Recently, most cities in the Bay Area have continued to have high flu. During the virus outbreak, CDC teaches you how to prevent and treat

Recently, most cities in the Bay Area have continued to have high flu. During the virus outbreak, CDC teaches you how to prevent and treat

When overseas Chinese are concerned about the domestic epidemic,

A 28-year-old Chinese doctoral student in the United States

Unfortunate because influenza A is not treated in timePassed away,

This is enough for us to start to really value

Very high lethality in the United States influenza.

Today, USNEWS also reportedFlu seasonCold patientOutbreak
Just this week, a few friends in the team office
He also started to feel unwell, and after checking it, he was infected with the flu.
Let us once again pay attention to the high season of this virus
Also for everyoneNEWU.S. measures on flu prevention

Contra Costa Health Department reminds people

More attention should be paid to the threat of the flu to the body

Get vaccine protection as soon as possible, more useful than wearing a mask

The editor who lives in Nanwan took a look

Several surrounding citiesFlu Risk Index

Every dayHIGH

Searched several other cities, no exception

San Matoe👇 Peninsula

Sanfan District

East Bay Fremont????
City maps all wrapped in purple
Feeling trapped in the body by poisonous gas
Suddenly the whole person is not good

More city conditions available
The squad also helps everyone with science popularization
American flu killed 1.2 people. How did this figure come about? Why are Americans not panicking?
However, attention must still be paid to the flu and more protection should be provided.
Seek medical attention if you have symptoms
So how to minimize the harm of flu to the body
How to relieve pain if you don't have time to see a doctor
Based on FDA and CDC data
Mainly recommended to everyoneTwo methods :
① Get the flu vaccine as soon as possible
②If you have mild symptoms, take flu medicine as soon as possible
(The former is the best way to prevent it.The two cannot be replaced)

First of all, the US flu we are talking about is influenza A and influenza B (that is, influenza A and influenza B).According to the Health Day News analysis tableShow,This year's influenza virus matches 100% of the strain of influenza A and 60% of the strain of influenza B, so the current data shows that more people are infected with influenza B, and 105 cases of influenza-related children died recently. A record for ten years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that two-thirds of these deaths are related to influenza B virus.

But in general,Vaccination reduces mortality from flu and complications.

The CDC recommends:Get vaccinated as soon as possible
The flu season in the U.S. usually starts fromBeginning in late October each year and continuing until the spring of the following year.
Although most people can be cured by drugs and autoantibodies, if they can be protected in advance, they can avoid many pains.Getting a flu shotIt's not too late,Antibodies will be available 2 weeks after vaccination.

Who needs a flu vaccine?

the answer isSuggestEveryone goes for a flu shot.
San Francisco Department of Public Health issued a circular urgingage6 months and aboveAll residents ofLatest flu vaccine. Vaccinations for pregnant women, children under 5 and adults over 65, and patients with chronic diseasesEspecially important.
For most healthy adults, a single vaccination can safely pass this flu season. And forInfants 6 to 35 months, pregnant women, seniors over 65, and patients with other diseases, May need to be based on their own situation,Changing the dose and frequency of vaccines.

👉 The CDC reminds,People allergic to eggsShould be inAfter the doctor's diagnosis, And then inject the appropriate flu vaccine. And, for this population,Be sure to get the vaccine in a hospital or outpatient facility and be supervised by a physician who can identify and handle severe allergic reactions.

Please be specificConsult a doctorOr consult a physician and pharmacist when vaccinating.

When is the best vaccine?

The vaccines are slightly different at each time period to target the currently circulating virusesbest effect.
Generally speaking, every October is the time to get the vaccine. If youDid not fight in the second half of 19, I suggest you go to vaccination as soon as possible.
If you want to travel to areas with high flu, the CDCEarly vaccination during the non-flu season (May-August) is not recommendedBecause it may lead to seasonal fluReduced protection.

FocusIf you are already infected with the flu,Very unsuitable for vaccination until healed
If already infectedIf you have flu, or have a fever or headache, don't vaccinate for the time being.Because your immune system is fighting another disease, then it mayUnable to cope with vaccine and produce enough antibodies. This means that it may take longer for you to recover from the original disease or the vaccine may be less effective.
In addition, due to their own illness,It's hard to tell if you have an adverse reaction to the flu vaccineResulting inseriousPotential danger. And the doctor said that if you just gotordinarycold(Cold).It is possible to consider vaccination. Below is a comparison chart of common symptoms of Cold and Flu.

But due toYour own judgment of symptomsNot necessarily accurate, It is still recommendedVaccination after recovery.

Where should the vaccine be given?

In order for every resident to get the nearest flu vaccine,There are really many places.Doctor's office, clinic, local health department, pharmacy, and university medical center, etc., Both provide flu vaccine. Some secondary schools in the Bay Area will also temporarily open in-school flu shot clinics. And most clinics that provide flu vaccineswalk-in flu shot service.No advance booking required.
If you do n’t have a family doctor, and schools or companies do n’t offer flu shot clinics, do n’t worry at all. CornerDrugstores such as Walgreen and CVS. If you log in to the CVS official website, you can find out where you can get vaccines nearby.

And many business districtsUrgent Crae Clinic, Both provide flu vaccination, as wellNo appointment required.
If you don't know how to find friends, please refer to this website
Just check Flu on the right to find your nearest vaccination site; you can also find other vaccination sites for the same reason.

How much does it cost to get a vaccine?

A large partMedicare is covered by the flu vaccine, And the insurance that international students are required to purchase is basically CoverVarious common vaccines.If you are not sure if you can get free vaccination, you can check it on the spot at the clinic.
For a few cases that are not covered by insurance, or temporarily uninsured (such as fresh graduates), etc.The price is quite reasonable. The following figure is someList prices for common pharmacy clinics.

FDA:Taking anti-flu drugs to reduce pain

TamifluAntiviral prescription drugs

Tamiflu is an antiviral drug. It works by attacking the flu virus to stop it from multiplying in your body and reduce flu symptoms. according toTamifluAccording to the official website, taking the flu symptoms for the first time can shorten the time of illness.

The best effective period is within 48 hours, preferably with meals, to reduce stomach damage.

Targeting the crowd?
According to the FDA, the users are those who are more than 2 weeks old and infected with influenza A and B virus.

Personal experience of the team members at the San Francisco Bay Area Hospital this week:If you go to the hospital, your doctor will prescribe flu Tamiflu prevention even if you are not diagnosed with type AB flu.

Tamiflu side effects

Minor performance:

The most common side effects are nausea and vomiting. It mainly occurs in the first two days of treatment. Taking Tamiflu with food may reduce the chance of these side effects. Other side effects include stomach (abdominal) pain, nosebleeds, headaches and fatigue.
Serious performance:
Children and adolescents with the flu may be more susceptible to epilepsy, insanity, or abnormal behavior in the early stages of their illness. These serious side effects may occur shortly after starting use, or in people who are not infected. These serious side effects are not common, but can cause accidental injury to patients. Parents of minors should be aware of signs of abnormal behavior after taking their child, and if patients show any abnormal behavior while taking Duffy, they should contact their healthcare provider immediately.
Call the FDA for any side effects and medication errors in a timely manner: 1-800-FDA-1088

Doctor recommendation: Flu over-the-counter medicine

If you can't seek medical treatment in time for various reasons, there are several over-the-counter medicines recommended by doctors, which can be bought at pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen. There are also pro-test experience of the drugs of the team members under the virus.

Theraflu: similar to domestic white + black.There are two types: day and night. At night, you can sleep well after drinking for half an hour.

Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets: relieves fever and pain, can effectively relieve cold symptoms, and can also treat headaches, muscle soreness, arthritis, back pain, toothache, etc.

Robitussin, Cepacol: Two drugs are used to treat sore throat,The effect is similar to the domestic golden throat throat treasure, Cepacol's mouth is numb.

For more flu medicines, please poke "U.S. Standing Medicine Guide" 👇

 Special Note: 
Data show how long the human body fully fights the flu virusAbout two weeks, Period shouldIncrease drinking water, keep warm, take medicine on time, and rest as much as possible at home. If you feel your symptoms are seriousGo to a medical center or Urgent Care CenterSee a doctor.
👉 Vaccines do not prevent flu 100%In the high flu season,Always wash your hands after going out and avoid touching your eyes or nose with your hands or arms.Also, try toStaying longer in crowded places, And remember to change your clothes in time according to the weather.
I hope everyone can be healthy through the flu season and don't forget to get vaccinated as soon as possible!Hope all your friends are healthy!
Text: Crayfish, Achu
Image source: CDC, USNEW, Tamiflu official website
Special thanks to the team for their poor experience of being tortured by the virus

Since the team itself is still a gourmet professional account,

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