New in the canteen: "Yi Yifen" Spicy Flammulina Mushrooms, Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil Sauce, Weilong Spicy Fish

New in the canteen: "Yi Yifen" Spicy Flammulina Mushrooms, Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil Sauce, Weilong Spicy Fish

"Iyen"Spicy Flammulina

You bamboo shootsIt's arrived,

And well receivedWeilong Xiaoyu.

Commissary ExclusiveJianghu hot and sour powder,

Weilong is spicy and spicy.

Yesterday we contacted courier companies such as UPS to learn that

Due to the increase in the number of courier services within the United States,

Causing a backlog of orders,

Delivery or delays,

I also hope everyone understands.

`` Iyen ''Spicy Flammulina 

As a brand of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai,

This spicy Flammulina is a good match.

But spicy, not heavy.

You can also eat the tenacity and crispness of Flammulina velutipes,

Open a few bags for a small drink while relaxing at home,

Don't gain weight and eat with confidence, stocking index No1.

"Yi Yi Fen" Oiled Bamboo Shoots 

Spring is here
This is the bitter bamboo shoot.
Don't blow or black, fast food snacksNATURE
No better than freshly cooked dishesHere comes the lively fragrance,
But bamboo shootsSweet taste
Oil tincture processThe degree of reduction is touching,
It ’s good to drink and eat.
It is also a must-have for delicious and not fat.

 🐟 Weilong small fish 🐟 

FleshyFirm and delicateSmall fish,

Marinated with high-quality vegetable oil spices,

Spicy and salty, full of taste.

independentVacuum packaging.

Maximize the spicy taste.

Open a bag at the chase at home,

Open a cold beer,

The house's life doesn't seem so difficult.

In addition to the above new products,

Commissary alsoInstant Ginseng Chicken Porridge / Soup.

Lochi.Buddha jumping off the wall.

Tea Flavored Candy.CheetosWait

Resistant to easy storage and frozen fast food.

????Not many in number????

Please scan the code and pay attention to the public number of the store

👇We will inform you as soon as it is new 第一


Health and tonic

Sea Battleship Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Maniker Whole Chicken into Nourishing Ginseng Chicken Soup

Maniker whole chicken into whole ginseng chicken soup

Maniker Healthy Ginseng Chicken Congee

Haitai Sambal Chicken Soup Bun

One sentence recommendation:
Buddha jumping off the wallContains chunksSea cucumber, abalone, hoof, fish belly,Thick Chunxiang.Full of collagenSamgyetangIntegerFatty whole chicken.Belly stuffed with glutinous rice and red dates, WithKorean ginseng.
Poke the picture below for more details👇

Easy fast food / meal replacement

Boxed Jianghu Hot and Sour Powder

(6 barrels per box)

One sentence recommendation :

Sweet potato powder smooth Q bomb,In addition to the dry skin such as soybean skin, soy beans, sour and spicy micro hemp is very enjoyable.(Stock quantity is limited,Each partner is limited to 3 boxes. )

Meat and seafood loin

Ming Xuan Zhi Powerful Crab

Pure Meat Lotion Gift Pack

(Various types of vacuum lock fresh / portable packaging)

One sentence recommendation :

This is a square matrix to improve the living standard of the house.

Come here to mentionHairy crabDuck neck duck wings duck head tongue tongue pig earsChicken Feet, Sour Beans, Minced MeatPhoenix Claw...Instant noodles became luxurious.

Poke the picture below for more details👇

(At present, due to the epidemic situation, due to security considerations, the company's staff is reduced, and the usps delivery status update is also slower than usual. There are too many uncontrollable factors, please understand.

Delivery timeliness: in the current special period, it is expected to be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed. The final receipt date is subject to the information of the postal company. Please inquire in time.If you have an urgent order, you can also email to consult the self-pay postage service.If there are any product quality problems caused during transportation, please contact customer

👇 Scan the QR code and wait for you to stock up????

Fire Relief Sweet Drink

Xiangpiao Mi Gua Tea

(Kumquat lemon / Thai lime)

One sentence recommendation:

Cool off the fire, fruity and colorful, all here.

👇 Scan the QR code and wait for you to stock up your food👇


Hot pot sauce with rice

Mingyang Handmade Full Hot Pot Bottom

(Spicy butter / Spicy butter)

One sentence recommendation:

Buy the butter base at home, and make the homemade hot and spicy vegetables.

Picture of credit to: 豆 果 美食 柠檬 小 梨

👇 Scan the QR code and wait for you to stock up your food👇


Snack, snacks, snack

Weilong small fish

Lai Yi Spicy Flammulina

Come to Yifen

Chido corn on the cob

(American turkey flavor / Japanese steak flavor)

Beijing Sanhe Daoxiang Village Beijing Eight Pieces

Good Marshmallow Tea Flavored Candy

(Oolong Tea/ Brown rice matcha sugar, etc.)

Weilong Spicy Halogen

CheetosIt is a good companion for fat house, with American turkey flavor and table steak flavor.

Good margin sugar, Each package of sugar represents a good luck, buy a home to put in a row, domineering.

Moisturizing clean skin care

 Bird's Nest Damascus Rose Handmade Soap 

 Innisfree Green Tea SeedsJinglu 

Do not neglect your skin while washing and ventilating your hands frequently. Hand Cleansing Soap RichRose ExtractAnd bird's nest essence, deep cleansinganti-oxidation,Sensitive muscle buddies can also use it with confidence;

Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,

👇 Scan the QR code and wait for you to stock up????

What is the demand for procurement in a special period,

Please also leave a message to tell the boss.

Little friends in the United States,

Take care of your body and eat every meal ❤️

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