There is the LV Bay Area in the omelet session! Is the Assam-style figure 8 crispy omelet delicious?

Hello everyone, I am Wild Rui,

Friends who are familiar with me know that,

I don’t leave tea every day,

When drinking tea, always go with some snacks.

This tea is more flavorful.

Has been Amway in TaiwanHas become popularEgg rolls,

Actually claimedBeOmelet WorldOfLV!!?

  June 8st XNUMX egg rolls  

Source: 8结蛋卷@FaceBook

I am always concerned about the context of the market

I have heard of this Taiwanese hot model before

I've been curious about how there isFigure 8 egg roll design?

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

Friends in Taichung said

You need to line up to buy at the store,

Some limited flavors are often out of stock,

It is said that a popular artist has also photographed this egg roll.

8 knot egg rolls from the fire 🔥It became very hot🔥🔥🔥

My heart has been itchy for more than half a year!

Source: 8 Knot Egg Roll @Facebook

Hi Big Bumper,

This 8-knot egg roll is now also sold in North America!

I want it now,

Roll up your sleeves and poke the website directlyOrder directly to the official website

???? Scan the QR code directly to the official website????

June 8st XNUMX egg rolls

Even the discussion on the Internet is hot!

What kind of fairy egg roll is it~

Let me come to Kangkang

Source: Xiaohongshu

June 8st XNUMX egg rolls

A total of six flavors let us together

One box one box one box one box one box

Have a try!

eat!Eat it all!

Here are 6 flavors, let’s see which one is your favorite


Assam Black Tea

Source: WalkerLand

Recommended: 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Very novel taste, Also among the six flavors,

After eating the one that left a deep impression on everyone,

All five-star praise passed.

Assam black tea is fused with multi-layered crispy egg rolls,

Rich omelet fragranceThe aroma of Assam black tea,

Don't distract each other,

Achieve a novel balance.

At the entrance, the layers are intertwined,

Surrounding tea fragrance.

It makes the original homemade egg rolls a bit more interesting.

It is a new flavor that has not been tried before,

Successfully fascinated me,

Among the six flavors,

Counting this is the most memorable.

A creative flavor!


Yunxiang Tieguanyin

Recommendation index: 👍👍👍👍👍

These two tea egg rolls,

I really haven't eaten it in other places,

Creative and proper five-star,

Let’s talk about this Tieguanyin egg roll.

Compared with several other models,

This one has the least sugar content,

Compared with ordinary desserts, the formula of 36g sugar

ThisparagraphReally very friendly to sugar control people.

The color is iron brown,

Compared to the Assam black tea just now,

May be the reason for the tea category,

Tieguanyin tastes this one, the tea taste is more mellow,

Crispy egg rolls after the entrance

Quickly melted by saliva,

After the sweetness of the egg roll disappears,

The sweet taste of tea leaves linger in the mouth.


Fragrant sesame

Recommended: 👍👍👍👍

The sesame-flavored egg roll is the classic flavor of traditional egg rolls.

To talk about tea,

It is this sesame seed that is more in my heart.

The egg roll becomes the light yellow of the original egg liquid,

Sesame grains are clearly distributed on 8 knots.

Work until three in the afternoon,

Make a cup of lemon green tea with this sesame egg roll,

The taste is light, crisp and not greasy.


Super coffee

Source: 8 knot egg roll@官网

Recommendation index: 👍👍👍👍👍

No coffee,

ButLove all coffee flavorsSnacks,

Naturally, you will not miss this coffee-flavored egg roll.


Assam black tea brings me as much.

After the entrance, first is full of egg scent,

Rich and satisfying.

After chewing, the taste of coffee is fully revealed.

The more puffed the coffee, the more obvious the taste.

Finally, the mouth is sweet.

 Tasty?Nodding wildly!


Savory chocolate

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

Recommendation index: 👍👍👍👍

Friends who like sweetness,

Strong chocolate can definitely satisfy your taste buds,

Mixed with a little chocolate flavor,

Wrapped in egg rolls, the taste is very lovely.

Chocolate is definitely

Highest acceptanceOne of the flavors.

I can't figure out what I like,

Try a boxSavory chocolateYou can't go wrong with the taste.


Classic original

Recommendation index: 👍👍👍👍👍

The original taste of traditional egg rolls, rich egg flavor,

Curious people love to try new flavors,

Some egg rolls really love noodles,

onBut only pet the original flavor,

After all, the original taste was when I was a child,

Taste memory has been generated.

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

Classic original flavor, those who want to find the memory of egg rolls,

This one is best for you.

A classic is always a classic!

8 knots are wound in circles,

The multiple layers of crisping work are all in the good taste,

Still have to cue the design of this 8-knot egg roll,

Get rid of the nightmare of eating crispy snacks!

 overall evaluation

Generally speaking about this new-style egg roll, one sentence:

Exquisitely right, the best snack at home

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

Multi-layer crisp8-knot design.


The taste is what Asians likeLight.

I don’t get tired of eating too muchLeave room for aftertaste after eating.

The egg roll is designed to be just a bite,

Compared to traditional egg rolls, the scum condition is much better..

The taste is also relatively loose and does not stick to the mouth.

The founder is researching and developing this shape

Spent a lot of thought,Tried many shapes,

Finally found that the knot shape isTasteAndTasteUpBest experience,

Really attentive!

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

So popular,

And there is a reason for it to become popular quickly.

Source: 8 Knot Egg Roll @Facebook

Great souvenir for Thanksgiving

In a blink of an eye, the beginning of winter is already

Thanksgiving holidayWill it be far? !

If you give away familiar friends and family

This is a great souvenir!

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

Walking isDelicateroute.

8 egg roll itself taste Five stars💯,

Super new style in egg rolls, freshness, Five stars👍

Strictly selected materials, no added health, Five stars👍

The color of the packaging is also very stylish, Five stars👍

Especially the love of coffeeMars orange color!

Source: 8结蛋卷@Instagram

how to buy?

June 8st XNUMX egg rolls

Now the North American online official website can be purchased directly,

Scan the code to buy stamp here

Or click [Read the original text] at the end of the article,

Direct to the official website of 8 knot egg rolls

 Special benefits for online purchase of food fans

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4 boxes or more need to open a new order)

Activity time: 11/14 – 11/30

Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri: 10:00 – 17:00
Sat: 10:00 – 16:00

See sincerity for details.

Receiving this Thanksgiving gift this year must be full of happiness!

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