New York fresh fruit and vegetable snacks are delivered to home, and the urgently needed disinfection supplies cat food and dog food are coming!

New York fresh fruit and vegetable snacks are delivered to home, and the urgently needed disinfection supplies cat food and dog food are coming!

Super convenient fresh food delivery,

Visit the supermarket without leaving home!

With the development of the epidemic, many supermarkets choose to suspend business, and it is even more like a war to make an appointment for distribution e-commerce.

It's been rainy recently, so I really want to have a big meal to relieve my emotions. But I don't want to go out—buying food on a rainy day will definitely rank in the TOP3 on my list of "the last thing I want to do" Is there any way I can eat without leaving homeFresh vegetables, fruits and seafoodWhat?

The squad found a family for everyoneSuper reliableOfFresh Food Delivery Service :

Delivery price

Free shipping on orders over $ 200

Tipping is voluntary and paid to the driver

Long Island / New Jersey

Deliver once a week

Manhattan / Flushing / Brooklyn

Seafood delivery every Monday and Thursday

Daily delivery of remaining products

Fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality seafood

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There are so many fruits, vegetables, fresh foods and snacks. I am dazzled and drooling. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits without leaving home, avoiding the risk of going out, and you don't have to carry a bunch of things to run away from home. inDuring the epidemic, it can be said that there is no better choice than delivery service——In addition to the wide delivery range, high frequency, complete range of products, diverse choices, no fault can be picked at all!

Friends who need it can check the fresh delivery list below. If you have any questions, want to know more product information and want to place an order, please add the QR code of the merchant.

Please contact the merchant for more information

Give everyone a strong Amway "Fuzhou Noodles"My love in my life, memories of my hometown-grab a noodle and green vegetables, fry an egg in a sauce made with peanut butter and soy sauce, super delicious and low calorie, who eats who knows

Merchant WeChat QR code

Get the dinner, and do n’t forget the snacks

Thanks to the fresh food delivery service for my full meal, but I still want to eat if I am greedyDessert. for examplePicola's egg rolls,KitKat's chocolate, Memories of childhoodBear biscuits… MatchGreen tea at Ochanomizu,orAssam milk teaHow good it should be!


Dear, IGOGENE now provides various mailing services ~Snacks, drinks, ramenOkUS mail, We will deliver happiness and peace of mind to your home with the fastest speed! In addition, we also provide variousProtective EquipmentYo ~ it looks likeDisinfection spray, disinfection card, goggles, mask, Lianhua Qingwen capsule, anti-virus hand sanitizerWe are all on sale ~

what! ? I want small snacks and sterilization supplies in a single cart!

I thought that disinfection supplies and protective tools have been out of stock for a long time, but I didn't expect to buy them at IMOGENE.InvincibleNow! Seeing this large list of products on sale, I feel that I have a guarantee, and I am particularly at ease ~

Please contact the merchant for more information

Going upstairs with a big pack of snacks, the kids next door are all greedy ~ Those who want to buy snacks can add merchant WeChat to learn more about snacks, protective equipment and ordering information. I'm going to eat potato chips ~

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4 St. Marks pl, 1st Floor, New York, NY, 10003

During the epidemic, the master was in a bad mood

I was eating out, and the master of the house jumped up and down very angry. So I took out the cans I had prepared earlier, and the little princess lost her temper at once, so I ate it ~

How did I buy Chengshan's small snacks for the owner without leaving home? Of course throughUniversal delivery service啦 ~

Please contact the merchant for more information

KimomiMain typesImported from JapanThe canned cats and dogs and snacks, the masters have a good time, we are also assured. Special recommendation is known as"Mao Laogan"OfCIAO Meat Sticks!

There are different brands and snack types for everyone to choose from. Friends who have mastersUsual eating habits and preferencesTo choose, you can also let the masters try the fresh snacks, you can specifically add the merchant WeChat consultation ~

Merchant WeChat QR code

Anti-epidemic is still ongoing,

Everyone must be patient!

At the beginning, the days at home were quite enjoyable, eating and drinking every dayImpress, I feel very happy. But over time, many things have become inconvenient-want to shop, go to the supermarket, walk around.

But the epidemic is not over yet, we still need to work hard to fight the epidemic. Only when everyone observes order and protects himself and others can free time come back faster.

I hope everyone can explore the charm of home, and staying at home will not treat your own (and master) stomach. If you have to go out, don't forget to take good protection and go home to disinfect your clothes.

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