How to get an offer for autumn recruits?How to make workplace choices?Just come and listen to this job search summit!

Goldman Sachs and Morgan have both opened applications to international students this summer,

Are you still worried about 2022Application seasonno idea?

In 2021, when the North American epidemic is recovering and recruitment policies change drastically,

Can international students still find their dream job?

Top famous companies in North America

What is the recruitment format and the inside story of recruitment this year?

Can you not even touch the gates of Wall Street?



Don't worry!

ByEnlightCareerStrong union

NYU,Syracuse University,UCLA,University of Chicago,George WashingtonWait

National10+Co-organized by the top university student federations

Wall Street Financial Private Summit

It will be a big hit from August 2021th to 8th, 4!

Interact with the epic of the year’s celebrities and guests

Demystifying the true mental journey of TA's millions of annual salary

Seniors lead the way+Latest internal news+Network expansion

Learn how EnlightCareer helps hundreds of students

GainTier 1 offer!

Take you easily to the annual salary of one million!

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|Million salarySummit|

this summer,EnlightCareerversus10+Jointly organized by the Student UnionEGC Wall Street Financial Private SummitWill pass onlineZoomOrganized in the form of.

will have10+Among the top executive guests currently serving at Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Morgan, Blackstone, Citi, and McKinsey, will drop by Syracuse University’s international student circle!

By then,Dozens of Wall Street executives will gather, Share their daily work with millions of annual salaries, discuss industry recruitment trends, and share the latest financial, consulting, and big data recruitment insiders under the recovery of the epidemic.

As first-line interviewers and executives, TAs will personally share the internal recruitment trends of major investment banks, asset management, and consulting on Wall Street in North America.Demystifying the exclusive skills of this year's North American autumn recruits to obtain high-paying offers, Achieve your career path for financial elites.

|Summit schedule|

Day 1 

8: 30pm - 9: 00pm 

☞ How can international students find a job in North America with Networking?

Sharing guest: Michael Li

9: 00pm - 9: 45pm 

☞ New trends in finance and consulting recruitment under the recovery of the epidemic

Participating guest: Howard Ma

9: 45pm - 10: 30pm 

☞ 2022 Investment Bank's latest target institutions and new recruitment regulations

Sharing guest: Victor Hou

Day 2

8: 15pm - 8: 45pm

☞ How do international students get millions of high-paying offers before graduation

Sharing guest: Triston Francis

8: 45pm - 9: 15pm

☞ How the North American noodle tyrants swept the famous company's offer

Participating guests: Sida, Eric Liang

9: 15pm - 10: 00pm 

☞ Workplace development and recruitment trends of different tracks

Sharing guests: Stella Liu, Yan Yi, Yang Fan

10: 00pm - 10: 30pm 

☞ Return home or stay in America?How should international students measure choice

Sharing guest: Jonathan Xu

|Summit guests|

On-site guests are all senior executives from top famous companies in North America

IncludeNine major investment banks, top PE/VC, MBBWaiting for the company's first-line interviewer

AndYale, Penn, NYUSenior sister

Share your secret of winning a high-paying offer

There will be mysterious big guys waiting for you to unlock at the scene~


Michael Li, Credit Suisse, Investment Banking Division

❑ Co-founder of EGC New York Financial Circle, chief planning instructor of EnlightCareer VIP student department;

❑ Yale University MBA, working at Credit Suisse New York office IBD, one of the nine major investment banks;

❑ Former Deloitte (NY) Manager and first-line interviewer, and was sent to Deloitte London to participate in business development in the European market;

❑ Good at M&A, IPO, financial modeling, management consulting, etc.


Victor Hou, Citi

❑ Graduated from Harvard Business School;

❑ The current vice president of Citi Global Lending-Institutional Clients Group, directly connected with Citigroup’s Chief Financial Officer, Investment Banking Director, and Investor Relations Director to discuss current global banking trends, predict business opportunities, and provide powerful quantitative and Qualitative evidence to support global banking analysis;

❑ Worked in the Global Equity Department of Credit Suisse and worked with the Risk Management Department to review global market risks, business risks and short-term volatility analysis of stocks in multiple industries.

❑Extremely good at job interview counseling in the financial field, with a very sharp personal guidance style, and has helped 300+ international students win their dream offers


Jonathan, Boston Consulting Group, Senior Manager

❑ Graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, currently a senior manager of BCG, worked at KPMG as a senior risk analysis;

❑ With more than 8 years of work experience, familiar with the interview process and recruitment process in the direction of strategic consulting and risk management in the United States;

❑ Mainly responsible for the construction and evaluation of risk models, stress testing, and risk testing of asset securitization products, with rich experience in risk management business;

❑ Good at helping North American international students find jobs in finance, management consulting and risk, and provide international students with pan-business job positioning and job counseling programs.


Yang Fan, Founding Dean of Pusi College, Partner of Yisihui

Founding Dean of Pusi College

Partner of Easyway

❑Graduated from Cornell University, managed the Cornell University Student Union during the school, and founded the China International Student Forum and Cornell Beijing Summit

❑In 2020, listed on Forbes China's 30 outstanding youth under 30 list


Triston Francis,

Former Morgan Stanley New York Office Vice President

Boston Consulting Group


Graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA from the Harvard Business School (HBS). He served as the co-chair of the class student union and graduated with academic honors in the second year;

❑ Worked at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Google and other top famous companies; 

❑ He has 6 years of work experience in Morgan Stanley, one of the nine major investment banks, and holds important positions in IBD, Sales & Trading and other departments.

❑ EnlightCareer's star-rated ace tutor, very good at Networking counseling in the financial and management consulting application season; numerous successful Enlight students have been brought out


Stella Liu, Capitolis, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

❑Served as the strategic financial director of Capitolis Inc., a financial technology company, responsible for the company's investment and merger opportunities, product pricing, financial analysis and planning, etc.;

❑Previously worked at JPMorgan Chase for 7 years, involving debt financing, asset liability management, financial planning, capital operation management and other functions;

❑Served on the Alumni Board of the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland for 4 years;

❑Good at providing career and interview advice on corporate functions or the middle and backstage of the banking industry, as well as fintech and startup companies.


Eric Liang, Credit Sissue, Technical Business Analyst

Design a banking software system for 800 investment bankers to use for multi-million dollar transactions: mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, restructuring

Initially worked as an intern at Credit Suisse and later became a full-time analyst in the wealth management department

❑Cooperate with bankers, stock traders and the latest IT technologies in the fields of cloud, data analysis and Salesforce CRM

❑Graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in computer science

❑Professional photographer with 10 years of work experience


Howard Ma,JPM, Vice President

The current vice president of Morgan Stanley's risk management department, proficient in risk management and control in the direction of transactions and corporate operations

More than 12 years of work experience in securities and derivatives trading, covering Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States


Sida, former Financial Analyst at Blackstone Group's New York Office

Worked at the U.S. headquarters of Blackstone Group, the world's largest private equity fund, as a fund financial analyst

Worked at the New York headquarters of Ernst & Young Financial Consulting, responsible for consulting service projects for banks and asset management institutions, and docked with many Wall Street Zhidaxing banks


Yan Yi, Co-founder of Fyli NYC

Founder of NuWa Markting, company clients include Anta, Metersbonwe, Shwofeilds, etc.

Co-founder of Fyli NYC, focusing on executive master ideas that bring together female leaders

❑Frequent visitor to Fashion Week, named by Hearst Media Group as the 100 best dressed people in New York

NYC Guest Lecturer, Host of Entrepreneurship Competition, Ambassador of the Global Women’s Foundation and Chairperson of the Young Executive Committee of the Women’s Foundation Global Connections

Registration details

Summit time

2021 8 月 4 日 -5 日

Summit location


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