NY New Jersey can be bought on the largest Chinese fresh food website! $0.01 can be redeemed, Meixin mooncakes are out of stock, and fresh snacks are delivered to your door

NY New Jersey can be bought on the largest Chinese fresh food website! $0.01 can be redeemed, Meixin mooncakes are out of stock, and fresh snacks are delivered to your door

Although the epidemic in Greater New York has slowed down,

But I have a problem:

Addicted to shopping online

I used the foreigner platform to buy food before
I often don’t have the delicious ones I want to eat.
Delivery is not in time, it is really anxious.
Recent surprise discovery
North America's largest Chinese life fresh e-commerce platform

Weee officially landed in East US!
I finally live the life of the Californian people in the circle of friends:
As small as shallots and garlic, daily fruits,
As large as a table of food and seafood
I'm so lazy to get out,
Because full$ 35Free shipping
I'm directly at Weee! It can be done in one stop

CurrentlyNew York, New JerseyCovered in most areas

Not only things

There are so many discounts waiting for you

Exclusive hot products5 fold up

Seasonal Goods Prices

Cheaper than a supermarket? !

Weee! What is it?

Where is the cow?

Weee, the first stop of Chinese Life Fresh! (www.sayweee.com) Since its establishment in 2015, it has rapidly grown intoThe largest and fastest growing Asian fresh food e-commerce in North America, The industry leader. In 2019, Weee! in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, fully realized 7-day-a-week delivery, becoming the first Asian fresh food e-commerce company with "next day delivery" in North America.

Since Weee! entered New York and New Jersey in July
Ride the wind and waves all the way, continue to expand the scope of delivery
Whether you are in Long Island, Queens, or New Jersey
Can be delivered home!
Most importantly, free shipping on orders over $35

New York area is currently delivered from Tuesday to Saturday

Professional logistics delivery the next day

Professional fleet"No contact" throughoutDelivery, first-class service! When the goods are delivered, the driver will gently put down the cartons and packages at the door, knock on the door or ring the doorbell, but will not leave after the customer opens the door to avoid contact.

Safe and secure in special periods

Weee's management of outbound logistics

Has super strict requirements

All personnel entering the warehouse

UniformWear masks and gloves,useHand washing with disinfectant

Increase warehouseDaily routine inspectionversusdisinfectionFrequency of

Discounts are available every day
Anniversary activities in progress
Will last until October 8

There are also activities such as low-cost redemption and full replacement of baseball caps.

Baseball caps are all with special mask hooks

Reduce the burden of wearing masks on ears every day

Redemption price as long as$ 0.01

There are more good things that can be exchanged

Absolutely fresh and exclusive explosions

Many people don’t know what to buy on Weee!

Super sweet lychee muscat grape

Will never let you down

Jufeng Brand【Smile】

New "Litchi Sweet" grape, Pink Honey!

As its name, Pink Honey

The color is matte and the taste is sweeter than honey.

What's more amazing is that she still has a strong sweetness of lychee!

Face value

Translucent pink


Sweet with lychee


Super sweet super sweet super sweet


The fruit is full, juicy and thick, and needs to be spitted

Value for money

4 stars

Purchase feedback


Sweet first love


Really smell of lychee


I have bought this Jufeng and want to try new products

Long press the QR code to buy buy buy ⬆️

Too many good products, pick a few

Classic Maxim Mooncakes

Whether it’s out of stock every time it’s on the shelfMaxim's Liuxin Mooncakes

Still classicMaxim's Mooncakes, Snowy Mooncakes

Or do you want to try something new on the festival and just want to have a bite

Weee! Helped you prepare a single Kee Wah moon cake

If you encounter moon cakes that are marked as sold out on the day

do not worry

You can buy it in another delivery day ⬇️

   Long press to buy various moon cakes and bake ⬇️  

5th Anniversary Fruit Discount

Kirin fruit (yellow dragon fruit)

Many people think that dragon fruit just looks good but has no taste

It may be that the dragon fruit is not really sweet.

This Kylin fruit made in Vietnam will make you truly fall in love with it.

And dragon fruit belongs toLow fat, low calorie, high fiberFruit,

In summer, a cold dragon fruit is definitely a weight loss product.

Moreover, dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber,

Each 100g dragon fruit contains about 60 calories,

The calories are very low and I am full,Loved it.

   Long press to buy various fruits ⬇️  

California White Peach

Peaches are indispensable in summer
Various peaches on Weee!
California white peach, white nectarine, yellow peach
SoftFlat peach,
And different varieties,From various origins
Fresh peaches, anyyour choice.
   Long press to buy various fruits ⬇️  

Uncommon fresh longan

Many southern partners love to eat longan,
But I always complain that it’s not easy to buy in the U.S.
Many are frozen.
As a tropical fruit, it always leads the way.
The sweet and fresh ones are more rare,
Florida fresh longan is on the market!
   Long press to buy various fruits ⬇️  

Fresh Rambutan 

The super delicate rambutan was also shipped to the Bay Area
Regardless of its appearance, it’s sweet, juicy, and sweet.
   Long press to buy various fruits ⬇️  
   And the freshest seasonal fruits are waiting for you~   

Washington State PremiumRed cherry

Cantaloupe, golden pineapple, Fuji apple

Too many choices, each occupying the debut position!

What you want to eat is on sale for the 5th anniversary!
   Long press to buy various fruits ⬇️  

Guangdong Morning Tea Series

Cantonese morning tea snacks you can eat at home anytime!
I really want to be lazy after cooking for a few months,
Frozen food provided at home is indispensable.
Open the wrapped lotus leaf layer by layer
The glittering glutinous rice seems to be glowing, let's smell it
Lightly intertwined with lotus leaf fragrance and rice fragrance, there is a kind of elegant feeling
Take a bite and find that there is a surprise inside! Instant BBQ Pork
Take a closer look, there are other flavors, go find out what it is!
There are other morning tea series,
Chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, custard buns, barbecued pork buns...
Are waiting for you to take home!
   Long press to buy frozen pasta ⬇️  


Red Sakura Dolphin is from the famous for its good meat quality

Japanese black pigAnd Duroc descendants

Inherit the dual advantages of two excellent varieties

Has excellent meat quality

Outperforms other types of pork in all aspects

The red cherry dolphin is evenly fat and thin, with a marble-like pattern.
The meat is delicate and slightly crispy 

You can taste the sweetness of the meat itself,

The most important thing is no! Yes! Pig! Fishy! Taste!

Whether it’s fried, boiled, fried, stewed, roast

You can play with confidence and boldness

There is no fishy smell alone, it is already very good

It’s been hot for 5 years in Weee!

Buy it and earn it!

Not easy to buy in the marketRaw quailCan also buy
Whether it's roasting or stewing soup, it can meet your needs.
Prime premium steak, diced lamb belly
Lamb shoulder suitable for making lamb skewers,
   Long press QR to buy buy buy ⬇️  

instant food

How can I talk less about all kinds of snail noodles

The lowest price classic Liuquan snail noodles
Just look at the name and drool,
There are so many choices! ?

   Long press QR to buy buy buy ⬇️  

All kinds of drinks

Net Red Out of Stock KingSugar-free and low-calorieBurning tea from the Yuanqi Forest
Lan Fong Yuen, the originator of Hong Kong stockings milk tea,
The lowest price of the whole network, only sell$0.79Of ice tea,
There are also classic glass bottles Arctic Ocean
Full of summer taste~
   Long press QR to buy various drinks ⬇️  

Other delicious

Special offer: Cheap and delicious Taiwan
【Target】Shizuoka Mango and Fish Head Melaleuca Cake
The taste is dense, cheap and delicious
   Long press QR to buy buy buy ⬇️  

All kinds of spices

HaidilaoEat wellRice sauce,
I didn’t expect to find it here,The rice and noodles are delicious.

   Long press QR to buy buy buy ⬇️  
  5th anniversary event specials
More pasta snacks/baked/convenient foods  
  Custard Soy/Dried Rice Noodles  
  Value activity  
   Long press QR to buy buy buy ⬇️  

How to place an order?

Long press the QR code to download the APP
Start the XNUMXth anniversary discount trip

Weee users have a lot of benefits

New couples get $10 off their first order, and recommend friends to get $10 each

Newcomer's first order reduction$ 10
full$ 35Free shipping and direct delivery
Share recommendations to friends, everyone can get$ 10Oh

Newcomer benefits long press to receive ⬇️

$68 to redeem value goods

Do you know this function?
Don't let go of these super value items before checkout
As low as 3% off! ! !
  • Remember! To get the redemption price,Must add shopping cart from the redemption area
  • The system will not automatically change the price!
  • Click the shopping cart, as shown in the figure, the red box will show that you can redeem
Weee! Value activities continue
Pay attention to the single group that has new products every day
After buying, remember to enter our welfare cut order group and let the friends cut the order for you~
You can save 3 or 5 dollars alone~
You can also share the link after purchase to Moments 
Friends who pass by can cut orders for you~
Please pay attention to NY/New Jersey Fresh Group⬇️

Writing, Typesetting | Su Mao Di
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Only represents the author ’s current experience.

Does not represent a foodie position, for reference only.

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