"Friends" immersive flash airborne Dallas! Friends invite you to sit at home

Let’s talk about the first American TV show you watched.

Many small partners will report out by appointment


As the American drama Bai Yueguang in everyone’s mind,

This film premiered in 1994,

Up to now, the 17-year horror drama has ended,

Accompany us countless days and nights.

In order to thank the support of the loyal fans,

"Friends" pop-up store

The Friends Experience: 

The One in Dallas

Landed last weekDallasPlano!

Different scenes in 12 plays,

1:1 reproduction: 

Central Perk, 

Joey and Chandler’s apartment,

Monica and Rachel's Kitchenand many more…

Can be seen here,

The immersive experience allows you to become the person in the play in one second!

The most classic scene in the play-in the opening songSofa and fountain, You can see it here!The place where the 6 protagonists play in the play is 100% restored. You can sit on the sofa and take pictures together~

And in Joey and Chandler’s roomLuxury sofa!Every time the editor sees this, I want to buy a sofa of the same style.In this flash, everyone can also see the super comfortable sofa in the play.Everyone can come and feel how comfortable it is~

Monica’s kitchen is also one of the scenes!Come and see the difference between Chef Monica’s kitchen and the kitchen of our "ordinary people"~

In addition to the above scenes, you can also see them in this pop-up storeThe sofa stuck by the stairs, Joey’s stacking through Dafa, the purple door, the protagonist through the wall, Etc. wonderful scenes

Finally, don't miss the souvenir shop here.You can buy all kinds of Friends' products—T-shirts, mugs, keychains, bags, etc., which are good for sending friends or children!

According to the official website, it takes about1-1 and a halfHour, fare $ 32.5From now on, you need to buy tickets on the official website in advance!Hurry up and bring your friends and camera, let’s go and enjoy taking pictures together~





🏠 The Friends Experience: The One in Dallas



 The Shops at Willow Bend,

6121 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093

💳 Ticket purchase URL: https://www.friendstheexperience.com/dallas/tickets

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