Milk tea freedom at home in Seattle? Hong Kong milk, desktop, British, Thai...Quick hand DIY

Realize the freedom of milk tea at home in Seattle? Hong Kong milk, desktop, British, Thai...Kaihand DIY

Three months at home,
You said you took the milk tea you can deliverTired of it?! 
Are you sure you have really put
Hong Kong-style desktop Thai-style BritishAll stylesOf
Have you ever drank milk tea?

Let’s try the house-made DIY teas
Change the taste for something fresh~

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In fact, milk teas all over the world have their own characteristics,
UsedmilkteaAll are different and very particular.

such as

Why do people making pearl milk tea drinkKeep shaking?
Why is the Thai milk tea so colorBrightLooks good? Yes addedpigment?
What is there for drinking English milk teaetiquetteShould I pay attention?
Follow the squad, let's understand the second and third things of various milk tea

 Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (Mandarin Duck Milk Tea)
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 

In Hong Kong, the good and bad of a tea restaurant is oftenRely on a cup of milk teaTo define, the food is delicious, but the tea restaurant business is not too good for milk tea.

And every restaurant will have them独家The formula of milk tea will definitely not be easily outflowed!

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Q & A

1. What is the difference between Hong Kong-style milk tea and stocking milk tea?
   • No, the stocking milk tea is Hong Kong-style milk tea, and the stocking milk tea is Hong Kong-style milk tea!

2. Is stocking milk tea made with stockings worn by girls?
   • No.

3. Why is there the name of stocking milk tea?
   • Because the tea restaurant uses a cotton thread net to filter the tea residues, and the net turns black after pouring black tea into it, and looks very similar to stockings, so people also gave him the cute nickname of stocking milk tea!

(Video from Youtube)

4. Is mandarin duck a kind of milk tea?
   • Mandarin mandarin is actually Hong Kong-style milk tea with coffee, so strictly speaking, most Hong Kong people do not regard mandarin mandarin as a kind of milk tea.

5. What's special about Hong Kong-style milk tea?
   • Generally, Hong Kong-style milk tea uses Ceylon black tea* and other black tea leaves as the base.

6. What is the milk added to the milk tea?
    • Evaporated Milk is actually distilled milk. It tastes smooth and slightly sweet. It can be found in various supermarkets. Generally, the Hong Kong-style method uses Sanhua or black and white evaporated milk (but Nicole personally prefers it) The three-flowered one has a stronger milk fragrance!).

7. Why do I hear someone order when I go to the tea restaurant to order milk tea "Tea walk" or "Mandarin walk"?
   • In a tea restaurant, you may hear someone say in Cantonese that they want to have a cup of "tea go" or "鸳走", which means adding condensed milk to milk tea or mandarin mandarin mandarin mandarin instead of sugar to increase the sweetness and make it more flavorful.

*Ceylon tea , Also known as "Xileng black tea" or "Xilan black tea", is a kind of tea produced from Sri Lanka, with a strong flavor and rich taste.

In fact, if you want to drink a good cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea, as long as you have the right ingredients, you can make it at home!

Basic practices of Hong Kong-style milk tea:

1. Add black tea leaves to boiling water, simmer for 3 minutes, then strain away
2. Add the right amount of evaporated milk
3. Decide whether to add condensed milk according to personal preference
4. Add sugar
5. A cup of fragrant stocking milk tea is just fine!

The following are the materials recommended by Nicole

Hong Kong-style milk tea bags
(Picture from PosharpStore)
Black and white evaporated milk

(Picture from seriouseats)

condensed milk
(Picture from recipesubs)

For the lazy: 3 in XNUMX milk tea

(Picture from amazon)

Desktop Pearl Milk Tea / Boba Milk Tea
Taiwanese Boba Milk Tea

As the most representative beverage in Taiwan, pearl milk tea is the most common milk tea in North America.

Compared with other milk teas, the taste of the desktop milk tea is compareddiversification, There are more ingredients: such as coconut fruit, fairy grass, etc. can be chosen.

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Don’t think that pearl milk tea is only for young people!
In Taiwan, traditional old-style and new-style breakfast shops, pearl milk tea is an indispensable beverage, it can be seen that their love for pearl milk tea is very high.

Q & A

1. Why do people make pearl milk teaShake the drink all the time instead of mixing it directly?
   • The effect of shaking is to mix the materials evenly. Most famous pearl milk tea shops will insist that milk tea must be fresh and fresh, because this way, the freshness and personalization of the beverage can be guaranteed.

2. What is the pearl of pearl milk tea?
   • Pearls are “powder balls”. Traditional puff balls are made with tapioca, brown sugar or caramel.

3. Pearl milk tea is also called Boba milk tea. Can you drink breasts?
   • No!

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The basic practice of pearl milk tea

1. Bring the water to a boil and put it in a round shape. After all the water comes out, continue to cook for about 20 minutes
2. Turn off the flame and cover it for 30 minutes
3. Pick up the pink round and wash it with cold water, add an appropriate amount of fructose and stir.
4. Cook black tea, add fructose, creamer powder and ice cubes and mix well.
5. Finally, add the pink round!


The following are the materials recommended by Nicole

Pink round

(Picture from amazon)

Ceylon Black Tea

(Picture from free-dom)

Earl Grey Tea

(Picture from free-dom)


(Picture from amazon)

Mayushan Pearl Milk Black Tea Powder

(Picture from amazon)

Thai Milk Tea
thai tea

I don’t know if everyone is like me. Every time I go to eat Thai food, I must order a cupThai Milk TeaOnly complete? specialTea fragrance, BrightOrangeIt is the characteristic of Thai milk tea.

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Q & A

1. Why is Thai milk tea so bright and beautiful? Is it pigmented?
   • No, the reason why Thai milk tea is so bright is that the base of the tea is dark red before milk is added, and the color fades after adding milk and turns into a beautiful orange red!

2. Which brand of tea is the most famous for Thai milk tea?
   • Thai hand-labeled black tea is also known as thumb black tea.

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Basic practice of Thai milk tea

1. Put the brewed black tea into the cup and add hot water
 2. Brew black tea for 3 minutes
 3. Filter through a filter and pour into a cup with ice cubes
 4. Add condensed milk and mix well!


The following are the materials recommended by Nicole

Thai hand-labeled black tea

British Fresh Milk Tea
English Tea

Everyone may think of the English milk tealarge and luxuriousThe British afternoon tea, I think it is quite a noble, to drink in the Afternoon Tea Set in the hotel.

(Picture from citiesandspatialcultures)

But in fact, British people usually drink English milk tea in their daily lives. Since the 18th century, the British have been popular in adding milk to various black teas, which is very common for them.

Q & A

1. Is there any etiquette to pay attention to when drinking English milk tea?
Some people say that the best way is to pick up the saucer together when drinking tea

2. What are the special utensils for English milk tea?
Ceramic teapot, teacup, sugar bowl, milk cup

3. What is the best way to drink English milk tea?
English muffins, chocolate cakes or various tea snacks

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The basic practice of English milk tea

1. Put English tea bags in the teapot
2. Boil water and pour it into the teapot, stir gently
3. Soak for 4 minutes after closing the lid
4. Take out the tea bag
5. Add sugar and milk after pouring the tea
6. The English milk tea is ready!


The following are the materials recommended by Nicole

English Breakfast Tea Blend

(Picture from amazon)

Earl Gray Tea Blend

(Picture from amazon)

Xinjiang Salted Milk Tea
Suutei tsai

Milk tea is indispensable in the daily lives of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Because the people in XinjiangEat less vegetables, So drinking tea canHelp digestion; Also at the same timeRepel coldExpelling heatThe role.

(Picture from Baidu)

However, the milk tea practices of various ethnic minorities also differ slightly due to different cultures and lifestyles. When drinking, most of them are like bowls of soup.

Q & A

1. What is the effect of fuzhuan tea used in Xinjiang salty milk tea?
Aid digestion, weight loss, diuresis, etc.

2. What kind of salted milk tea do you usually eat with?
Naan is a kind of breakfast cake

(Picture from YouTube)

Basic practice of Xinjiang salty milk tea

1. Put water in the pot and boil, put the tea leaves
2. Boil on low heat for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat, then let it soak for 5 minutes
3. Add milk, mare or goat milk and ghee
4. Filter with a filter
5. Add salt at the end and mix well!


The following are the materials recommended by Nicole

Fu Brick Tea

(Picture from ebay)

Indian Tea 
Masala Chai/Chai Latte

Indian tea from immigrants to马来西亚Invented by the Indians is also a kind of milk tea. Lacha means to useTwo cupsThe milk tea is poured upside down to make a foam, which makes the mouthfeel smooth and fragrant."Pull tea".

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It was popular in Southeast Asia in the early days, but now it has been popularized in other Western countries such as North America, even major coffee chains such asStarbucksOr other coffee shops are offering, with a strong Indian spices.

Q & A

1. What are the spices of Indian tea?
Masala and cinnamon powder etc.

2. What is the difference between Indian Lacha and Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte?
Basically, the materials are the same, but if you buy them in Starbucks or other chain stores, you will skip the "pulling tea" action.

3. What is the difference between Dirty Chai Latte and Chai Tea Latte?
Dirty Chai is to add Espresso coffee to the general Chai Tea Latte

(Picture from Youtube)

The basic practice of Indian tea

(Omit the tea-pulling action version)
1. Soak the Chai tea leaves in boiling water for 5 minutes
2. Take away the tea bag, then add milk and sugar according to personal preference
3. Just stir evenly!

In addition to the milk tea mentioned in the article, what elseFeatureorNiche milk teaRecommended? Remember to leave a message below!

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