Team exploration | Is the Costco cargo after Toronto's "closure" still sufficient? How to implement the "social isolation" new regulations?

Team exploration | Is the Costco cargo after Toronto's "closure" still sufficient? How to implement the "social isolation" new regulations?

Yesterday was March 3, more than a week after Canada announced the escalation of the epidemic.
After these few days of panic buying, I came back againCostco(1 Yorktech Road, Markham), report the situation of the goods on the spot:
 Raw meat area 
1. Pork, beef, lamb are all complete, and chicken is temporarily vacant.
Basically, it can be judged that CostcoIt may not be guaranteed that every meat can be replenished at any time, But as long as you are not too picky about the choice of meat, there are always 1-2 types of meat that meet your (temporary) needs.

2. For seafood, there are still 3-4 types of fish supply.

I want to say two more sentences here, because these two good goods may be easily ignored by you before:

🐟 That oneRed TilapiaCostco handles it very cleanly. Everyone buys braised fish and grilled fish are good choices.

🐟 Another one isCoarse salted cod(Salted cod, also known as "Ma Jiexiu" by Macao people). The treatment method is simple: just soak in clean water for 24 hours, and change the water 2-3 times during the period. Then use it for braised pork, potatoes, or even steamed rice.

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 Water area 
Kirkland ’s own bottled water,Good supply, There is no purchase restriction.

 Paper area 
Toilet paper is temporarily out of stock, and it is said that a new batch of goods will arrive next Monday.

There is a small amount of tissue paper and kitchen paper.
 Egg area 
There are two types of eggs with relatively high prices: organic eggs and chicken eggs, and a small amount of stock.

 Flour District 
This all-purpose flour (all purpose), which is the most widely used by everyone, has been replenished with a large amount of goods in either 10KG or 20KG.

In the past month, Torontons (even Canadians and even North Americans) have experienced 2-3 robberies. CostcoIt took less than 1 week to basically fill up the goods on the shelves.
Ah ~ Open your mouth to get a pork

Therefore, in the current epidemic situation, do not cause unnecessary panic on food supplies. Adjust your mindset and prepare for the mentality of “no chicken for the time being, I ’ll eat 2 pork / beef first”, and thenFeel free to fight the epidemic at home, than! What! What! All! weight! Yes!

Finally, let me share with you about going to Costco todayThe "new things" you see
Goods will be posted at the door to indicate that the goods are out of stock, to avoid unnecessary buying:

The entrance area is completely separated from the "out" and "in" flow by pallets

There are clear signs from the entrance to the store to every corner:
Keep a distance of at least 2 meters between people.

At the entrance, a special person came forward to wipe the handles of every shopping.

[Cooked area] has been opened, but all the chairs for dine-in have been removed

[Photo processing area] Basically all services on site have been closed,
But there were photos that were not taken before but friends can still take them.

In addition, you can still upload photos to be developed online and send them to your home.
Finally, the team wants to remind everyone 👇

Written by Takamura Huang Jiaozhu
Picture | 村村 黄 教 煮
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The above contents are all original from the Toronto Food Squad.
Unauthorized misappropriation, though far away.
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