How to exchange $5 Starbucks gift card in 50 minutes, we found it for you

🎉 Foodies rally!
For more than ten years in the team,
Continuously provide readers with
Valuable local food, drink and entertainment information
To get to know our readers better,
And better meet the eating and drinking needs of Chinese in North America
We started last year and will do
Annual North American Chinese Dining Habits Survey
Again this year, we invite each reader to spend 5 minutes
participate"2023 North American Chinese Dining Consumption Habits Survey"
We will randomly select 10 participants
Everybody gets$50 Starbucks Gift Card????
Be sure to rememberFill in your contact information!
in addition,if you would like to participateFocus Groupfocus group
Talk to us about "eating"
Selected partners will receive$10 Starbucks Gift Card????
Key points:Interview must be sent,100% winning!
Long press to identify the QR code to participate in the questionnaire and sign up for the interview


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