food!) In addition, it is not easy to breed soft shell crabs, so the price of this dish is a bit expensive, but it is still worth it.After all thisCrispy, crispy, fresh and tenderThe taste is great! Every piece of crab meat isCrispy outside and tender inside, From the side dish shallots to the fried crab shells can be eaten together.

Dishes from Juyiju Restaurant

Cantonese cuisine is extensive and profound

Cantonese seafood alone can last a long time

We todayOnly the tip of the iceberg

In addition to the dishes and practices we mentioned

and alsoBoiled shrimp, grilled sea cucumber, crab yellow shark fin

Braised big skirt fin, unicorn perchEtc., etc

Oh, the saliva is going to drain again

Chicago is not as good as domestic

But there are also many Cantonese restaurants

I often goKoufu Court,Gathering, Jinniu Court

There are Fuxing and CaidiexuanWait for seafood

It’s very satisfying to eat seafood with my friends

Which Cantonese food do you like best to eat seafood

Vote and let us know~

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