Pearl milk tea cuisine dominates the world?! Pearl milk tea rice, pearl beer, pearl coffee...

Pearl milk tea cuisine dominates the world?! Pearl milk tea rice, pearl beer, pearl coffee...

"Pearl milk tea rice"The fire was silent.

Although it seems dark,

But bloggers who have triedGivesVery high praise...

"RiceSucked upThe sweetness of pearl milk tea,

The boiled pearls are still full of Q bombs"

This milk tea girl seems to have smelled it

After the milk tea is heated at high temperatureFragrant everywherethe taste of.

And the pearl milk tea rice is redbehind.

It's not based on milk teamy country's contemporary foul-smelling young people,

But our neighbors--

Controlled by pearl milk teaNeon (nai) rainbow (cha) country?

@ 橘子 娱乐

I don't know when to start,

A share"Tapioca boom"Swept across Japan,

It’s not just the streets of TokyoNearly 400 milk tea shops.

streetMan with a cup;


Even the beginning of Japanese love

"Hey, drink milk tea together tonight?"

@ 橘子 娱乐

Japanese people controlled by milk tea,

Even envisionedNew Yearnamed

"Takara Pearl Milk Tea"'

Although it failed,

Milk tea parties with big brain holes simply put the New Year number

"Linghe" was disassembled into the hiragana of "Pearl Milk Tea".

Round it up,

The New Year number is approximately equal to "Pearl Milk Tea"~

This time, the team from history, culture, philosophy,

metaphysics,Eat and drinkAngle,

Let me show you how "Pearl Milk Tea" is step by step

Capture Japan, occupy the world,

becomeDessert Overlord, C drink.

The history of pearl milk tea in Japan

In fact, long before the "Pearl Milk Tea Year",

Pearl milk tea has been experienced in JapanThree waves.

It's a veritable nameOld Net Red.

The first wave is in1992(A series bigger than your age),

Popular at that time"Takara Pearl Milk Tea"Mainly refers to

One is similar to Simi,

useMade from tapiocaSmall balls.

Mix it in coconut milk and scoop it with a small spoon.

The translucent small balls of this Q bomb quickly became popular in Japan,

Became the "pearl milk tea"Senior.

The use of tapioca flour to make desserts has also become popular.

The second wave was in early 2000.

Japan opened the first store specializing in pearl drinks,

Add the pearls made from tapioca flour to the yogurt or fruit cup.

This drink quickly became popular among fashionistas,

But soon it was "high quality coffee fever" and muffins, matcha dessert

Stole the limelight.

The third wave was after 2010.

It is also called "pearl milk tea fever".

From the originator of Taiwan's milk tea "Spring Water Hall"

Opened the first store in Japan,

Taiwanese cuisine and milk tea are popular among the people;

Coupled with the popularity of low-cost airlines,

Japanese tourists flooded into Taiwan,

And attracted by the local "pearl milk tea",

Step by step became a captive of pearl milk tea ...

EvenJapanese GangsterEveryone opened a milk tea shop in Xiahai,

And said, "There is no better deal than opening a milk tea shop!"

There are even specialPearl Milk Tea Ambassador……

And milk teaMascot "Pearl Ball"……

Japanese scholars evenHomemade Chinese charactersTo represent "pearl milk tea":

In addition, there are people who study hard,

Researched it with a scientific perspective

"How to drink pearl milk tea correctly".

Pearl beer🍺?

The bubble tea has been blowing for ten years,

Recently in Malaysia, the chain

Even launchedPearl beer

Beer Boba Milkshake🍺

Butter beer🍺

🍓🍋 Strawberry Lime Beer🍺

🍉Watermelon beer🍺

I am convinced of these combinations,

Boba coffeeAlso appearedIn happy lemon,

Various cafes such as 7-11.

It seems that Boba’s occupation of the world is just around the corner!

Research Report on the Scientific Drinking Method of Pearl Milk Tea

In addition to the craze for pearl milk tea, the Japanese

Milk tea is also very strict.

In the variety show "A World I Don't Know",

A few "Honorary Doctor of Drinking Milk Tea"

Systematic research on several common milk teas on the market:

Pearl size and hardness.

And the ideal number of pearls of different sizes,

Summed up a setScientific System of "Drinking Milk Tea Dafa" :

For example, 10 small bites of pearl,

5 medium grains,

3 large grains ...

Remember to drink less ice when drinking small pearls.

You have to insert the habit all at once,

Avoid too much ice stuck pearls ...

In addition to the scientific system of drinking milk tea,

in order toPearl milk tea is always with you.

Neon people even launched a variety of

Pearl milk tea tricks to eat / look / usage.

Pearl milk tea pattern eat / look / usage

In addition to the recent explosionPearl milk tea rice"

Pearl Mapo Tofu ...

Limited to 15 servings per day with good results but also delayed supplyPearl milk tea cold noodles……

And the bubble milk tea hot dog ...

Pearl milk tea cup noodles ...

Pearl milk tea omelet ...

Oversized pearl straws for milk tea that make people feel satisfied ...

Soothing Pearl Sticker

Pearl milk tea earrings I endorse for milk tea

I do n’t know if Jay Chou should buy a pair for Kunling?

After all, you are my milk tea.

See here, you in front of the screen

Should I take out my mobile phone and order a cup of milk tea to take away?

(In North America, there is no takeaway milk tea, please hug yourself)

But as long as I drink fast enough,

Obesity can't catch up with me!

This article is sent by sponsored by the Institute of Drinking Milk Tea

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