Authentic Izakaya Azuma Azuma

Authentic Izakaya Azuma Azuma

Friends from Central China came to visit and wanted to take her to eat something different, so the steak, barbecue, sushi, ramen izakaya was reported one by one – wait, what is an izakaya? Oh. . . Then go to the izakaya!
This time I went to an izakaya in Gardena called Azuma "My wife" haha ​​yes, it means the same as my wife (it is quite interesting to use Chinese characters to understand Japanese, there was a ramen shop called I's last time... What a certain brand of instant noodles is called a man...); the two of us arrived at about 9 o'clock in the evening, and there were a lot of people lined up outside.Los Angeles at night was still slightly cooler (this girl from Ohio said that you are hot enough-but she flew back to Pudong Airport the next day, aha, it was a furnace-like test at that time)
After waiting for a while, I finally got in. As a result, only the counter can sit. There is a bulletin board with today's menu, which is quite interesting.

Grilled squid. I think it's average, but the freshness is definitely there.

Buta Kakuni-This is actually very similar to the taste/method of pork belly/braised pork/dongpo pork in Chinese food.And the wine is so fragrant that I was drunk after eating a piece.

Thisnabeyaki udonI really don’t know what the Chinese name is—Udon Cooking Pot?In short, there are delicious bowls of udon noodles with tofu skin, glutinous rice balls, crab meat slices, eggs, and fried shrimps.Said it is a kind of udon, in fact, I think his noodles are not ordinary udon noodles, not columnar but flat.It's more homely.The udon noodles with a small poke seemed to be a bit burnt, and the burnt aroma felt very healing.

Omelet rice. It ’s delicious, and the ketchup is very refreshing (I know that I abandon ketchup very much, I can touch it without touching it)

By the way, his lunch special is very cost-effective. The following lunch can be done for about $ 15. You need to know that the Japanese ingredients always take a delicate route, this beef and sashimi are full!

Azuma wife

16123 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

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